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100 Rock Riffs on the Ukulele!

I kinda want to get this good. XD

Yeah, I know. I’ve been harping on and on about guitars, but with teeny tiny fingers like mine, there is a tendency that I’m going to end up using a ukulele for any musical inclination that I might have.

It doesn’t sound so bad, you know, playing guitar rifts in an ukulele. It makes it sound much fun more even. Not to mention I already have them. I don’t need to buy a guitar for it, I just need lessons for them.

There’s a shop near my place, just a jeepney ride away, that sells ukuleles and gives lessons. Maybe after I finish my masters studies, I can take the lessons. (I’m going to need to look for lower G strings for my ukulele though, maybe has them?)

Also I just realized, looking at the foot of my best, that my ukulele case is gathering dust. I think it’s high time to take my baby Maki (short for Makala XD) for a bit.

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Violin Case to Ukulele Case

Whoops, no pictures yet, mainly because it’s still all dismembered and stuff. XD

Anyway, I’ve been having problems getting a ukulele case, so I’ve looked around the internet to find something I can do. I’ve read somewhere that I can turn my old ukulele box into a case using some art materials, but when I looked around the mall, the materials it required could cost me P2000… ouch.

So I looked around again, and found this P950 pink violin case. Sure, it’s pink (and I hate pink ~_~) but as of this time, I’m desperate.

So I’m going to turn it to a ukulele case… but I’m probably going to need some wooden scrap from my old wall cabinets. And foam. And lots… and LOTS of glue.

And of course, my favorite cloth of all… black, silky velvet. XD

I’ll be sure to post it up when I finish it. XD

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Ukulele Frustration: Europa

I wonder how many years it’s going to take before I can actually play the picking part in this…

From my stiff fingers to my lack of knowledge in sheet music and tabs, I have a feeling it’s going to take me forever. T_T

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My Ukulele Needs…

Oh, hey! Happy New Year! XD

Yeah, I know, I haven’t written in a while, but it’s because I have been WAAAY too busy during the holidays.

Not to mention my life has been pretty boring recently. ~_~

Anyway, I’ve recently made a list of stuff that I still want for my ukus:

1. A decent gig bag (either padded or hard case) for Maki (my Makala MK-S XD) and Sammie (my Samick UK-50) [aw man, I am naming my ukus… I must be that obsessed now ~_~]

2. A felt plectrum. Cuz I suck at strumming sometimes. ~_~

3. Lower G Aquilas

4. A Makala Dolphin ( the plastic back one, which will be my travelling uku [I should probably get this before the summer break XD])

Oh and this:

Yep, it’s a ukulele stand, as built and made by Aldrine Guerrero. I don’t know if the materials shown here are available in the Philippines, but it would be cool if it is. Quite honestly, I need ukulele stands with mounts, because most of the time, my ukus are in their boxes. And who can play an instrument that’s often in it’s box? ~_~

But it’s not like I WANT to keep them in their box, it’s just that I don’t want them to gather too much dust…

Anyway, maybe when I get the funds I can make one of these, and probably get one of the stuff on my list. Hopefully I can get the Lower Gs and the Dolphin soon…

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Level Up to Guitar?

I’ve been thinking…

All this playing with my ukes is making me want to try playing the guitar.

Or maybe I’m just being ambitious again. XD

I’m really happy with my ukus, but sometimes I have a really hard time playing sad and dark songs. And I really want to play some of those songs too. I’m thinking that I should get Lower G strings or just get a guitar.

My nephew, Cholo, recently got an awesome looking Fender Acoustic Guitar, that came complete with a pick-up. It is a monster mainly because of it’s price tag, but also from it’s size. My teeny tiny hands can’t play properly on it. T_T

However, I have been seeing some smaller scale guitars that might be good for children, and probably for small fingered people like myself. Maybe I should buy one of those?


I’ll stick to my ukus. I’ll just get the Lower G strings when they become available.

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It’s here! It’s finally here!


Okay, I know I said that I prefer the Lanikai or the Dolphin, but still… IT’S A SOPRANO!!!

And I am freakin’ loving it right now. For once, my teeny tiny fingers can actually do a decent strum of my ever dreaded uku-foe, the E-chord.

Plus I was even able to get it strung with Aquilas! So it sounds so sweet and bright and sunny. Playing it really make me happy, even in my worst days.

I still use my Samick UK-50, but I’m hoping I can get it strung with Lower-G Aquilas. But unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with recent releases of the Red Label (Lower G) Aquilas, so I can’t get them yet.

And for ukulele enthusiast in the Philippines, I was able to get this baby from Ukulele Manila. They sell really nice branded ukuleles like Lanikais, Makala and Kala, and you can buy from them. This particular Makala was on sale the day I bought it. I was lucky enough to have one of their sellers, Sir Jelzon, live close to me, so he was able to deliver it to me via meet up.

Anyway, I am so addicted to this thing that I’m looking for cool songs to play on it. Will post a video soon when I get to play a decent song with my Makala (as insisted by my friend Ivan from Singapore XD).

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Jake Shimabukuro!!!!

So I was surfing Youtube again and I found this guy here:

Which pretty much affirms my old sentiment that I positively suck on the ukulele.

And I guess, in a way, it annoys the heck out of me.

As it turns out, I am the only non-musical person in my family.

My dad and mom are actually pretty good singers, so is my sister and brother. My brother plays the guitar and the drums, and in a recent gig he performed, he plays a mean “Master of Puppets” by Metallica on drums.

So exactly where do I fit in?

My ukulele playing sucks. My strumming sucks. And so does my voice. I’m probably going to need terrific tc helicon just so I can sing well enough for a videoke.

Argh, this sucks.

I am seriously regretting not continuing my old piano lessons. ~_~

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New Want: Soprano Ukulele

I am serious torn between choosing this:

or this:

In case you’re wondering, the first one in pink is a Makala Dolphin, while the bottom one is a Lanikai LU-21. Both are soprano ukuleles and both are in my wants list. ~_~

I am totally TORN between these two. I’ve been doing my research around the wonderful world of the internet, and both have it’s pros and cons. However, most of the sites I have seen prefer the LU 21 over the Dolphin because it sounds better, and more traditional looking.

But the Makala looks SO fucking CUUUTTTEEEEE!!!!!!

I seriously, seriously want the Makala… specially the pink one. It is actually the only PINK thing I want, because normally I HATE pink. I’m more of a black person. However, a pink Dolphin ukulele just makes me go *KAWAIII!!!*. There’s actually a yellow one too, I’m considering of getting that so that it’s all nice and “sunny-looking”.

I found a distributor here in the Philippines for both, the Makala and the Lanikai. The Makala is slightly cheaper for about P100 (LU21 @ P2900>Makala @ 2800). However, the Lanikai is already stringed with Aquilas (one of the top brands of ukulele strings) and has a gig bag, while the Makala does not.

And I can’t exactly buy both, since I do not have the funds for it. ~_~

Argh! I can’t decide!!!!! >_<


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Missing a lot of things…

Ya know… with my busy sched, gaming addiction and trying to be frugal (ouch), I’m beginning to miss a lot of things.

I miss bellydancing… but I can’t go back to bellydance class because my budget is so limited.

I miss doing photography… but I can’t get my busted camera fixed.

I miss playing my ukulele… I still play but not as much as I used to.

I miss doing yoga… but my yoga mat is all dirty and nasty, and I can’t afford to buy new personalized yoga mats.

I miss going to the gym and exercising… but like I said, my budget is limited.

Hmm… maybe I just need to set my priorities straight. Technically speaking, my budget is limited, but mainly because I have the tendecy to not save. (ouch again). I should consider getting maybe a savings account? And then I won’t get an ATM so that I won’t be able to withdraw anything from it. Yeah, that sounds good.

But for the meantime, after watching this video of Rachel Brice, maybe I really should consider getting a new yoga mat. It’s only around P500, and I know for sure that I desperately, DESPERATELY need the exercise. My back is not as flexible as it used to be, and my bellydancing skills have pretty much dulled right now.  ~_~”

And one more thing…

I miss my bellydance teacher, Miss Kim. T_T

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Gary Jules’ Mad World

Sometimes, I regret the fact that I didn’t learn to play the piano.

I’ve been listening to this song on my headphones for almost three days. It’s very addicting for me actually.

But I want to play it somehow, and I can’t exactly play this on the ukulele. I tried on my uke last night, but it sounded off. It’s not as haunting for one, plus the really happy sound of the ukulele kind of makes it… I don’t know… it seems kinda wrong. It’s just too bad that I didn’t persevere in my musical education when I was younger. I was really more into art and drawing rather than music. I love listening to music, but when it comes to artistic talents, I think I’m much better at literary composition and drawing.

Although the original of the songs performed by Tears for Fears was upbeat and all, I kind of like this version more. It’s more haunting, but saddening.

Sheesh. The stupidity I did during my youth. Maybe if I had been more patient, I would’ve become a piano enthusiast.

Ah well. I’ll stick with my ukulele.

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