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Guitar Envy… again!

Oh, man… this guy’s rock versions of video game music is a killer.

Yep. The Music Skills Envy Demon is rising up my head again. I know I’ve been talking about it so much, and I get the feeling that the universe is converging and telling me to get a practice guitar or something. My neighbor just got one, and I could hear him from my window and it just kills me. T_T

There are so many video game music that I want to learn. This version of the Dragon Age: Inquisitions theme is one of them. So are the tavern songs. And ‘Breezy’ from Final Fantasy 8… ‘Sight of Spira’ from FF10.

Argh… when is my salary coming? T_T

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Nobody Expects The (Dragon Age) Inquisition!

Heyyyy! I’m back! Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been pretty busy… you know… gaming.

Mainly because I finally have (ta-ta-tadaaaa) a Xbox 360!! Yay for me!

I know, I know… the Xbox has been around for AGES, and I was only able to get it now, mainly because it was a present by my sister for my 30th birthday. Sure, the Xbox came out about the same time as the PS2, but hey, you got to prioritize right? We got the PS2 mainly because of Final Fantasy X and Okami (which is STILL and FOREVER WILL BE THE BEST GAME EVER!). If I had the Xbox at an earlier time, it probably would’ve drowned during the 2009 Typhoon Ketsana flooding. Still, I’m pretty happy that I have one now, since I can catch up with my console gaming again.

And one of the first games I bought was Dragon Age: Origins. What can I say? I love Alistair (and Steve Valentine for that matter). There’s always a chance that a gamer to fall in love with a character, specially if that character is as funny and as faithful as a lover like Alistair. <3

Anyway, so I heard that Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming up soon (November 18th, 2014 if I remember correctly)… and it’s going to be available for the Xbox 360 (AWWW YEAAAAAHHH!!!!). Although I’ve heard that the graphics won’t be as pretty as when you would play it on an Xbox One, I’m still pretty happy that there would be a continuation to the game’s story (although according to the game’s creators, the previous protagonists from Dragon Age: Origins and 2 would make some sort of “appearance”). And as much as I want to play it as soon as it comes out, I still want to finish Dragon Age 2 first before I do.

What can I say? I fell in love with Anders. XD

The game’s trailer looks AMAZING. And the music of it is certainly not helping in curbing my enthusiam for the game. Just listening and watching the trailer and other videos about the game makes me want to hit that “Mail your order today!” for the game. But… like I said, I want to be able to finish the games and understand everything what’s been going on in the story before I order the next one on November.

But I AM going to get it though. I’m already playing through the story as quickly as I could… although Alistair’s adorable-ness is making it difficult for me.

DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION ON NOVEMBER, PEOPLE!!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m already saving up for it.

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Missing my Video Games…

Ya know…. I just realized how much I miss my old video games…

I just found the remains of my PS1 and PS2… and it ain’t pretty. T_T

Especially when I saw this clip in YouTube:

Ahh… FFVII… so many memories of getting pissed of because of frickin’ Vincent Valentine and his uncontrollable Limit Break, and throwing my controller in frustration because I can’t beat the Weapons.

Anyway, I know that there are a lot of new technologies in the gaming world now. Heck, I could play FFVII in the PC now due to emulators. But I don’t know… I kind of miss playing them with a controller, ya know. Especially FFVIII… when I had to mash the Square button in Boosting Guardian Forces (and where I learned that I was the fastest button masher among my 3 siblings… XD)

I miss my consoles… seriously. I wonder if I can still get them fixed… or if shops still have games for them.

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Troy Baker as The Joker!!!

Shows how late I am when it comes to gaming news…

But I love it anyway… Troy Baker doing Joker sounds pretty cool… but of course, no one can top Mark Hamill. XD

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Completionist’s Envy

Oh man, my behind hurts so much from sitting waaaayyy too long. I might have to get like a seat with wire loom to support me. XD

Anyway, I am really envious of completionists… you know, the video gamers who need to get 100% in a game. They’d search every nook and cranny, do all the quests, and defeat all the enemies to be able to finish the game with their minds in peace.

Maybe I just have the patience for it? I’m playing Final Fantasy X on our POS2 again, and I am a hard time with the 0.0.0 Chocobo race time (for FFX fanatics, you know what I mean XD). Not to mention I have to level up, because my Sphere Grid is all messed up (again, FFX fanatics would know about this).

Maybe I’m just impatient… and lazy. Hahaha! I tend to not level up my characters because I want to move forward with the story quickly, and as a result I keep on dying because of my low level. ~_~

Anyway, maybe I just need to discipline myself, be patient, and keep going at it. Maybe what I’ll miss out in patience, I’ll get in luck. Hahahaha! Good luck to me, then. XD

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I swear, if this PS2 breaks down again and nobody can repair it, I’m going to encase it in glass and keep it in my cabinet (right next to my personalized baby gifts… which were prank gifts given to me by my friends ~_~).

Yep, I have no intention of selling or letting my PS2 rot. As long as there are people willing to download and burn game files for me, I would keep playing this!

Actually, I can’t afford a Wii or a PS3 yet (huhuhuhu much sadness T_T), but it’s okay. My PS2 is a little run down, but hey, I can still play some of the most awesome games in there, like FFX, God of War 1 and 2, Tales of Legendia and Abyss (not really a fan of Radiant Mythology for the PSP ~_~), Guitar Hero 2 and 3 and Metallica, Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria and my personal favorite, OKAMI!

*cuddles Okami CD case* (Oh my cute puppy Amaterasu, I missed you so much! XD)

As for the real reason it broke… hmm, maybe from over-use? Harharhar! When I was still a bum (yeah, I had a bum-phase for 3 years after my “graduation”), I used to play the PS2 for almost a day. But now that I have a job, I don’t think I’ll be that hard on it. Besides, I recently got Dissidia 012 Duodecim on my sister’s PSP, so yeah, I’ll be punishing the PSP more soon. >:)

Anyway, the guy who repaired it for me doesn’t have a website, but still, I want to thank him for being so awesome. His name is Jason, and he owns a small stall down at Sta. Lucia Mall (the old one) that sells platform games. He repaired it for me, upgraded my PSP and installed Duodecim.. Heehee! Thanks, Kuya Jason! ^_^v

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Dissidia 012 Duodecim!!!

Yes! Thank God this game didn’t get canceled because of the Tsunami/Earthquake in Japan. I would’ve cried if it had. T_T

Anyway, yes, Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Duodecim (wow! that’s a mouthful!) is released. Actually, it’s been released last March, but in case you didn’t notice, I’m a little behind on gaming news. ~_~


I think I should try and upgrade my PSP now… hopefully I could do so before the Holy Week… so I can play it non-stop during my vacation. XD

Sephiroth is still so hawt! XD

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Suit Up With DC Universe Online

I am beginning to think that I need a new computer other than this Acer laptop of mine. Mainly because I want to play this kick @$$ game!

It’s DC Universe Online, the newest brain-child of the wonderful people from Sony Entertainment Online. It will be released this January of 2011, and as far as I can tell from the DCUO’s Website, pre-ordered copies are being shipped as we speak. Some gamers are even complaining about how slow the delivery is taking. Talk about major excitement! XD

According to the site, the game is classified as an Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), and has a lot of features. The player has a wide array of choices, from which faction they’re going to play for (heroes VS villains), to the costumes, and even the super powers that they will possess. The character creation of the game makes sure that the player is the one to decide what sort of hero or anti-hero they would be, which is pretty cool. I, personally, would like an anti-hero with a combination of Harley Quinn’s flexibility and insanity with Wonder Woman’s powers. >:)

From the preview, you can also see just how great this game is going to be mainly because it has several DC characters available to be your “mentor” in game. In the introduction, heroes like Superman, Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Flash and the Green Lantern can be seen…and on the anti-heroes side theres’ Lex Luthor, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Circe, Black Adam, Deathstroke and Giganta. I found that Superman looks rather… disheveled in the preview…

Anyway, I have a feeling this game is going to take a while before it reaches the Philippine shores, because it’s been said that the monthly subscription for the game is going to reach up to $14.99 (roughly around P700 in the current economy… God knows how the exchange rate always changes ~_~). Plus, I for one, might have a hard time with the specs this game is requesting. It needs an Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 operating system, 3.0 GHz CPU Dual Core Processor, 2 GB RAM NVIDIA 8800GTX+ or ATI 3800 series+ Video Card, 30 GB of Free Hard Drive Space, DirectX-compatible sound card or motherboard sound capability, Broadband internet connection (required) and a DVD-ROM Drive (for installation, of course).

So in the meantime, while I’m saving up for a PC with these specs (harharhar), you can find out more about this game through their website @

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The Sims 3: Ambition

Yep, EA Games are at it again.

This time, they released another installment to the Sims game with The Sims 3: Ambition, and it’s getting rave reviews yet again.

It kind of makes me want to buy a PC with an uber upgraded video card just to play this game. XD

This time, players can get the chance to experience that job they’ve never had. Players can choose being a ghost hunter, an inventor, a sculptor, a slacker or, for fans of CSI, and investigator (dang it, I need to get this game! XD). Aside from the jobs, other features from the previous games are also included. Like getting a tattoo, being a bearded lady (harhar!), etc. Basically, you can costumize your character again. Also with the Architect ambition, you can even set up the town the way you want it! So if you want to be a bearded, tattooed lady investigator who lives beside a mall or spa, here’s your chance to do it! XD

The game has been released since June 1, so copies should be available now for the PC. I just wish I had a PC I could install it to. ~_~

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Frustrations of a Guitar Hero Addict

Okay, this is SOOOOO annoying!

I don’t know if it’s my weak pinkie, my big belly that looks like a preggy woman’s tummy on prenatal vitamins that screws up the way I hold the guitar controller, or my lack of guitar skills… but I still can’t get over playing songs on Guitar Hero on Hard mode. ~_~

My bro, who is an awesome guitarist/drummer, can do Hard mode songs just fine on GH. But I can’t seem to get it right! I’m having a hard time with the transition from the green button (on the far left) and the orange button (on the far right). Damn my short fingers.

Or maybe it’s just the way I put my fingers on the buttons. My 12 year old nephew has the same size as my hand, and yet he can play just fine… since he beat my score (sheesh). I feel like I should get guitar lessons so I can learn how to play properly, since from what I could see, there’s a certain technique to it. I just got to figure it out.

Which would probably take me 10 years. ~_~

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