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Guitar Envy… again!

Oh, man… this guy’s rock versions of video game music is a killer.

Yep. The Music Skills Envy Demon is rising up my head again. I know I’ve been talking about it so much, and I get the feeling that the universe is converging and telling me to get a practice guitar or something. My neighbor just got one, and I could hear him from my window and it just kills me. T_T

There are so many video game music that I want to learn. This version of the Dragon Age: Inquisitions theme is one of them. So are the tavern songs. And ‘Breezy’ from Final Fantasy 8… ‘Sight of Spira’ from FF10.

Argh… when is my salary coming? T_T

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From Ukulele to Acoustic Guitar?

I am actually thinking of buying an Acoustic Guitar… probably just a cheap one for the time being, not like the expensive ones.

It’s not that I don’t like the ukulele, I actually love it to bits. But the thing is, there are just some songs that don’t sound good on the Ukulele… like the “Huling El Bimbo”. It’s such a good song, but I personally believe that the song should be played a little more hauntingly. The ukulele makes any song seem so light-hearted, so it does not go quite well for a song like “Huling El Bimbo”.

Anyway, I actually tried playing my college bestfriend’s Classical Guitar before… I sucked at it. Hahaha! But I am willing to do it now. Call me trying to find my musical talent, since I suck at singing.

It’s going to be while before I can buy an Acoustic Guitar. Hopefully I can make a video of me playing it, although I haven’t actually made a video of me playing Ukulele yet. ~_~

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A Beginner’s Opinion on the Ukulele

Well, it’s official. My finger tips hurt so much.

Pressing buttons on my keyboard right now is utter torture… well, not that much torture. I think I still prefer practicing my ukulele rather than being pulled on a medieval rack or something.

So here it is. Since I am practically too old to Buy Orbeez toys and/ or find new play things, I’ve decided to follow the advice of my favorite female artist, Amanda Palmer, and buy me a ukulele instead.

Suprisingly, it is just as hard as playing a guitar. I tried getting a guitar lesson from my college friends once, and it was horrible. The metal strings hurt, I can’t do picking so much, and I keep getting all the notes wrong.

I guess this means I’m a much better dancer than a musician… even though I may be a little overweight. ~_~

I bought the ukulele on a whim from my devilishly-persuasive conscience (I didn’t even think it was that possible XD). I was very, very enthralled with Amanda Palmer’s version of Creep (as seen in my past post), and I really, really, really wanted to try it. And now that I have it, it turns out that it still takes a lot of work.

I mean, sure, it took me an hour to get a few chords right, but after that, putting a song together is tough, even with a copy of the tablatures are nearby. ~_~”

Or maybe it’s because my pinky finger is way too weak. Anybody got any idea how I can remedy this? My pinky finger feels like it’s all bone and no muscle to press hard into the string.

Not to mention my strumming sucks eggs. ~_~

Anyway, this does not mean I give up though. It might hurt like hell, but I am absolutely loving it. I love it as much as I love to bellydance… which I haven’t been doing for a few weeks now because my Gym ID got lost (huhuhu). I just need lots and lots of practice. I’m actually loving it because… well, it’s the first time I’ve been able to make any music at all at any musical instrument.

So, back to the tablatures! Once I’ve rested my finger tips, though. ~_~

*Yes, this is my sweet, darling, black ukulele, with it’s soft case, tuner and my clear book of ukulele songs*

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