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Violin Case to Ukulele Case

Whoops, no pictures yet, mainly because it’s still all dismembered and stuff. XD

Anyway, I’ve been having problems getting a ukulele case, so I’ve looked around the internet to find something I can do. I’ve read somewhere that I can turn my old ukulele box into a case using some art materials, but when I looked around the mall, the materials it required could cost me P2000… ouch.

So I looked around again, and found this P950 pink violin case. Sure, it’s pink (and I hate pink ~_~) but as of this time, I’m desperate.

So I’m going to turn it to a ukulele case… but I’m probably going to need some wooden scrap from my old wall cabinets. And foam. And lots… and LOTS of glue.

And of course, my favorite cloth of all… black, silky velvet. XD

I’ll be sure to post it up when I finish it. XD

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Designs By Monday

So a friend of mine, Carlo, told me to “Like” their new project called “Designs By Monday”, and I absolutely love their designs.

I was able to order one of these from my friend. It’s a spoof of the movie “The 300”, but instead of Leonidas, it has the First Filipino Hero, Lapu-Lapu on it instead, with the year of the Battle of Mactan (1521).

It is SO kick-ass! XD

They have another one, which involves Andres Bonifacio, which I’ll be ordering again next month. I have yet to get this shirt from them, but the design is so awesome. I think I’ll get it by Saturday.

People should have more custom t-shirts like these. Seriously. A lot of people actually don’t know about Philippine heroes, so it’s cool that Designs By Monday could make something this great. Philippine heroes are just as kick-ass as Leonidas or Professor X (whoops, spoiler there), and should be treated with respect and admiration. It’s like they’re modernizing the concept of Phil. Heroes so that the younger generation could relate to their greatness, and understand the sacrifices they made for the country.

I hope they make one with Gabriela Silang and Wonder Woman… I’d buy that as soon as possible. GO, WOMEN!!! XD

Hmm… that got me thinking. Maybe I can help with some of the design ideas too. Hahaha! But, I can only give ideas, since I suck at Photoshop and photo-editing softwares. ~_~

Anyway, they’ll have more designs and ideas soon. But if you want to order or inquire about their shirts, you can message them via FaceBook:

Designs by Monday (FaceBook)

Designs by Monday (Twitter)

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Gustav Klimt

Hey, Google’s got a cool cover today.

For those who don’t know, this is Gustav Klimt’s painting, called “The Kiss”. Which, at first to me, looked like a very trippy painting and it had too much yellows that I feel I needed Ray Ban Aviator glasses to cover up my eyes. It’s actually Gustav Klimt’s birthday today, July 14.

But it soon grew on me, and it’s one of my favorite art pieces now. Of course, Yoshitaka Amano is still my favorite artist.

Not to mention that if you’re familiar with the ultra-violent Anime “Elfen Lied”, you’d be familiar with it.

I didn’t realize how much I’m into art now. A long time ago, I’ve always thought that I’d be a painter. But my art is not that good, so I ditched it. My bestfriend, Joyce, would probably be a much painter than I am, anyway.

But as it turns out my “real” art lies with words. Sure, I haven’t done a good non-fanfiction story yet, but I hope in time, I would. I probably won’t making a story as Tolkien’s or Rowling, but hey, you’ll never know.

As Neil Gaiman said, “Make good art”. Like Klimt. Or Tolkien.

Hopefully, I’ll be making my own art soon.

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Bellydance Career? I Think Not.

No, I am not ready for professional bellydance, I think.

I’ve had three performances already. The 1st one on my mother’s birthday, the 2nd one on my gym’s Christmas Party, and the third one on my office’s Christmas Party.

And after all that, I have come to the conclusion that I am not ready for professional bellydance. XD

Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing. There is something about hearing the music out of the home theater speakers that make me just want to move, even though I might not move very well. It’s actually a great feeling. It’s like everything blacks out and all that’s with you is the music.

But still, I am not in par of other bellydancers. I have way, WAAAAAY lot more stuff to learn. I still haven’t mastered my zills, I haven’t done veils and veil pois and sword balancing… I can’t even do Rachel’s backbend. ~_~

I still have a lot of training and practice to do. I just hope my teacher at the gym would be more than happy to teach me. I think I’m really passionate about bellydance. ^_^

By the way, just in case you guys didn’t know, I’ve had 2 bellydance videos in YouTube. Click here to view my YouTube profile and see what other stuff I have in there. XD

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Reverse Graffiti

They should consider doing this to the walls here in the Philippines. It’s not as environmentally hazardous, but it’s still some pretty cool art.

Take a hint, Graffiti artists. XD

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ZenkX Tries “Paintography”

Gosh I am learning so much stuff… it’s AWESOME! XD

Yep, in my search to become a better photographer (and blogger), I’ve adapted one of my PnSers-learned skill recently on some of my photos… it’s just too bad I don’t have any ink cartridges on my printer right now so I can print them and frame them.

It’s not that great yet, but… I’ll get to it. I think, like all my other shots, I need a heck lot of practice to perfect my “paintography”. I think it takes really creative eyes to know which pictures to “paint” and to leave alone, because sometimes editing a picture too much can be bad for the overall effect of the shot and what it’s supposed to show.

But anyway, NEW SKILL ACQUIRED! LEVEL UP! (Sorry, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X a little bit way too much XD).

I’ll be heading down to San Beda College, Taytay tomorrow for a seminar, and if I remember correctly, that area is a great place to take pictures because of their lush, green fields around the campus. I just hope I don’t get lost. XD

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Of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

So dumb of me not to know that they got legally married last January… ~_~

Anyway, yep, my favorite singer/bisexual musician is married to one of the best authors in this generation. How frickin’ cool is that?!

Yep, I am totally in love with Amanda Palmer (in a non-sexual way, okay?!). I personally believe that she is the type of musician every recording artist ought to be. She speaks truth in her lyrics, she doesn’t give a d@mn about what people think, she’s confident in her appearance (she carries the whole shaved-off-my-eyebrows-and-used-liquid-liner-instead so fashionably) and in her sexuality, and she’s a lot of fun in her concerts (from what I’ve seen in YouTube, anyway XD).

It’s just too bad she doesn’t hold concerts in the Philippines… I even doubt that people actually know her here. ~_~

As for Neil, yeah, I consider him as one of the great writers of this age. I actually envy him… he has written so many books in his lifetime. I have none. Writer’s envy!!! >_<

I actually have a copy of Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” book… the one with Yoshitaka Amano’s art in it. I love the art more, but I do love the story as well. Hmm… maybe I should consider collecting Neil’s Sandman books now.

Anyway, looking at this video, Neil looks so helplessly in love. It’s so romantic. Huhuhu. I wonder when a guy would look at me like that. T_T

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Whisper Hungarian in My Ear

I don’t mean literally. XD

It’s just a new song I heard from Rachel Brice’s Serpentine DVD called “Whisper Hungarian in my Ear” by a band called The Toids. I really like it… its something that I’d want to hear everyday using home audio speakers.

In the DVD, this song has a choreography, which, unfortunately for a chubby bellydance newbie such as myself, is pretty hard. But I’m hoping I can learn it pretty soon. XD

I find the song really mysterious, and somewhat calming. I think it’s the violins.

Anyway, aside from the choreography, Rachel Brice and her friends actually created a “mash-up” short film with the song. It featured horror actor Bela Lugosi, and they merged the film with the dancing of Rachel Brice’s group, the Indigo Bellydance (which includes members Mardi Love and Zoe Jakes). It looks really awesome, actually. It’s like the three dancers are Bela Lugosi’s graceful ghosts seductresses.

Huwaaa… Rachel Brice Love! <3 It'll be a while before I can actually dance to Rachel Brice's choreography of this song, but I guess for the meantime, I'll dance it with my own choreo. XD

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Rev UP your engines!

Just yesterday, I went with my other buddies to the University of the Philippines Diliman to watch their “Rev UP!” event, where they showcased different cars from their student bodies, and I came to a realization that if you want art, you might as well get it done to your car rather than to your body, so you don’t have to worry about tattoo removal.

I swear, these cars are AWESOME! I’m not much of a driver, but I do appreciate beauty. And these cars are works of art, right down to the engines. Although, I am not much of a fan of the insanely large and loud speakers… I already lost my voice that day. I couldn’t afford shouting with my throat’ condition because of my fear of damaging my larynx further. XD

Anyway, I’m renting at computer shop right now but when our internet is back to normal, I’ll make sure to post photos. XD

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Photography Ventures

Yup, with my newest resolve to become a better blogger and more artistic person, I’ve decided to take up a bit of photgraphy. XD

Well, they’re not really like… classroom-like lessons. I’m actually learning from my new friends in on which cameras are good, how to tweak pictures (though I prefer minor editing in mine) and other vital information on photography. It’s actually a lot harder than i thought… harder than trying to buy gold online.

In fact, the image you see in this post is actually one of the fruits of my labor. This image won our First Photo Challenge in the site. It’s a small victory, but it sure helped in boosting a bit of my confidence in camera handling. I seem to have a problem with my hands, since I’m shaking a bit when I’m taking pictures. ~_~

Anyway, I hope to buy a new camera soon, since the camera that I used for this picture is actually my sister’s. I hope you guys stay tuned for more of my pictures! XD

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