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Yep. It is OFFICIALLY summer.

I know because I’ve started wearing sleeveless shirts. And I HATE sleeveless shirts. I have like these freckle-like things on my arms that remind of chicken skin that I don’t want to show.

So, summer!

I used to love summer because as a child, I could take a 2 month vacation to my parents’ provinces of Marinduque or Pangasinan. Aw, man. I miss those days. I’d go to the province with a light skin tone and I’d come back looking like a burnt eggplant because I was so dark from all the swimming in the beach or river. XD

But now I am stuck to having a weeks vacation from work instead, just in time for the Holy Week, which, after working 8 years, is not as bad as I thought it would be. Yeah, it is just a week, and after wards, I’m going to complain that I need more vacation time, but hey, a weeks vacation is better than no vacation, me thinks.

Anyway, I’m rambling aren’t I? I tend to ramble when I think of what to pack up for a vacation. (Yes, I’m packing up. XD)

I should bring a book, though. I need to read a book…

If anybody sees me in Marinduque, give me a wave. XD

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Tales from the Isle of Marinduque Re-vamp

Yep, I’m home again from my vacation inf Marinduque.

Though I’m not really that excited about it… it’s too warm here in Manila, and I already miss the ocean breeze. ~_~

But I did miss my InterNet. My unlocked cell phones is pretty cool, but seeing as there are very few Wifi spots in Marinduque, I had to resort to using my relatives InterNet connection… but I can only be online for 5 minutes. (my mom had to use it to send e-mails to my dad ~_~)

Anyway, as stated, I have a lot of tales to spin about my time in Marinduque, unfortunately, I’m going to have to change the title. It’s waaaayyyy too long. Harharhar! I can’t imagine making a blog post about my Marinduque vacation by the time I’m 40 or something. It’ll be like “Tales from the Isle of Marinduque XX+”…. hahaha!

So stay tuned for my Marinduque stories… I’ve got lots of pictures! Man, I can’t believe I almost filled my camera’s memory card with pictures. I even drained my 2 sets of batteries during my whole trip! Sheesh! Plus you’ll be able to see me all red as a tomato. ~_~

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Travel Tips for Traveling in the Philippines


Yep, for the Filipino work force, the Holy Week is coming up, meaning it’s basically time for us to pack up our stuff and head on down to our provinces for some vacation time, or in my case, a religious habit of visiting our patron saint.

And as a sort-of public service to my people, I’ll be posting some of my personal advice as a guide for people heading to the provinces: (I can’t give out advice for traveling internationally because, well, I haven’t traveled anywhere outside my country XD)

  • Before traveling, make sure to protect your skin. Put on your sunscreen protective lotion or wear a cap or hat if you’re taking skin medications like tazorac. The heat of the summer sun can cause your skin to become dry.
  • It’s recommended that people should drink water an hour before traveling, whether by ship, by plane or by bus. The time allows your body to process the water to keep your body hydrated but still gives you enough time to do your business. Getting a full bladder during traveling is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever. XD
  • Take a light meal or snack an hour before traveling. Just like water, this is to replenish your body’s nutrients. The 1-hour period allows your body to process the food, so you can take a “bathroom break” before leaving.
  • For those prone to motion sickness (or biyahilo), you can take some medicine an hour before traveling. In our country, there is a local medicine called Bonamine, which should help biyahilo sufferers, especially when traveling by sea.
  • Even though it might seem such a burden, try using two bags when traveling. Use one, smaller bag (like a backpack or purse) for your personal things like your wallet, your gadgets, etc., and the larger one for your clothes. This way, if you have to take your baggage to some sort of storage, you still have your most important things with you. (I always do this one… my mom was saved almost two times now by keeping her personals close to her. XD)
  • It is also a good idea to add a layer of plastic inside your bag, to keep your clothes dry. This is especially helpful when traveling by water.
  • If you want to save up on space for your bag, you can roll your clothes instead of just piling it up. Just be careful when rolling it up, to prevent wrinkling the clothes.
  • Oh and ladies, stilettos when traveling… a big no–no. Since its summer, you can still look hot by investing in a decent pair of flats, or if you’re really into heels, try shoes that have wedged heels instead of pointed ones.
  • If the transportation you’re going to take (bus, plane, boat, etc.) allows their passengers to make reservations for seats, it is recommended that you do so. This is to prevent getting hassled by lines, and keeping your family together during the cramped crowds you’re going to encounter at the departure point.

 And the most important of all, offer a small prayer before your trip, to keep you and your family safe from harm. Sometimes, it takes just a small prayer to change your luck while traveling.


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