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Oh my poor face T_T

Oh my poor, poor skin. T_T

My face totally got fried by the sun during our outing last Saturday. This is what I get for not wearing Hats during the summer season.

Don’t get me wrong. I am naturally dark. I’m a typical Filipino color of “kayumanggi” (or brown), so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

But my shade right now… it’s doesn’t look good. My neck is a different shade compared to my face now. And it’s annoying since I wear make-up to work. I’m pretty sure my foundation is not going to match again.

Argh. Time to bring out all of my mother’s glutathione products… at least until my neck’s skin tone matches my face again.

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Hang-Over Remedies


Yep, after a night of some light drinking, my head feels like lead again.

I’m not really a heavy drinker, but I do get rather tipsy easily. And when I do, I’m pretty sure that my head will hurt the next morning, even if I only drank like a couple of beers.

But after searching through the web, I was able to find some natural cures for hangover-related headaches. So before opening up a bottle of migraine treatment or pills, why not try out these home cure? Who knows, it might be effective:

Home Health Remedies:

  • Do not have an alcoholic drink in the morning as a cure for a hangover. Another drink does not help and may only make your hangover worse.
  • Some people think that having a cup of coffee will help to drive away your hangover. NOT TRUE. Avoid coffees and any other caffeinated beverages as they can cause you further dehydration.
  • Take Vitamin C as it may increase the rate of alcohol breakdown in the body.
  • Alcohol causes dehydration, so drink plenty of water. Also drink fruit juices and tomato juice.
  • Bouillon soup or sports beverages (i.e. Gatorade) may help replace depleted salt and potassium.
  • Try a cold pack to relieve headache pain.
  • For a headache, take acetaminophen unless you have known liver disease or drink heavily and, therefore, may be at risk for liver disease.
  • Alcohol consumption can irritate your stomach lining so avoid aspirin and ibuprofen since they may only serve to increase this irritation.
  • For an upset stomach, try an over-the-counter antacid. Peppermint and chamomile tea may also help.

Prevention of the hangover in the future

  • Never drink on an empty stomach. Food helps to absorb some of the alcohol and aids the body in digesting it faster.
  • Try to eat starchy foods to slow down the alcohol absorption.
  • Limit yourself to less than 1 drink per hour.
  • Try to alternate your alcoholic drinks with nonalcoholic beverages such as water.
  • Stick to non-carbonated drinks as carbonation can speed up the alcohol absorption.
  • Try to avoid sweet drinks (and sugary foods) while you drink. The sweet taste of the drink can make it difficult for you to judge how much alcohol you’re actually consuming.
  • Be sure to choose drinks with low levels of congeners (light drinks such as white wines, gin, and vodka) – these are additives that are found in alcohol that increase your risk of a hangover. Dark-colored drinks (such as red wine, bourbon, and rum) have higher levels of congeners and should be avoided as often as possible.
  • Drink lots of water before you go to bed.
  • Get plenty of rest.

Source: What is the best hangover remedy?

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