Back on the Mat

And this time, I AM STICKING WITH IT.

Anyway, I decided it’s high time I got back on my yoga mat again. I stopped doing my YRG yoga three months ago, which totally sucks, because now my back is hurting like crazy, I can feel my legs getting tight again, and I seem to have lost the flexibility I had gained.

I think my last bellydance performance inflated my head a little too much. After being able to do a decent backbend, I stopped doing my yoga because I thought my flexibility would last.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

So, I cleaned out my yoga mat, made sure my heart monitor still works, and did it. According to my schedule, it’s my rest day today, so I’m not doing any yoga today. But I did one yesterday (as said in the sched) and I have to do it again tomorrow, and probably on Saturday evening (although it said Saturday is a rest day, but hey, after doing house chores with a hunched back, I really need to reverse it before I sleep).

Anyway, I’m probably going to need some extra pillows here for yoga bolsters, since I can’t quite reach the floor again when I do my forward bend (T_T). According to my schedule, I’m supposed to stick with it for 3 months, before I can create my own work-out plan.

Whew. 3 months. But I know it’s for my own good. So yeah, totally going to stick with it this time.

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Body Stagnation?

Is there such a term like this? When someone hasn’t been exercising lately that they end up with creaking joints and flabby tummies? XD

Because I have that. XD

I really need to get moving again. Just this morning, I stretched my arms up and my back literally went “crack-tack-tack-tack!”

It’s been almost a year since I’ve stopped going to the gym and I’m gaining so much weight again. Hahaha! I consider this my normal cycle, but sometimes I feel it’s getting out of hand.

I know, I know… it’s my fault because I lack the will-power and discipline, and because of the fact that love food. But honestly, I am not getting any younger, so I really need to take care of my body now. Just yesterday I pulled five gray hairs out of my head. FIVE-FRICKIN-GRAY-HAIRS. For a single woman, that scares the heck out of me. (Although my father has the most glorious head of gray hair… it’s grey, but it’s still thick… and slightly unruly XD).

I’m thinking I should probably get my bike down from my hitch bike racks, or get my sister’s TV down again and do some yoga. I personally prefer the yoga more, although the recent butt cramp I had last year kinda scared me. >_<

I’m also planning to get an XBox this year, mainly because of Dance Central 1 to 3. That game has an exercise counter which counts how many calories I burn from dancing the steps. I just have to make sure that I choose the right songs that would get me moving…

And I’ll be sure to only pick, like, 3 non-dancing games so I won’t get stagnant playing that XBox. Hahaha! I think Assassin’s Creed, Saints Row the Third and Hitman: Absolution is enough. XD

Anyway back to topic, I wasn’t able to clean out my yoga mat yesterday (since my washing machine broke down and I had to wash ALL of my clothes by HAND T_T), but when I get the chance (and when the skies clear up of this rain), maybe I’ll start doing Yoga again. XD

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It’s Here! My New Bellydance DVD



Yep! My Ariellah CD came in yesterday! Wheee!!

By the way, the Serpentine DVD was something I bought a while ago. Talk about being a fanatic.

Anyway, I was able to do some of Ariellah’s Yoga Conditioning last night. It made me sleep pretty late, but dang, it felt good. It stretched my muscles rather well, but I think Rachel’s DVD is better when it comes to training and stretching the spine.

Actually, both DVDs stretch and warms up the body well. It really does improve stability and balance and it really works well with getting the kinks out my spine. My back been hurting awfully lot for the last few days, that all this stretching is a huge relief. I guess that’s the price you pay for sitting slouched on an office chair for 8 hours, 5 times a week. Plus I was able to sweat quite a lot, particularly Rachel’s Yoga session. My Yoga mat needs to be disinfected to get the scent of sweat off of it. ~_~

It’s really great that I have these DVDs. Since I’m cost cutting (huhuhu T_T), I haven’t had the money to join a gym that has bellydance lessons. Okay, so maybe these two DVDs are more focused on Tribal and Tribal Fusion, but I think all in all, it’ll help with my flexibility. I was thinking that I’d strengthen my muscles a bit first with a couple of month’s work of Yoga, before proceeding with their drills and bellydance exercises. Hmm… that sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

But I think I’d better get some cost effective life insurance first. I’m afraid that with all this Yoga I’m doing, I’d end up knocking around furniture since my balance is awful. Not to mention that I think there’s a kink in my glutes (aka Butt Muscles). It’s getting kind of painful when I move. But then again, that’s a part of any work-out or exercise session.~_~

It’s Friday today, so I’m hoping to do some more yoga when I get home. Honestly… more people should consider doing yoga. I think the exercise and meditation would be great for everyone.

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