Wireless Ear Buds

Wait what? Wireless ear buds are a thing? O_O

I didn’t know people are into that.

I just saw a recent image of wireless Ear Buds and for some reason, it irked me. (I’m going to sound like a total mountain-woman-whose-been-away-from-civilization, but yeah, I didn’t know it was a thing).

I’m sorry to say that I have the tendency to be forgetful, and my things areĀ in… practically an endless chasm of mess stuffed inside a purple Vera Wang shoulder bag. So I have the tendency to use my good ol’ phones default earbuds (with the cords wrapped around with plastic spring thingies that makes it look like a rainbow). I mean, sure it gets caught on stuff, but at least I don’t lose it.

By the way, are there any instances where the wireless earbuds gets accidentally stuffed inside the ear canal? Because it’s a total possibility (and a constant fear of mine when I lose that rubber part in an earbud).

And what happens when you lose one plug? O_O

Wait, you can get a special harness for the earbuds for $10?

Aw heck, no! Eff that!

I’m sticking to my trusty shure 215 earphones, man. That $10 is enough to buy me TWO decent earbuds.

Honestly… Capitalism nowadays…

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Hitman: Absolution?

So… I know I posted that I’m going to buy this game for the Xbox…

Problem is, I think I’m going to fail at playing it. ~_~

I’ve never been good at shooting games (even more on horror games… damn you Fatal Frame ~_~), or even at sneaking games. I remember I played my brother’s Metal Gear Solid 2 once on the PS2 and I always end up getting caught. And shot. I’ve seen the Game Over screen so many times, it’s annoying. ~_~

Anyway, Agent 47 is awesome that I really want to play it. No other character who can kill a target, find burlap overlay and wrap it up in a jiffy without spilling blood on himself. Kind of like Ezio Auditore.

Now there’s an idea… Ezio Auditore vs. Agent 47…

Versus Thane Krios. XD

Hmm… I feel a fanfiction coming on.

Wait, I think I’d better finish my other one.

Agent 47! You will be mine! I don’t care if I suck at playing the game! XD

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I changed my mind.

I don’t want to play Mass Effect because of Thane Krios.

I’m going to play it because of Garrus Vakarian!!! XD

Garrus Vakarian… the Space Batman.

Seriously, I am worshipping this pairing, right here. It’s the cutest couple ever. A kick ass female and a sweet tough guy turian… finding out ways to make their relationship work…

A love story better than Twilight, I believe.

Besides, this guy dances the TANGO. On the tippy toes of his alien FEET. And he dances WELL.

*sigh* Why can’t I find a guy like this in real life? *minus being the whole turian thing XD*

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Mass Effect!!!

I now have a new reason to actually buy an Xbox 360…


Yep, the Mass Effect Series for the Xbox 360 is now in my #2 priority games-to-buy list (Dance Central is still #1… my sister positively DEMANDS it. XD)

But… I would still have to play the first Mass Effect before playing Mass Effect 2 (where Thane is a recruitable character).

It seems I have a pechant for men (or aliens O_o) who are good with guns. I had a crush with Irvine Kinneas (fromm Final Fantasy 8) and Vincent Valentine (from Final Fantasy 7), and now I have a gamer-girl’s crush on Thane frickin’ Krios.

I. Am. So. Weird.

I need to update my Xbox wishlist. XD

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Massage Chair

I’m at my parent’s house right now, and boy, I am loving it.

Mainly because they have this kick ass awesome massage chair that massages the back.

I love sitting on it and getting my back massaged. I mean sure, it’s not as awesome as getting a spa massage, but hey, it’s still cool considering that I have such a tight back.

Next to having a pool with electric pool heaters, a massage chair is something I want for myself. But since my parents already have that, I’m considering getting a foot massager instead. XD

Considering I’m thinking of doing some yoga and and exercising, maybe I should come visit here more often. God knows my back is going to hurt like hell. XD

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Android Pad Blogging!

Believe it or not, I am actually typing this on an Android Pad.

And I don’t like it. >_<

No offense to pad users, but blogging on a pad is really hard! The keypad is slow to respond to my typing, and I miss the click-clacking of my keyboard as I type. And the teeny tiny screen does not bid well for a grammar Nazi like me. I can barely see what I’m typing right now.

And since I fanfictions at my spare time, I can’t exactly do that here too.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use this pa for other purposes. I watch Youtube here, play my Android games here, and it’s been particularly helpful with my ukulele playing since I can search tabs and chords here without having to print anything. Also ,this helped me recently in my research.

Pads are okay if you have a lot of networking to do in the internet, but I seriously can’t do my blogging here. It hassles me too much. And I certainly can’t use this if I’m drunk. Hahaha! As in “get me an i cup because my blood is full of liquor!” Hahahaha!


Anyway, back to my topic… call me old-school, but I think I prefer my PC. XD

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Computer troubles. T_T

Yep, my computer at home is slowly, but surely dying on me. T_T

No matter how much I search on how to speed up my computer or matter how much files I delete and everything, it still lags and hangs.

Unfortunately, I can’t buy a new PC. T_T

I think I still have too many files on it though. It was a computer that my parents used, so some of their stuff are still in there, and I can’t exactly delete it since it would piss them off if I did.

Sheesh, one of the hassles of technology, I guess. T_T

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Lessons from a Broadband Technician

Whew! I’m finally back!

Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve had some recent issues with my broadband provider lately.

My connection hasn’t been functioning right, and I had to literally CALL them, like, 15 times in a month. It took me a lot of patience and anger management control to not shout profanities at the phone because they were taking too long to fix it.

And when they finally sent a technician, it was actually quite a humbling experience.

The technician was a chatty, rather energetic guy, who stopped at nothing to get our line fixed. I asked him a lot of questions about our connection, and why they took so long to send him… all the while holding in my anger which was about to explode any minute.

The technician told me that there were a lot of repairs to do, and that there were so few hardworking technicians like him to do the job. He said that sometimes the case gets handed to a “slacker” (which is kind of part of any corporate staff… you know the kind that lounges around all day and not do anything productive). The technicians don’t really have a choice as to which case goes to whom. But when the case gets handed from a slacker tech to a more hard-working tech, the owner gets mad and berates and belittles the hard-working tech.

Which is actually quite unfair.

Anyway, so we were talking about my line again, and it turns out that the garbage trucks passing through my street accidentally passed through our line, causing the wires to become frayed. He said it was the reason for my intermittent connection.

He fixed it rather well, and when he came back into the house, I set him up with some snacks as a thanks (since you don’t really have to pay them for the repairs).

As he sat down, he said he was really happy and thankful for the snack and my nice demeanor. He said he has encountered so many clients who cursed at him, shouted at him, and let him starve if the repair took a while. He said that technicians like him ARE doing their job, it’s just that it’s really hard to focus on a job when they are getting belittled by the owners. It’s one of the main reasons why sometimes they don’t repair a connection. Their call centers record the calls, and if the complainant is very verbally abusive, the company doesn’t send a technician right away, as a safety precaution to their staff. He also said that when nice people call and they don’t lose their cool, and can still talk about their complaints in a civilized manner, then the company sends them, making sure that they are prioritized from other cases.

I thought about all my calls to them, and sure enough, I realized that though I was pissed during the time I would call them, I still had enough manners to say “thank you” and “please” to the call center agent. I guess the company heard all of my calls and decided I was a “safe” and civil client, and sent one of their men early in the morning, since in the ticket the technician was holding, I became a “priority” client.

As he left, my anger deflated, and I felt pity for him. I realized that it really is unfair for people to belittle technicians like him. They are just doing their job, just as we are. Sometimes people get so pissed at the little things and shout in anger, without even realizing that the person they are shouting at have feelings too. That’s why some people avoid them.

Since then, I’ve decided to talk nicer to call center agents and technicians of my Broadband connection, and I have made a list of things to do next time I have a complaint on my DSL Provider:

1. Be nice. The people behind the other side of the phone is human too.

2. The company you are calling (whether it’s the DSL/ Electricity/etc.) have a big number of staff, but also a HUGE number of clients. Be patient and wait.

3. There are other alternatives when your DSL is down. There are computer shops around that could probably cater to your needs.

4. Check if the problem lies with your connection, or with your computer. After the guy left, I recently found out that one of the other reasons why my internet was so slow was because of my computer. ~_~

5. Control your anger. Anger just turns you into a beast, and makes people (technicians included) want to avoid you.

Anyway, I am just happy that my line is back. It’s just too bad that I forgot the guy’s name. I would have given him a glowing recommendation from his boss about the job he did.

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The Future Coffee Faucet

I was surfing around the net again when I found this video that I’m pretty sure any coffee addict (or blogger) would want.

Yep, it is a Coffee Faucet!

Oh, how much I want that, you guys would never know. I don’t know if this thing is available already, but it just looks so frickin’ cool! Imagine having one of these in your kitchen or office. Plus you don’t need to buy something from standsandmounts to install it, since it pretty much stands on its own.

I’m an office-home-computer kind of girl, and this would totally be good for me. I’d get my coffee before heading for work, and get some espresso coffee when I’m blogging and my head’s out of ideas. Writer’s block is awful when you don’t have coffee. XD

But with this kind of technology in your kitchen, I have a feeling that it’s going to cost a fortune… which is bad for me. I’m already trying to cut down with my budgeting as it is…

Maybe I should just stick to my 3-in-1 coffee sachets for the time being. ~_~

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Camera Distress T_T

The look on my face on this picture my sister took of me says it all….

Yeah. My S1800 Camera is broken. T_T

Apparently, the shutter in my camera is stuck closed… probably because I haven’t used it in a while. From what I’ve researched, it’s a common illness among Point and Shoot cameras like mine.

Although there are some ways to unstuck it (like tapping the camera, etc.), I’m afraid of causing further damage to it, so I’m leaving it alone for now. I’m going to look for a repair center for Fujifilm first. I advise anyone who has the same issue to take it to a service center rather than trying to unstick it yourself. A camera repair is going to cost a lot, but causing permanent damage on your camera from tapping it or banging it, will cost more. ~_~

But, in the meantime, no photography until I get this fixed. T_T

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