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Yep. It is OFFICIALLY summer.

I know because I’ve started wearing sleeveless shirts. And I HATE sleeveless shirts. I have like these freckle-like things on my arms that remind of chicken skin that I don’t want to show.

So, summer!

I used to love summer because as a child, I could take a 2 month vacation to my parents’ provinces of Marinduque or Pangasinan. Aw, man. I miss those days. I’d go to the province with a light skin tone and I’d come back looking like a burnt eggplant because I was so dark from all the swimming in the beach or river. XD

But now I am stuck to having a weeks vacation from work instead, just in time for the Holy Week, which, after working 8 years, is not as bad as I thought it would be. Yeah, it is just a week, and after wards, I’m going to complain that I need more vacation time, but hey, a weeks vacation is better than no vacation, me thinks.

Anyway, I’m rambling aren’t I? I tend to ramble when I think of what to pack up for a vacation. (Yes, I’m packing up. XD)

I should bring a book, though. I need to read a book…

If anybody sees me in Marinduque, give me a wave. XD

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How is this possible? There are now DOLPHINS around the sea between Lucena and Marinduque?!

At around 12 noon on my way home from Marinduque, I was contemplating as to why did I have to use my grandmother’s portion control plates to eat a very small meal (I was hungry T_T) and almost falling asleep beside my father when a shriek came to my ears. I thought at first that it was just a bunch of noisy, pre-pubescent girls screaming again, and so I looked around and saw that people were hanging on to the side of the ship I was in.

I looked up at my dad, and I asked him what’s going on. He merely pointed to the side of the ship and said, “Dolphins”.

And I ran. I ran to the side of the ship only to see frickin’ JUMPING DOLPHINS.



And in case you were wondering, yes, I was totally freaked and excited. Why?

Because in all my twenty eight years of visiting Marinduque during the Holy Week, I have never…. EVER seen a dolphin in that sea between the Dalahican port in Lucena , and the Balanacan Port in Marinduque.

At least until last Saturday.

I am seriously, seriously shocked. Are dolphins really starting to spread all around the Philippines? Are the Philippine Seas really that clean nowadays that these creatures are coming back to us? And does this mean that I’ll be seeing dolphins every Holy Week for now on?


*yeah, I am actually a huge biology/zoology nut, so dolphins pretty much interest me XD*

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Oh my poor face T_T

Oh my poor, poor skin. T_T

My face totally got fried by the sun during our outing last Saturday. This is what I get for not wearing Hats during the summer season.

Don’t get me wrong. I am naturally dark. I’m a typical Filipino color of “kayumanggi” (or brown), so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

But my shade right now… it’s doesn’t look good. My neck is a different shade compared to my face now. And it’s annoying since I wear make-up to work. I’m pretty sure my foundation is not going to match again.

Argh. Time to bring out all of my mother’s glutathione products… at least until my neck’s skin tone matches my face again.

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The Vanishing Island?

Well, I guess you could call it that. It’s such a teeny, tiny island that I doubt handheld garmin gps couldn’t find it.

This is actually a very small island off the coast of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, when my mother and I visited Palomaria Beach during the Holy Week.

It’s about the size of 2 buses, and I called it “Vanishing” because it sinks during the high tide. When we visited this island, it was already high tide, and the water reached up to my knees. A few moments before this photograph, a group of people pitched up a beach umbrella because they thought it was an actual island. Boy, where they shocked when they saw that the tide was rising. As it turned out, the owner of the boat they rented was pretty much a joker. Luckily, the family that stayed there were a pretty fun bunch, and had a good laugh at the joke. XD

I’m hoping I could come here again with my sister, I think she would really enjoy this. XD

By the way, woman with a hat and an orange scarf is my mother. She actually enjoyed walking around the island. ^_^

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ZenkX’s Own Home?

Hmm… I’ve been thinking about getting my own house… which is pretty freaky, since I don’t even have a husband yet. XD

But I don’t want anything big… you know, like houses with a second story floor or something. I’m actually happy living in one of these Trailer homes, but I probably should get like 5th wheel insurance for these.

It must be pretty cool, living on a road, although it would seem pretty hard, specially for those who have families. I’d probably have a hard time too, if I’m away from my family. But it could be pretty fun to just travel around discovering places…

But then again, I’d only be able to travel around Luzon with this thing, since I can’t exactly have an entire trailer shipped to Visayas or Mindanao. XD

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Tales from the Isle of Marinduque III: Part VIII

That Sunday, I helped my mom go shopping at the local market. She always had this habit of buying stuff for her store at the province instead of in Manila because it was cheaper. We also tried hard to look for giant sugpo and crabs amidst the pop displays, but they weren’t any (looks like had to spend my Holy Week without eating any of those ~_~). We did however, buy a huge squid, which weighed almost 5 kilos.

We then met with my siblings and sister-in-law, who brought us back to my lola’s house, since we had so much stuff with us. And after lunch, we headed back to the town to buy some pasalubong for my office mates, and my sister-in-law’s relatives. I was able to buy lots and lots of Arrowroot cookies, while my sister bought a nice shirt for her boyfriend. Since it was warm and the heat made us hungry, we headed to a local cafe for some pizza and drinks.

We fixed our stuff when we got home, and by the next morning (Tuesday), we were on our way back to Manila (since the journey was quite uneventful XD)

So there you have it! Zenkx’s experience in Marinduque for the Holy Week! I hoped you had a great time reading about our adventures, and I hope that next year, I’ll have just as many tales to tell when we get back. Harhar! Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay in posting all of these stories. XD

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Tales from the Isle of Marinduque III: Part VI

On Saturday, we got ready and headed down to the Boac Poblacion to ride a jeepney to Sta. Cruz, where dozens and dozens of our relatives live. Knowing that food is involved during these visits, I didn’t eat in the hopes of getting some sugpo (large shrimps) from our titas, and thought of looking through a bunch of nuphedragen reviews since I’m going to be eating so much that I’m going to get bigger again. XD

We visited 3 of our relatives, and every time we moved from one tita to the next, food just kept coming. Harhar! Unfortunately, there weren’t any sugpo, or crabs, probably because all the local fishermen sold them the hotels all around Marinduque (darn you, elite class tourists! XD). But, as customary to our clan, we did have a lot of pancit on our plates. XD

My brother’s friends enjoyed the trip so much, they decided to have a bit of fun on the rice fields near my aunt’s house. XD

Anyway, our day was relatively short (because the trip was a bit long from Boac to Sta. Cruz and vice versa), so we were able to come home early and rest, since we were so full from all the food we ate.

Next stop: The Gasan-Gasan Festival!!!

*to be continued*

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Tales from the Isle of Marinduque III: Part V

That Friday, my sister and I headed to the cemetery to visit our Lolo Lando and Lola Ida’s graves, before heading back to my Lola’s house to fetch my nephew and cousin. Friday is the day of the Via Crucis (The Way of the Cross) and the 2 hour long Prusisyon for the Black Nazarene (meaning I’ll be needing the best acne cream again, since it’ll be hot and dusty ~_~), and my brother and his 2 friends (Kuya Jay and Jaypee) already headed to town to watch the Via Crucis.

When we got there, we found our mom e-mailing my dad (again), as we waited for the Via Crucis to come by the road near us. But as we rounded the corner, we came across our relatives who also came to watch the event. We rode with them to the Boac Stadium, where they were setting up the parade.

We watched as they set up the Morions and the men playing Jesus and the 2 thieves. But when the parade started, we shrieked, because the Morions had started whipping and hitting the three men on their way to through the town. As it turned out, my brother and his friends were on a balcony just across the parade, and he was able to get a nice view of what was happening.

After the Via Crucis, we headed to the Boac Stadium, where the Senakulo for Jesus’ Crucifixion usually takes place. Longinus, the Roman soldier who peirced Jesus’ chest to make sure that he’s dead, ran to start the Habulan ni Longhino (The Chase of Longinus), which will finish the next day. There was an eerie silence among the people, especially during the part where Mary had the dead Jesus in her arms (also known as the Pieta).

We went home soon, since it was very hot, and had lunch and rested, since it was going to be a long walk again. By 4PM we got ready and headed to the church for the 2nd Prusisyon.

I walked the Prusisyon with my sister, my mom, my nephew and my 2 cousins. My brother and his wife and friends were at the end of the Prusisyon (since we were at the front). As we walked, my mom and I reminisced about that one Prusisyon where it rained, and had to walk through the cold. XD

At the end of the Prusisyon, my mom, who still had a hard time heading up the hill, stay behind as my sister and I headed up to the Cathedral. As we put up our candles, I felt a sense of peace again. It’s like a whole years worth of troubles and problems got washed away after this procession… and also means that another year is going to start until the next Prusisyon. XD

When we got home, my brother was there already, and he invited me and my sister to have a drink with them, as a sort-of celebration for his friends who finished the long walk. We headed back to the Expo for some drinks and we joked around and poked fun at each other as they fell for the hustler moves that I learned from my cousin.

We went back home, where our relative announced that we were going to Sta. Cruz again tomorrow to visit our relatives.

*to be continued*

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Tales from the Isle of Marinduque III: Part IV

At 9 am on Thursday, my mom threw a pillow at me (>_<) to wake me up, saying that we were late for our supposed Round Marinduque trip. Our Uncle Bert (who was our designated driver) was already waiting for us since 7 am in the morning. Sheeesh! So the 7 of us (my brother, his wife, my relative and my brother’s three friends) hurriedly got ready. We left my grandma’s house by 10 am (so late ~_~).

We first headed south to Gasan, where we visited my aunt’s grave (she died just a couple of years ago), passed by the Marinduque Hot Spring, and saw the add about the Easter Sunday celebration of Gasan-Gasan. My relative and I were greatly intrigued about it, and we both promised to watch the festival on Sunday.

We continued on down to Buenavista, where my uncle brought us to another religious location, the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. It’s actually just an uphill (or rather up-mountain XD) hike, that’s over 500 meters long. For a chubby person like myself, it was total torture. Harharhar. I was actually kind of envious my brother’s friend, Jenny, who was all nice and fit, because she barely broke a sweat. While I, being the fluffy person that I am, had to stop every few minutes to get a breather. Hahaha!

*note the blurry, pained expression*

We continued on up, and after much panting, sweating and drinking water, we made it! The top was actually well worth the climb, because you can see the view of Buenavista’s mountains, and there is a 15 foot-statue of the Lady of Lourdes.

We headed back down after a few picture-taking moments (which is a lot easier, believe me XD), and headed towards Torrijos where we ate lunch at a local canteen, and passed by Poctoy Beach. We weren’t ablt to go swimming though, since we didn’t bring any clothes. Then we passed by Sta. Cruz, where we saw some of our relatives (we have relatives all over Marinduque, except for in Buenavista). However, during the drive, I learned that my boyfriend lost his father that moment. The happiness inside me got snuffed, because I wanted to be with him. I thought of wanting to pass by the Sta. Cruz Church, which is the next oldest church in the island, but due to the shortage of time, we weren’t able to go. So I sent a simple prayer for him.

The drive through Mogpog was relatively short, and soon we were back in Boac. As we stopped by the town again, we found out that the 2nd Battle of the Morions was ongoing. We headed to the Boac Stadium only to find out that the contest was finished, and that my cousin’s group, the Morion Legion of Boac was only second place. We found my cousin in a fit of rage, shouting at the judges, because he said that the contest was unfair. The winner, he said, didn’t even have proper masks (which were made of paper instead of the traditional wooden ones) and that they only won because one of the judges hated their group. ~_~

We decided to have a bit of fun at the stadium, so we went around and took silly pictures of ourselves on the Senakulo stage, beside the Boac river.

We headed back home by 5 pm, and after a brief rest and dinner, we headed back inside the houseto sleep, since we were so tired, and still had to participate in the Via Crusis the next morning.

*Oh and in case you haven’t noticed the “relative” I was talking about was my sister Lelai, who suffered from sore eyes, and decided to spend her red-eyed rest days with us in Marinduque.

*to be continued*

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Tales From The Isle of Marinduque III: Part II

The next day (Tuesday), I woke up to find my Lola’s house was empty and quiet. I looked around the house, as well as my tita’s house next door. Nobody was around, and my still-sleepy brain thought that everyone has deserted me (WAAAAHHH!!!). But when I got to my Lola’s store by the highway, I learned that all of my companions headed for the beach on a small resort by Brgy. Ihatub in Gasan. Luckily, my sort-of uncle said that he was going to bring food for them, and I decided to come.

When I got there, my 2 cousins, nephew and my mom have already gotten in the water. My brother, his wife and 3 friends were around the table playing tong-its again while discussing stuff like their love lives or their individual job search and livelihoods, While it was a bit fun listening to them, I got bored so I decided to catch up on my reading again. I swear, The Lord of the Rings is the greatest book ever written, good thing I was able to borrow the One Volume edition from my library. My brother’s friend, Kuya Jaypee, was able to go out for a bit, and when he did, he brought back a huge plastic bag of of mangoes. Since I wasn’t able to eat breakfast, I ate some without hesitation. XD

*Me… biting on a green mango, with my nephew in the background XD*

Soon afterwards, my mom and I served lunch, with included rice, Pancit Miki, grilled porkchops and fish, and of course, green mangoes. The kids who were with us (my nephew and 2 cousins) got so dark, because they swam for hours. Wahahaha!

After eating and resting a bit, i got a text from a relative saying that she’s on her way to Marinduque and she was at the port of Quezon. I told her I’d pick her up in a few hours, since she will be riding the Ro-ro, which is a large vessel to carry people and cars across the  sea (I believe the correct English term is ferry). I thought it was a good thing that I wasn’t swimming, because that would mean I can just go directly to the place where I was going to pick her up. But as I shifted, I heard a tale-telling rip, and feeling my jogging pants, I realized that 2 nails got caught in the fabric, giving me 2 one-peso-sized holes in my pants. Darn it…

A few hours later, being so full and having the cool sea breeze around me, I fell asleep. But I was suddenly awakened by my sister-in-law asked me for a pin. As it turns out, Kuya Jaypee went out swimming for a bit, and stepped on a sea urchin. Unfortunately, the urchin’s spikes were a bit soft, and it pierced into his skin that it’s hard to remove via tweezers. Luckily the old man who owned the resort suggested a grilled kalamansi might help dissolve the spikes and lessen the pain.

*Ouch… that looks like it hurts ~_~*

After a few minutes, after Kuya Jaypee rested a bit (apparently the urchin’s spikes pack quite a punch), Kuya Jay went into the water as well. But a minute later, he came back yelping, because he got stung by the same sea urchin XD. Though he had considerably lesser spikes on his foot than Kuya Jaypee (Jay had 3 spikes, while Jaypee had 19!), he still said that it hurt like heck, and in the fear that the kids (or my brother) might be next, we packed up and went home… to scrub more Kalamansi on their feet.

By three in the afternoon, after changing my Holy Pink Jogging Pants (get it? holy = holey XD), I picked up my relative at Boac’s local market, where we ate some sandwiches. It was wicked warm in the restaurant, so we headed home early.

After dinner, some laughs at Jay and Jaypee’s misfortune, and a few sticks of cigarette later, being tired from picking up my relative, and going to the beach with the others, I lay down on the bed and waited for sleep to come.

The last thought I had before the Sandman spread his dust on me was that it’s going to be a long day tomorrow…

*To be continued…*

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