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Wireless Ear Buds

Wait what? Wireless ear buds are a thing? O_O

I didn’t know people are into that.

I just saw a recent image of wireless Ear Buds and for some reason, it irked me. (I’m going to sound like a total mountain-woman-whose-been-away-from-civilization, but yeah, I didn’t know it was a thing).

I’m sorry to say that I have the tendency to be forgetful, and my things are in… practically an endless chasm of mess stuffed inside a purple Vera Wang shoulder bag. So I have the tendency to use my good ol’ phones default earbuds (with the cords wrapped around with plastic spring thingies that makes it look like a rainbow). I mean, sure it gets caught on stuff, but at least I don’t lose it.

By the way, are there any instances where the wireless earbuds gets accidentally stuffed inside the ear canal? Because it’s a total possibility (and a constant fear of mine when I lose that rubber part in an earbud).

And what happens when you lose one plug? O_O

Wait, you can get a special harness for the earbuds for $10?

Aw heck, no! Eff that!

I’m sticking to my trusty shure 215 earphones, man. That $10 is enough to buy me TWO decent earbuds.

Honestly… Capitalism nowadays…

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Hitman: Absolution?

So… I know I posted that I’m going to buy this game for the Xbox…

Problem is, I think I’m going to fail at playing it. ~_~

I’ve never been good at shooting games (even more on horror games… damn you Fatal Frame ~_~), or even at sneaking games. I remember I played my brother’s Metal Gear Solid 2 once on the PS2 and I always end up getting caught. And shot. I’ve seen the Game Over screen so many times, it’s annoying. ~_~

Anyway, Agent 47 is awesome that I really want to play it. No other character who can kill a target, find burlap overlay and wrap it up in a jiffy without spilling blood on himself. Kind of like Ezio Auditore.

Now there’s an idea… Ezio Auditore vs. Agent 47…

Versus Thane Krios. XD

Hmm… I feel a fanfiction coming on.

Wait, I think I’d better finish my other one.

Agent 47! You will be mine! I don’t care if I suck at playing the game! XD

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Xbox Games Suggestions?

Okay, I know I’ve said that Mass Effect is currently my number #2 in my wishlist, with Dance Central being #1…

What other games do you suggest I should buy?

I’m thinking of getting the whole Assassin’s Creed series as well. But so far these 3 games are the only ones I have in mind. (But I have a feeling I’m going to need to build myself a really comfortable and sturdy chair using tools.

So let’s see currently my list includes:

1. Dance Central 1/2/3 (As demanded by my sister ~_~”)
2. Mass Effect 1/2/3 (Damn you, Thane Krios and Garrus Vakarian ~_~”)
3. Assassin’s Creed (all those available for the Xbox)
4. Hitman: Absolution (heck yes!)
5. Grand Theft Auto V (big fan of this series XD)
6. Saint’s Row the 3rd (if I can find a copy… I heard the studio behind the game filed for bankruptcy T_T)
7. Deadpool (when it comes out)
8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (though I’ve heard it’s better on the PC)
9. The Walking Dead (uhm… kinda… er… not a big fan of zombie games)
10.Batman Arkham Asylum/ Arkham City (probably, not really into super-hero games)

And no, I’m not going to include fighting games, because I am not a big fan of them (except for Tekken, I guess).

I’m trying to look for Role Playing Games ala Final Fantasy, but it seems that those kind of games are gone now (huhuhu). I’m more of an RPG girl myself, rather than straight-up shooters (yeah yeah, I know that some of my choices are shooters). But still, can anybody recommend a good Xbox 360 games with a gripping storyline?

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Dang, and I haven’t even bought an Xbox. >_< All prices are going up these days! Xboxes, PlayStations, Computer, hell, even the best cigarsaround have gotten more expensive because of the Sin Tax.

It’s either that or I’m just cheap. XD

Anyway, NEW CONSOLE COMING OUT! With lots of new games as previewed by Machinima’s Steve and Larson. Majority of them are sequels. The graphics look so freaking awesome. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to be costly… since the PS3 is still a pretty good console and the prices are still pretty much high. Sheesh. ~_~

As for me, I’m going to stick to buying a Xbox on my summer bonus. Mainly because… no matter how many titles the PlayStation 3/4 has, the Xbox still has the BEST dancing game EVER (called Dance Central 1/2/3… and the game me an my sister is aiming to buy).

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Massage Chair

I’m at my parent’s house right now, and boy, I am loving it.

Mainly because they have this kick ass awesome massage chair that massages the back.

I love sitting on it and getting my back massaged. I mean sure, it’s not as awesome as getting a spa massage, but hey, it’s still cool considering that I have such a tight back.

Next to having a pool with electric pool heaters, a massage chair is something I want for myself. But since my parents already have that, I’m considering getting a foot massager instead. XD

Considering I’m thinking of doing some yoga and and exercising, maybe I should come visit here more often. God knows my back is going to hurt like hell. XD

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Android Pad Blogging!

Believe it or not, I am actually typing this on an Android Pad.

And I don’t like it. >_<

No offense to pad users, but blogging on a pad is really hard! The keypad is slow to respond to my typing, and I miss the click-clacking of my keyboard as I type. And the teeny tiny screen does not bid well for a grammar Nazi like me. I can barely see what I’m typing right now.

And since I fanfictions at my spare time, I can’t exactly do that here too.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use this pa for other purposes. I watch Youtube here, play my Android games here, and it’s been particularly helpful with my ukulele playing since I can search tabs and chords here without having to print anything. Also ,this helped me recently in my research.

Pads are okay if you have a lot of networking to do in the internet, but I seriously can’t do my blogging here. It hassles me too much. And I certainly can’t use this if I’m drunk. Hahaha! As in “get me an i cup because my blood is full of liquor!” Hahahaha!


Anyway, back to my topic… call me old-school, but I think I prefer my PC. XD

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Computer troubles. T_T

Yep, my computer at home is slowly, but surely dying on me. T_T

No matter how much I search on how to speed up my computer or matter how much files I delete and everything, it still lags and hangs.

Unfortunately, I can’t buy a new PC. T_T

I think I still have too many files on it though. It was a computer that my parents used, so some of their stuff are still in there, and I can’t exactly delete it since it would piss them off if I did.

Sheesh, one of the hassles of technology, I guess. T_T

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The Future Coffee Faucet

I was surfing around the net again when I found this video that I’m pretty sure any coffee addict (or blogger) would want.

Yep, it is a Coffee Faucet!

Oh, how much I want that, you guys would never know. I don’t know if this thing is available already, but it just looks so frickin’ cool! Imagine having one of these in your kitchen or office. Plus you don’t need to buy something from standsandmounts to install it, since it pretty much stands on its own.

I’m an office-home-computer kind of girl, and this would totally be good for me. I’d get my coffee before heading for work, and get some espresso coffee when I’m blogging and my head’s out of ideas. Writer’s block is awful when you don’t have coffee. XD

But with this kind of technology in your kitchen, I have a feeling that it’s going to cost a fortune… which is bad for me. I’m already trying to cut down with my budgeting as it is…

Maybe I should just stick to my 3-in-1 coffee sachets for the time being. ~_~

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Cellphone Madness

I give up.

I am no longer going to change my cellphone. I am honestly so sick of trying to find a good cellphone for me.

Every frickin’ year I have to browse through websites and stores that have blogger-friendly and unified communications platform cellphones. And quite honestly, I can’t find the right kind of cellphone for me… or rather, the right one for my pocket. I’m kind of a cheapskate, so HTCs and Android phones are not good. ~_~

Personally, I think I’d rather buy a soprano ukulele than a cellphone. XD

Cellphones change every year that it’s making me sick and dizzy. Honestly, there’s even some people actually sell their organs for an iPhone or and iPad. That is SICK! So no, I will stay on with my Nokia N85. It does me justice. It’s got Twitter and Facebook and Ovi. I. Am. Happy.


Okay, okay. I’m going to change my cellphone back to a Samsung Corby II when I have the chance… BUT THAT’S IT! ~_~”

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Zenkx Against Cyberbullying

Man, the internet today is both an awesome and annoying thing, specially when it comes to things like bullying. ~_~

Just recently, I saw an episode of “If You Really Knew Me”, which addresses the modern concerns of High School students in the US, specially when it comes to “stereotyping”, where in students are seemingly grouped according to what the school society thinks them to be. They can be jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, outcasts, etc.

One of the thing that hit me during that show was about cyberbullying, or abusing someone’s well-being through digital means like texting, or through posts in FaceBook, MySpace or in their own personal blogs.

I find it really interesting and … disturbing, to think that these teenagers are practically ruining someone’s life by the words they say through the use of the InterNet and cellphones.

There was once a time when I was bullied in high school… way before texting was a fad. My friends were what they called nerds or outcasts, but I loved them, not because they are strange or anything, but because they were genuinely fun and really cool. My best friend, Joyce has been my friend since high school. And we had went through a lot of shit together from the bullies. We had chairs and books thrown at us. Joyce, particularly, being the smartest, was always pressured into doing someone else’s homework. She was called thin, and I was called weirdo. I had the biggest breasts in class, and they often picked at me because of it. Some went too far as to date me just to touch my breast for a bet.

I had… a bad time in high school, but it was Joyce, and my other friends, Beth, Juddee, Mary Jane, Joseph Ickx and Ericco who made me strong enough to not let a blade touch my wrist, because it would make them sad. When we were bullied, Beth would defend us, being a black belter in karate, and when we got so angry we would go out and hang at the mall, or sometimes in my house, where we would talk about things. It… made me really appreciate them and love them.

But now… it’s just scary. You don’t need physical contact just to be bullied by someone. Heck, you could be in the same school but not know each other until someone posts something awful about you.

I’ve heard about news of teenagers killing themselves because someone made an awful rumor about them… like them being gay, or fat, or weird, or being falsely accused of being something that they are not. As one who went through that ordeal and was able to not do it, I just wish that this kind of thing would stop happening. Life is too fun, and great and awesome, to be tainted by such false accusations. I wish kids who went through the same, and probably worse, scenario like mine would have the strength to stand up, and know that just because they called you something, doesn’t mean you have to be.

Watching all this… it is making me regret that I didn’t look into counselor careers or get a master degree in psychology. I just wish there was something I could do to make teenagers and people learn something about cyberbullying, and how it’s affecting people not just in schools, but even outside of it like in workplaces. ~_~

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