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Level Up to Guitar?

I’ve been thinking…

All this playing with my ukes is making me want to try playing the guitar.

Or maybe I’m just being ambitious again. XD

I’m really happy with my ukus, but sometimes I have a really hard time playing sad and dark songs. And I really want to play some of those songs too. I’m thinking that I should get Lower G strings or just get a guitar.

My nephew, Cholo, recently got an awesome looking Fender Acoustic Guitar, that came complete with a pick-up. It is a monster mainly because of it’s price tag, but also from it’s size. My teeny tiny hands can’t play properly on it. T_T

However, I have been seeing some smaller scale guitars that might be good for children, and probably for small fingered people like myself. Maybe I should buy one of those?


I’ll stick to my ukus. I’ll just get the Lower G strings when they become available.

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