Return to Yoga

And so, I’ve decided instead of moaning all the time about how I miss my bellydancing lessons, I’m going to go back to practicing yoga (even though I’m still very NOT flexible XD).

I’ve bought a new DVD, which SHOULD be arriving in 15 days… depending on the Philippine Post Office (~_~). It features Ariellah, one of the pioneers of Gothic Fusion Bellydance.

I have Rachel Brice’s DVD too, but I hate to admit for someone as flabby as I am, I’m having a hard time with it. According to my research, Ariellah’s DVD is much more beginner friendly.

Anyway, I have to go on vacation for a while, but I’m hoping to practice this once I come back. XD

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Trike Drifting: The New Sport

Imagine riding down a highway, the wind blowing at your face, your buddies riding behind you, with a djarum black cigarette in your mouth, feeling like such a bad ass because the way you ride looks so awesome.

Except that you’re not riding a Harley Motorcycle, or a Ducati…

Oh no… you are riding a Tricycle.

And not just any tricycle. A Tricycle that frickin’ DRIFTS.

Yep, a lot of new people are looking for new hobbies, and drift trikes are turning to be quite a fad. Especially here in the Philippines, since there are a lot of mountain regions here, and a lot of inclined roads. Though I am a little chicken to try it out (being fluffy and all ~_~), there are a lot of Filipinos that are beginning to love Drift Trikes.

Like the people of  Pinoy Drift Trikes in Facebook. Already they are starting on new projects for drift trikes. And it looks very easy and cheap to make too, since a person can customize just about every single detail about the trike. It is, somewhat, environment-friendly too, since you’ll be using old bikes instead of throwing them in junk shops and land fills.

I have a feeling that Drift Trikes will soon be a popular sport and hobby. Already, Drift Trikers are looking for other materials, and supplies for their own trikes. So if you’re looking for a new extreme sport, or just some new hobby, why not try Trike Drifting?

You can visit the Pinoy Drift Trikes website from this link. Don’t forget to like them and learn more about this new extreme sport. ^_^v

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here and watch the awesomeness in three wheels…

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I Wanna Play Basketball!!!

All this video taping my officemates is making me envious. ~_~

Imagine having to play basketball for almost 40 minutes, and still be able to do it the next day.

I want to be that fit. ~_~

Granted, they are not exactly the most fit of people, (they are probably going to need some creatine powders to get rid some of their belly pudge, harharhar!) but I have to give them credit for being able to play that long. Heck, I can’t even shoot that basketball ball from the free throw line. (Yeah, I suck at basketball)

Anyway, all this watching is making me wish I was fit again. It made me start looking for home exercises. There was even one about prison exercises (you know, the kind that inmates do during their stint in jail) but being a chubby person like myself, it seems… scary. ~_~

I really need to get a DVD… I miss my Rachel Brice CD. I think I’m going to better as a bellydancer than a sports person. Hahaha!

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1st Rizal Educators Basketball Tournament

Whew. I know I said that I wanted to learn how to burn belly fat, but standing for minutes to watch some guys pass a ball around is just ridiculous for me. XD

Yep, I recently attended the 1st Rizal Educators Basketball Tournament (well… it was actually last February 5, but I got lazy during posting XD). It was actually pretty cool. I watched my office mates play. It made me a little envious actually, I don’t think I’m good at any sport, being all huge and fluffy. Ah well. XD

I had a lot of fun shooting them, mainly because I was able to practice how to do panning. I got a few lucky shots, but I think I need to practice some more. Also, my lightings a little dark, so yeah, I need to learn how to tweak my camera. Also, it’s pretty fun watching all the teachers play basketball. It’s kind of like seeing them let their usual self out and just have fun. XD

Want to see some of my shots? I made a video about it (for the purposes of showing my office mates too. XD)

Personally, I like my Black And White shots. XD

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