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Wireless Ear Buds

Wait what? Wireless ear buds are a thing? O_O

I didn’t know people are into that.

I just saw a recent image of wireless Ear Buds and for some reason, it irked me. (I’m going to sound like a total mountain-woman-whose-been-away-from-civilization, but yeah, I didn’t know it was a thing).

I’m sorry to say that I have the tendency to be forgetful, and my things are in… practically an endless chasm of mess stuffed inside a purple Vera Wang shoulder bag. So I have the tendency to use my good ol’ phones default earbuds (with the cords wrapped around with plastic spring thingies that makes it look like a rainbow). I mean, sure it gets caught on stuff, but at least I don’t lose it.

By the way, are there any instances where the wireless earbuds gets accidentally stuffed inside the ear canal? Because it’s a total possibility (and a constant fear of mine when I lose that rubber part in an earbud).

And what happens when you lose one plug? O_O

Wait, you can get a special harness for the earbuds for $10?

Aw heck, no! Eff that!

I’m sticking to my trusty shure 215 earphones, man. That $10 is enough to buy me TWO decent earbuds.

Honestly… Capitalism nowadays…

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Jake Shimabukuro!!!!

So I was surfing Youtube again and I found this guy here:

Which pretty much affirms my old sentiment that I positively suck on the ukulele.

And I guess, in a way, it annoys the heck out of me.

As it turns out, I am the only non-musical person in my family.

My dad and mom are actually pretty good singers, so is my sister and brother. My brother plays the guitar and the drums, and in a recent gig he performed, he plays a mean “Master of Puppets” by Metallica on drums.

So exactly where do I fit in?

My ukulele playing sucks. My strumming sucks. And so does my voice. I’m probably going to need terrific tc helicon just so I can sing well enough for a videoke.

Argh, this sucks.

I am seriously regretting not continuing my old piano lessons. ~_~

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My First Ukulele Cover: Free to Decide

Yay! I’m finally able to make a video of a Ukulele Cover!

Unfortunately, since my S1800 is broken, I used my old Nikon Coolpix L20. Also my lighting is pretty dark… or maybe because my face is just dark. XD

Urghhh… I really need to work on my strumming and singing. ~_~

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Camera Distress T_T

The look on my face on this picture my sister took of me says it all….

Yeah. My S1800 Camera is broken. T_T

Apparently, the shutter in my camera is stuck closed… probably because I haven’t used it in a while. From what I’ve researched, it’s a common illness among Point and Shoot cameras like mine.

Although there are some ways to unstuck it (like tapping the camera, etc.), I’m afraid of causing further damage to it, so I’m leaving it alone for now. I’m going to look for a repair center for Fujifilm first. I advise anyone who has the same issue to take it to a service center rather than trying to unstick it yourself. A camera repair is going to cost a lot, but causing permanent damage on your camera from tapping it or banging it, will cost more. ~_~

But, in the meantime, no photography until I get this fixed. T_T

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Cellphone Madness

I give up.

I am no longer going to change my cellphone. I am honestly so sick of trying to find a good cellphone for me.

Every frickin’ year I have to browse through websites and stores that have blogger-friendly and unified communications platform cellphones. And quite honestly, I can’t find the right kind of cellphone for me… or rather, the right one for my pocket. I’m kind of a cheapskate, so HTCs and Android phones are not good. ~_~

Personally, I think I’d rather buy a soprano ukulele than a cellphone. XD

Cellphones change every year that it’s making me sick and dizzy. Honestly, there’s even some people actually sell their organs for an iPhone or and iPad. That is SICK! So no, I will stay on with my Nokia N85. It does me justice. It’s got Twitter and Facebook and Ovi. I. Am. Happy.


Okay, okay. I’m going to change my cellphone back to a Samsung Corby II when I have the chance… BUT THAT’S IT! ~_~”

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Another Regret

I am beginning to regret one of my decisions again.

I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t take a lab coats and enrolled up in the Medical Technology course in college, as my mother did.

A recent news about my father’s health made me realize that this is probably the biggest decision that I regret. I didn’t become a nurse, or a doctor, or even a Lab Technician… anything related to the medical field that could probably help my parents in the long run. Stupid of me. ~_~

But, I do realize that it’s too late to do that now. I’d have to make with what I have right now and help whatever I can. My sister, God bless her, is an awesome nurse… perhaps one of the best nurses that her hospital has. I am confident that she can help my parents better than I can.

I am not as confident as my sister is, though. What can a librarian do to help in a person’s health? Sometimes I even think that my work seems so insignificant that if I left or quit in my current job, everything would be just the same.

Haiz. Or perhaps I am thinking too negatively.

Now is not the time to be negative. I have to do what I can to help my parents, however little it may seem. Maybe as a librarian, I can do research and find out more about how to take care of my parents. Yes, perhaps that’s the thing I can do…

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Completionist’s Envy

Oh man, my behind hurts so much from sitting waaaayyy too long. I might have to get like a seat with wire loom to support me. XD

Anyway, I am really envious of completionists… you know, the video gamers who need to get 100% in a game. They’d search every nook and cranny, do all the quests, and defeat all the enemies to be able to finish the game with their minds in peace.

Maybe I just have the patience for it? I’m playing Final Fantasy X on our POS2 again, and I am a hard time with the 0.0.0 Chocobo race time (for FFX fanatics, you know what I mean XD). Not to mention I have to level up, because my Sphere Grid is all messed up (again, FFX fanatics would know about this).

Maybe I’m just impatient… and lazy. Hahaha! I tend to not level up my characters because I want to move forward with the story quickly, and as a result I keep on dying because of my low level. ~_~

Anyway, maybe I just need to discipline myself, be patient, and keep going at it. Maybe what I’ll miss out in patience, I’ll get in luck. Hahahaha! Good luck to me, then. XD

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The Jeepney Rant (By An Everyday Commuter)

So okay, I’ve been working for 2 years now, I’ve finished four years of college, and I finished high school as well, all the while commuting my way to get to point A to point B, and I’ve noticed a lot of things while riding the Filipino transport, the Jeepney.

Yes, the Jeepney… the noble Army vehicle that sounds like a honda mower that became the national transport of the Philippines. No Filipino in this country is going to say they’ve never ridden a jeepney, because at some point in their lives, they did. Perhaps the only Filipinos who can say they’ve never ridden one are Foreign-born Filipinos and really, really rich people. O_o

But because I’ve been commuting for, like, half my life, there are some things that pisses me off when riding a jeepney. Like, real annoying stuff that happens when inside the jeepney. It’s not really the jeepney’s fault, more like the passengers/drivers. Here are some of them:

1. For the love of God, if you are a jeepney passenger, and someone wants to pass along the money from you to the driver, DO YOUR PART! Make sure that you pass along the money. Some people are just too lazy when they do this. It happens to me all the time! They have their back turned on me, and I’d reach out and say “Manong, bayad po (Mister, here’s the payment)”, and this jerk-off won’t even turn around since he’s the one closest to where I was reaching.  Geeze, as if it takes too much energy taking money and reaching out arm’s length to give it to the driver. ~_~

2. In connection with number 2, if someone hands out the “bayad (payment)” to you, don’t be a jerk and try to steal at least a peso from it (happened to me once). Are you that poor to be taking a peso from someone else’s payment? ~_~

3. For drivers out there, yes, Jeepneys are naturally crowded, it’s designed to be so. However, if you can see that there is at least 1 person who can’t sit anymore, do not try to pick up anymore passengers. We are not sardines. We are human beings. And yes we come in different sizes… like me. I’m chubby. But just because your seats can accommodate up to ten people, don’t think that approximately ten people can fit there if someone of my build would sit there, because they won’t. (And DON’T argue with me about losing weight and trying to be thin… you would just lose XD)

4. Again for the drivers, and possibly conductors, STOP WITH THE LOUD SOUND SYSTEM ALREADY!!! This… this is the part I hate the most about some jeepneys. There are some jeepneys with really, really loud music… like, you can just feel the bass thumping from underneath your seat. It’s annoying… and dumb! What are these guys, thinking they’re drag racers on “Fast and the Furious” to have really loud music. What if I need to hand out my bayad, or if I have to get off? You want me to SCREAM out what I need? Meh. I don’t do shouting. And what if there are children or infants on board your jeepney? You going to damage their fragile inner ears? There are a lot of health hazards concerning listening to loud music. Read them. Study them. Take them to heart. Because I die of a headache from busting out my eardrum, I will go “The Grudge” on you. >:(

5. Ah here, we go… passengers. Ha! One of the things that annoy me the most about them is that when it’s really, really cramped, you can just SMELL them all around you. Not kidding. It’s fine if you smell good and all (like this cute guy who once sat beside me who smelled of Hugo Boss [drool]), but if you know you got a little stench on you, do yourself a favor and clean up a bit. Put on a clean shirt. Put on deodorant. Put on some cologne. Whatever. Just don’t come aboard a jeepney (or any public transportation for that matter) smelling of funk. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be encased in a funk sandwich? Not pleasant, AT ALL. >_<

6. And for the women, as much as I like having my hair down once in a while, if you really have long hair, please, pull it up in a pony tail before riding the jeep. It’s not my fault if I accidentally pull it. It’s flying all over my face when I’m sitting behind you! Of course, I’m going to try and get rid of it. It’s like being strangled by a hairy Kraren. ~_~

Geez, there’s only 6 of these… but once I collect my thoughts, I’ll be sure to put in more. Actually, maybe I should blog about the type of people there are in jeepneys as well… hmm… I’ll think about that. XD

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Well, sort of.

I’m going to need to go to the best rehab after everything that has happened. I think I’m turning into an ice cream addict.

Rage can make you eat a whole lot of stuff. ~_~”

Yes, in case you were wondering, my site was down for almost a week, and of course, as you can see, when it came back it turned into the mess that you guys see now. Everything I’ve written from July 2010 to October 2010 pretty much faded off into nothingness. And yes, I am pretty pissed off.

I am, admittedly, not much of a techie. And as for my blogging, I blog for the simple reason that I want to share my experiences with people. I usually leave all the techie stuff for my blogging guru, raredog. However, in light of recent events, I’ve decided I need to re-educate myself with the ways of the Net to be able to keep this site alive. ~_~

But anyway, like I mentioned, my posts from July to October went kaputz after the fiasco with my previous server. I will continue to post my stories though, as any good writer would. And as per the teachings of my guru, I will now start studying as to how to backup my blog should anything happen to it again.

As for my previous server, I will not mention their name as it is an unprofessional conduct for a blogger to defame or slander a company, and I am not that ungrateful as to bring them down by bringing up their name just to take my revenge on them. I do request however, that they provide better services, because not everyone in the blogging community is after the money. Some of them (me included), work and strive hard to bring informative stories and post for the people, for them to mess up someone’s work which they have been doing so hard is just plain rude. It’s like an artist, painting a beautiful picture only to have someone throw turpentine into the canvass to mess things up. Seriously people, this is what I feel right now. I will admit to the mistake of not being able to back up my files, however, for this “company” to shut down our sites (raredog’s included) without warning, or without having to hear our explanation, is just plain rude. I hope that next time, servers should at least take the time and contact the bloggers and hear their explanations FULLY before shutting down sites. Not all people are uncooperative. >:-(

Anyway, I’m going to let go with my rage now, (and my tub of ice cream) and just start again. Like they said, try and try again. I just hope our new server has better services. ^_^v

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