Yep. It is OFFICIALLY summer.

I know because I’ve started wearing sleeveless shirts. And I HATE sleeveless shirts. I have like these freckle-like things on my arms that remind of chicken skin that I don’t want to show.

So, summer!

I used to love summer because as a child, I could take a 2 month vacation to my parents’ provinces of Marinduque or Pangasinan. Aw, man. I miss those days. I’d go to the province with a light skin tone and I’d come back looking like a burnt eggplant because I was so dark from all the swimming in the beach or river. XD

But now I am stuck to having a weeks vacation from work instead, just in time for the Holy Week, which, after working 8 years, is not as bad as I thought it would be. Yeah, it is just a week, and after wards, I’m going to complain that I need more vacation time, but hey, a weeks vacation is better than no vacation, me thinks.

Anyway, I’m rambling aren’t I? I tend to ramble when I think of what to pack up for a vacation. (Yes, I’m packing up. XD)

I should bring a book, though. I need to read a book…

If anybody sees me in Marinduque, give me a wave. XD

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I Wanna Head To Hawaii!!!

Just for the ukes. XD

No, just kidding. Of course, I want to go there for more than just the ukuleles (although that’s a perk too, there is only ONE brand of tenor ukulele I’ve seen here, and that’s the Nashville tenor uke, I want to find out how the Pono line of ukuleles sound like in real life, because in the video, it sounds so frickin’ sweet).

Actually, with everything that’s been going on around me (and probably from the weather we’re having… it’s the rainy season again, and I am beginning to miss the sun), I’m starting to think about taking a really nice vacation, and of course I thought about Hawaii because of the pristine beaches they have, the luaus, surfing, the food…

The ukus. XD

I wish there was a place like Hawaii here in the Philippines I can visit and take a vacation in.

Seriously though, I need a beach to chill in for at least three days… to bury my feet in the sand, lie down on a towel and play ukulele songs. All this rain is making me feel a little dreary, and I want to feel little heat of the sun and the sand (not too much or it’ll end up scalding me or something. Nobody wants to return from a vacation looking like a steamed lobster). Not to mention that since it’s the rainy season, the rainwaters are causing some flooding around my area, making me and my family panic. Everytime the news talk about some Low Pressure Area, or some storm coming into my country’s area of responsibility, I can’t help but get this twinge of fear. The smallest hint of flood waters outside my street makes alarm bells sound in my head and I end up staying up late to watch the news or listen to the radio to see if there’s a massive storm coming.

I guess Typhoon Ketsana caused a lot of trauma for me. I still get nervous around floods, even though they’re only ankle deep. And with the rains happening frequently, well… you can imagine my distress…


So yeah, I wish I could head over to Hawaii… and probably have plenty of pocket money for the trip, too. I get the feeling that if I ever do end up there, I’d end up buying five ukuleles from the pocket uke all the way up to the tenor uke… and all of them would be Ponos. XD

It kind of makes me want to get a ticket to a flight to the US and head over there.

Ugh, I wish. T_T

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Oh my poor face T_T

Oh my poor, poor skin. T_T

My face totally got fried by the sun during our outing last Saturday. This is what I get for not wearing Hats during the summer season.

Don’t get me wrong. I am naturally dark. I’m a typical Filipino color of “kayumanggi” (or brown), so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

But my shade right now… it’s doesn’t look good. My neck is a different shade compared to my face now. And it’s annoying since I wear make-up to work. I’m pretty sure my foundation is not going to match again.

Argh. Time to bring out all of my mother’s glutathione products… at least until my neck’s skin tone matches my face again.

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I recently went to Pampanga for Kuya James’ wedding.

Clearly, not one of my best shots of the event, but it was good. XD

Weddings are great events for practicing photographers like me. But… I don’t know, it made me a little sad, I guess. I don’t know why.

But I was very happy for my Kuya James of course. I think I’m happy for anyone who is about to be married… specially if they really love each other.

I don’t know, I guess it’s my single girl genes kicking. I’ve been single for so long that marriage seems like a very far thing for me… which is a little good I guess. Since I have some more priorities to settle before even thinking about marriage.

But anyway, congrats to my awesome Kuya James, and his wife, Lyra. ^_^v

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The Vanishing Island?

Well, I guess you could call it that. It’s such a teeny, tiny island that I doubt handheld garmin gps couldn’t find it.

This is actually a very small island off the coast of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, when my mother and I visited Palomaria Beach during the Holy Week.

It’s about the size of 2 buses, and I called it “Vanishing” because it sinks during the high tide. When we visited this island, it was already high tide, and the water reached up to my knees. A few moments before this photograph, a group of people pitched up a beach umbrella because they thought it was an actual island. Boy, where they shocked when they saw that the tide was rising. As it turned out, the owner of the boat they rented was pretty much a joker. Luckily, the family that stayed there were a pretty fun bunch, and had a good laugh at the joke. XD

I’m hoping I could come here again with my sister, I think she would really enjoy this. XD

By the way, woman with a hat and an orange scarf is my mother. She actually enjoyed walking around the island. ^_^

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Tales from the Isle of Marinduque Re-vamp

Yep, I’m home again from my vacation inf Marinduque.

Though I’m not really that excited about it… it’s too warm here in Manila, and I already miss the ocean breeze. ~_~

But I did miss my InterNet. My unlocked cell phones is pretty cool, but seeing as there are very few Wifi spots in Marinduque, I had to resort to using my relatives InterNet connection… but I can only be online for 5 minutes. (my mom had to use it to send e-mails to my dad ~_~)

Anyway, as stated, I have a lot of tales to spin about my time in Marinduque, unfortunately, I’m going to have to change the title. It’s waaaayyyy too long. Harharhar! I can’t imagine making a blog post about my Marinduque vacation by the time I’m 40 or something. It’ll be like “Tales from the Isle of Marinduque XX+”…. hahaha!

So stay tuned for my Marinduque stories… I’ve got lots of pictures! Man, I can’t believe I almost filled my camera’s memory card with pictures. I even drained my 2 sets of batteries during my whole trip! Sheesh! Plus you’ll be able to see me all red as a tomato. ~_~

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