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Halleloo, people!

Sorry that it’s been a while since I posted. My life has been SUUUPPPEEERRR crazy lately.

For one thing, I have realized that for the past few years, I’ve been… not really myself when I’m blogging. There was a time when I was able to post more about my thoughts, the things I see around me… you know, posting as… well… me.

But ever since I’ve gotten in a pay-per-post website, the things I write always seem so forced. No offense to my blogging master, raredog, as I am every grateful to him for introducing me to the concept. However, I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting a bit more content about my life. I’m not going to let go of the whole pay-per-post thing though, but I’ll try to keep it at least a 30:70 minimum.

SO! Activities! Well, I’ll be happy to tell you that I have since enrolled in a local college to take my Masters. WHOOHOOO! Yeah, I’m studying again. Which is pretty cool, considering I’ll probably hate it in a few years. But it is quite an achievement, specially since I’m not using my parents’money for it. I actually didn’t realize how much I’ve missed studying. I know there are, like, collective groans from students reading this about how much they positively HATE school, but trust me, when you get to my age, you’re going to miss it too.

It’s also probably the reason why I’ve been pretty down lately, last year in particular. It’s like my mind was looking for something to make it active again (which is why I took up the ukulele). I’ve read somewhere that depression sets in when your brain feels stagnant… when you don’t do anything to stimulate your brain cells like exercise or read or do adrenaline-junkie-like stunts like my blogging master. I know I’ve been into video games too, but something still felt off. Like I wanted to learn new stuff, so here I am! I’m just praying that I’ll be able to finish it. I must admit that I wasn’t a model student back in my college days, but I really do realize my mistake now, and I’ll be damned if I do it again.

And of course, since I’m studying again, I haven’t really had any time for video games, (which kinda sucks… I miss Garrus Vakarian). There are SOOOOO many great video games coming out soon (I’m looking at you, Mass Effect: Andromeda!), but I’m hoping I can save up and buy a next gen console. I had to use some of my money for a brand-spanking-new laptop since my classes required it, but yeah, I need to save up again. Besides, according to my official-pasted-on-my-wall bucket list, I still need to learn guitar to play Breezy from Final Fantasy VIII and Spanish Romance before I should play video games(priorities, people!).

Anyway, stay tuned for a bit more! Because I saw a video from YouTube that made me envious again. T_T

Tolle lege! (I should make this a thing from now on… it means ‘take up and read’).

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Haaaaaayyy School Life (An Entry for the 2010 Humor Me Makoy Contest)

(Before anything else, please note that in this post I will temporarily deviate from my normal posting of “Tales from the Isle of Marinduque [although it’s still related… a bit XD]. This post shall serve as my official entry for the Humor Me Makoy Contest… and I hope that Sir Makoy and other bloggers will enjoy it ^_^v)

Though I was sort of stuck in Marinduque for the Holy Week, I was able to surf the Net one time, when I accompanied my mom to the computer shop. While checking my inbox, I realized that one Facebook message repeated over and over again. The “blah-blah-blah commented on a picture of you on Facebook” message. And I opened it, and, et viola! It was actually a picture of my classmates back in high school during our third year HS recollection!!

* And yes, that is me… the one inside the red circle. Sheeesh, if looks could kill… ~_~ *

Seeing this picture reminds me of the High School Revisited post I read from the The Certified Pinoy Blogger (aka Sir Makoy). He said that during his high school days, he was “very ugly, very dark and meek”. I found it very amusing because I had often said the exact same thing whenever I saw my HS pictures, and it makes you realize that no matter who or what or where you are, all people cringe at the sight of their teenage pictures. Hahaha! I mean, just look at me in this picture! I look like like some emo kid minus the eyeliner. Forget about putting pictures like these in a vault… I say lock ’em up in a treasure chest, chain it all up and throw the frickin’ thing in the ocean until future geologists unearth it. My teenager pictures are EVIL!!! >_<

This picture is actually posted in my classmate’s album, and it has over 92 comments (and counting) about it. They’re, like, trying to remember the exact day this picture in particular happened, and what other stuff we have done in high school. I couldn’t tell them that I remember some of the weird moments of that day. Like how we did this weird game of Baka-la-baka, how one of my male classmates took a naked picture of my female classmate while she was changing, how none of us could take a bath because there was no frickin’ water (testosterone-filled male teenagers – bath water = Evil!!! :)) ), and how one of my classmates named Queeny freaked because she saw me sleeping like a dead corpse brought out of her casket (you know… straight body, hands over the chest, wearing a white nightgown and pale under the dark light, that kind of creepy stuff XD).

Then, like Makoy, I thought about what I missed about my high school days. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are only 6 people I miss during my HS days… everything else, not really. Hahaha! Personally, I learned a lot and miss my college days more than my HS days. In college, I actually learned a lot of real life stuff, like how to come to school while managing a hang-over (harhar!), doing your research properly, how to commute, and specially, how to handle peer pressure… although, I did learn how to sleep in class without my teacher noticing me way back in high school. :))

Unfortunately, my high school pictures were ruined because of Typhoon Ketsana (aka Ondoy), but I guess it’s okay, since I really don’t want to look back at the old Zenkx. Like Makoy, I rather thought that the HS Zenkx was a bit ugly, a bit dark and meek, because she got bullied a lot (Oh! I learned how to dodge flying books, paper balls and chairs during high school too XD). I think the present Zenkx is still more awesome. I mean yeah, I’m fat (or should I say fluffy XD) and all, but I feel like I’m more independent now, emotionally stronger, and definitely more wiser.

I just wish that I could meet with my 6 best friends again. Especially my sister-from-another-mother and equally-insane-as-I-am partner, Joyce. Harhar. Maybe I should try to contact her again… God knows what sort of crazy stuff she’s been into. XD

And as an added bonus, here’s a little picture of my 4th year class, with my 4 friends (the other 2 were boys so we were separated from them, since there was a gender segregation by my fourth year). My BFF, Joyce, is the tall, Chinese-looking girl in the far right.

Sheeeesh… I was so skinny then. And to think I thought I was such a chubby girl back then. Hmm… I wonder what decade I’ll get that same figure back. XD

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