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100 Rock Riffs on the Ukulele!

I kinda want to get this good. XD

Yeah, I know. I’ve been harping on and on about guitars, but with teeny tiny fingers like mine, there is a tendency that I’m going to end up using a ukulele for any musical inclination that I might have.

It doesn’t sound so bad, you know, playing guitar rifts in an ukulele. It makes it sound much fun more even. Not to mention I already have them. I don’t need to buy a guitar for it, I just need lessons for them.

There’s a shop near my place, just a jeepney ride away, that sells ukuleles and gives lessons. Maybe after I finish my masters studies, I can take the lessons. (I’m going to need to look for lower G strings for my ukulele though, maybe has them?)

Also I just realized, looking at the foot of my best, that my ukulele case is gathering dust. I think it’s high time to take my baby Maki (short for Makala XD) for a bit.

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Ukulele Suck-iness

Okay, so even after all these months of playing the ukulele, I still pretty much suck. ~_~

I seem to have a problem with strumming. I can’t strum a song the right way, and I end up making a different beat pattern for the song compared to the original.

I think I need something to help me understand a beat of a song… like a metronome or a synthesizer or something. Just to help me get the rhythm of my strumming and getting the patterns right.

Anyway, it’s still a while since I’ve practiced the ukulele. Maybe I need to focus on practicing strumming.

On a side note, I really want to learn to play this song. It’s so FUN!!! XD

But I still have to practice on how to play the E-chord. And the strumming. And the chucking…


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The Sims 2: Castaway Getaway?

Okay, I am serious, SERIOUSLY addicted with this game, even though it’s been years since it was released.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I desperately want a house on a beach complete with backyard cabanas, tiki statues and swing beds. ~_~

Yep, it’s the Sims 2: Castaway for the PSP. I am playing it so much that I’ve forgotten to play my Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker game (oh I am so evil).

It’s just that with all my work and chores, playing this game is the only way I can just sit back, relax and (sort of) watch the waves go by without leaving my room.

And besides, I suck at Metal Gear (arggghhh!!!). Might as well do RPGs that relaxes me than play games that make me scream “FFFFUUUUUUUU———!!!!!” when I get frustrated. ~_~

Besides, this kind of makes me what would happen to me should I get stuck in a deserted island as well. Heh… kind of like a survivor’s guide. But I doubt I’ll making canoes from statues and stuff like that. ~_~

Anyway, my PSP is probably charged now (I drained it accidentally from playing too much Sims XD), so I’d better go and start playing again. XD

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Early Morning Wake-Up Ukulele?

Is it so wrong of me to wish I could do something like this on my wood daybed frame at 5am in the morning? XD

Anyway, My Ukulele Obsession would’ve has reached new heights if I would want to play ukulele at such an early time. Every one in my house is still sleeping, and I’m probably going to wake everyone up if I do this.

I’m really beginning to enjoy playing the ukulele… it’s actually shocking since I’ve never really been so obsessed about something like this.

Don’t get me wrong. I still suck a little… I can’t sing for the life of me. And I just found out that there’s a strumming technique I can’t do (huhuhu T_T). But as far as being a beginner, I think I’m doing pretty good. Especially now that I’ve bought a decent beginner’s ukulele. Which I will tell you about some other time. XD

Not to mention I’ve just found someone here in Manila who sells D’Addario Ukulele strings! Whooot!

*So yeah… this is probably one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging lately. My brand-spanking-new ukulele sounds positively AWESOME with D’Addario strings XD*

Hmm… maybe I’ll do this kind of early morning ukulele when I’m alone at home sometime. XD

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Yeah, I’m a Twit………. -terer XD

Yeah, I’m on Twitter now… again.

I’ve haven’t used my Twitter during the past few years when everyone was so hyped about it, which is weird since my cellphone already had a Twitter app on it. Maybe I just didn’t know how to use it. XD

Well, anyway, I’m using it now! Harharhar! This is going to be pretty useful, since my Fujifilm S1800 is pretty big, and I can’t lug it all around to take pictures of people and places. Like this morning when I saw a Mom with an 5 year old kid walking and holding her hand, while she was pushing an origami stroller, except that she didn’t have a baby inside. She had a Shih Tzu puppy riding in it. Obsessed much?

Plus one of the cool things about it is that I can pretty much Tweet any random thought that pops up my brain… and that happens so often. I think that it’s high time that any random thought should be Tweeted, rather than having it rot, and soon become forgotten in my brain. Maybe with Twitter, I can look back at all my random thoughts when I am older and laugh my butt about it. XD

So, any of you guys interested in the randomness that occurs in my brain? Just look me up at!/iamfrickinjoy

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Bellydance Career? I Think Not.

No, I am not ready for professional bellydance, I think.

I’ve had three performances already. The 1st one on my mother’s birthday, the 2nd one on my gym’s Christmas Party, and the third one on my office’s Christmas Party.

And after all that, I have come to the conclusion that I am not ready for professional bellydance. XD

Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing. There is something about hearing the music out of the home theater speakers that make me just want to move, even though I might not move very well. It’s actually a great feeling. It’s like everything blacks out and all that’s with you is the music.

But still, I am not in par of other bellydancers. I have way, WAAAAAY lot more stuff to learn. I still haven’t mastered my zills, I haven’t done veils and veil pois and sword balancing… I can’t even do Rachel’s backbend. ~_~

I still have a lot of training and practice to do. I just hope my teacher at the gym would be more than happy to teach me. I think I’m really passionate about bellydance. ^_^

By the way, just in case you guys didn’t know, I’ve had 2 bellydance videos in YouTube. Click here to view my YouTube profile and see what other stuff I have in there. XD

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Can You Move Like Jagger?

Because I sure as heck can’t XD.

Anyway, I’ve been so obsessed with this song lately, mainly because it’s one of the songs my bellydance instructor makes us dance to. But I get the feeling that I might need to consult some people with Radiologic Technician Jobs… because my back is killing me. >_< I don't know... it just seemed rather... catchy. My bellydance teacher showed me this choreography and I just PANTED so much because it involved a lot of jumping around. And before that I had to do tons of shimmy drills, etc. My instructor is running me ragged during bellydance class, but I like it. Anyway, I posted this because my brain just keeps playing this OVER and OVER and OVER in my head that I'm afraid this is going to play in my "blood whale" dreams. XD

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Junior-Senior Proms

Whew… I am soooooooo E – X- hausted!

2 days of pure fun and well…. hard labor. It’s a miracle I didn’t lose as much weight as a person who takes the best diet pills from the amount of sweat I had. XD

It started out last Friday, where I accompanied my sister-in-law and her friend to an event that they hosted at the Marikina Convention Center. It was actually the Junior-Senior Prom of the Parang National High School in Marikina. I, actually had a lot of fun doing it, mainly because it reminded me of my own JS Prom.

Everybody looked all so handsome and pretty that they wanted to have their picture taken with the photo booth that my sis-in-law set up. It was hard work, but it was good. Unfortunately, by the end of the night, I had shouted and talked so much that well… I ended up losing my voice. ~_~

Anyway, it was a great night for everyone, and I was happy that I became a part of the lovely memories that they had that night.

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Bike Drifting Girl

I found this clip in YouTube today, and it is AWESOME! XD

I wish I could drift like this in a bicycle, it would be so cool. I’d weave in and out of traffic in our local village if I had a talent like this. XD

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