Goodbye, music… Hello, writing!


Yeah… I decided to leave my musical aspirations behind for a while.

Not that I don’t like music anymore. I will always be a music freak for all my life. I just think that I should stick to what I know I’m good at and improve it more.

Not to mention musical stuff can be a bit expensive, and I’m saving up. As much as I want a guitar, I’m gonna pass for a while. I still have my ukulele though, so I’m going to stick to it for the time being and focus more on writing.

I found these three books and I’m intent in reading them and learning about their writing styles. I know I’ve written FanFictions, but I’m thinking of making something a bit more serious. I’m probably not going to earn from them, but hey, you’ll never know. I think the Self-Editing book would be good for me, since I have a tendency to be lazy and not edit anything on my work.

So… the problem now is… what am I supposed to write about? I need to read more.

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