Bibliophilia : :  a lover of books especially for qualities of format; also :  a book collector

my books!

My shelf is getting too small for me. T_T

Yep… these are my books. Or half of them since I’ve already donated some of them to the library I work in.

And as of the moment, I need more space for my books.

I know, I know. With all the technology today, I can probably stuff all these books into my cellphone’s memory card and read them on the road. But what can I say? I’m a librarian. I’m addicted to paper books. Not to mention you can’t really bring your phone and whip it out whenever you want to read. My phone is not really that expensive, but still, I don’t want it to get snatched out of my hands when I’m in public.

My family is actually complaining about the amount of books I have, but I love them so much! I’d keep and collect antique volumes if I could… but then they’d probably be really expensive…

Maybe I should attach Fulterer soft close drawer slides and make an extendable drawer for my smaller books? Or maybe another shelf?

Argh!!! The problems of a book collector…

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Dear Old House That I Grew Up In…

I should make a video of my version of this song…

Anyway, so… my parents have decided to sell my old childhood home (where I still live in, since both my parents live in another area). My father will be retiring soon, and the upkeep of our old home is a little too much. Even if we want to keep it, it’s becoming quite expensive. And we can’t afford the bills anymore. T_T

We haven’t had any buyers yet, but there were some people negotiating with my parents now. Of course we can’t move right away, we still have to figure out how to make our old furniture fit in another house, selling of some stuff, probably a bunch of furniture and appliance repair, and throwing out stuff. My brother is organizing our stuff for a garage sale, soon, which includes his much beloved drum set.

It’s really hard, I think, to let go of something like a childhood house. We grew up here, learned a lot of lessons here, had some laughs and tears. But for me, I think it’s okay… I know that it’ll be for the best, and even though I’m a little sentimental, I shouldn’t dwell on it and be practical.

Anyway, it’s too early to know yet, and my parents haven’t made a final decision. I should start learning this song just in case, though.

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Caffeine Excess…?

All this obsession over Mass Effect is making me feel like I’ve had too much coffee in my system.

Either that, or I am just excited.

Maybe I should lay off on my old buddy, wilbur curtis here. *pats coffee maker beside me*

It’s just that it’s been WAAAAYYYY too long since I’ve played decent video games. The last game I played was Final Fantasy XII, and it didn’t catch my fancy that I ended up doing Okami on my old PS2.

I’m really hopeful I can buy an Xbox 360 (even though I know the Xbox 720 is under it’s testing phases now). And yes, I still prefer the Xbox over the PS3 simply because of Dance Central. XD

Ugh… this is driving me nuts. There’s so many great games on the Xbox, and the only thing I’ve ever played on it is my friend’s Dance Central 3 game. T_T


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Xbox 360 Woes T_T

I seriously need to get an Xbox. T_T

With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 4, I have begun to realize that I am missing out on so many frickin’ games. Assassin’s Creed 4 is already in the works, and I haven’t even played the first Assassin’s Creed!

I’ve also heard that Saint’s Row the Third’s company, THQ, has filed for bankruptsy. So now how in the hell can I get a copy?!

Dang… T_T

I still want to play SOOO many games before I get married(which is still not an option for me yet XD). But then again, my sister and I DO have a back-up plan of getting our own house and becoming old maids with lots of dogs and cats. Hahaha! It’s not such a bad idea, you know. XD

Anyway, I’m still waiting on my bonus to be able to buy an Xbox. My sister would have to wait before I get Dance Central 1/2/3, because I SHALL complete the Assassin’s Creed games on the Xbox before I get Dance Central. (she’s gonna get so pissed XD).

I wonder what other games I should get… hmm….

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Bag Obsession

I think I am totally obsessed with bags.

Sometimes I feel like the bag I have isn’t the right one for me. T_T

I have TONS of bags right now, and still I keep buying more! Sheesh. I don’t know why, maybe because the bag I have doesn’t seem to have the right pockets and size and fabric.

Since I walk around a lot, I wanted my bag to be water-proof (so my stuff won’t get wet even in the rain), with lots of pockets, and still a little roomy. I also don’t like backpacks and bags with short straps.

I’m looking down at my bag right now, and even though it has some decent pockets and it’s water-resistant… I feel like it’s not that roomy. ~_~”

Of maybe I’m just paranoid again.

Maybe I should consider buying mens leather briefcase

But then again, they don’t have decent straps…


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Jake Shimabukuro!!!!

So I was surfing Youtube again and I found this guy here:

Which pretty much affirms my old sentiment that I positively suck on the ukulele.

And I guess, in a way, it annoys the heck out of me.

As it turns out, I am the only non-musical person in my family.

My dad and mom are actually pretty good singers, so is my sister and brother. My brother plays the guitar and the drums, and in a recent gig he performed, he plays a mean “Master of Puppets” by Metallica on drums.

So exactly where do I fit in?

My ukulele playing sucks. My strumming sucks. And so does my voice. I’m probably going to need terrific tc helicon just so I can sing well enough for a videoke.

Argh, this sucks.

I am seriously regretting not continuing my old piano lessons. ~_~

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Gary Jules’ Mad World

Sometimes, I regret the fact that I didn’t learn to play the piano.

I’ve been listening to this song on my headphones for almost three days. It’s very addicting for me actually.

But I want to play it somehow, and I can’t exactly play this on the ukulele. I tried on my uke last night, but it sounded off. It’s not as haunting for one, plus the really happy sound of the ukulele kind of makes it… I don’t know… it seems kinda wrong. It’s just too bad that I didn’t persevere in my musical education when I was younger. I was really more into art and drawing rather than music. I love listening to music, but when it comes to artistic talents, I think I’m much better at literary composition and drawing.

Although the original of the songs performed by Tears for Fears was upbeat and all, I kind of like this version more. It’s more haunting, but saddening.

Sheesh. The stupidity I did during my youth. Maybe if I had been more patient, I would’ve become a piano enthusiast.

Ah well. I’ll stick with my ukulele.

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Ukulele Suck-iness

Okay, so even after all these months of playing the ukulele, I still pretty much suck. ~_~

I seem to have a problem with strumming. I can’t strum a song the right way, and I end up making a different beat pattern for the song compared to the original.

I think I need something to help me understand a beat of a song… like a metronome or a synthesizer or something. Just to help me get the rhythm of my strumming and getting the patterns right.

Anyway, it’s still a while since I’ve practiced the ukulele. Maybe I need to focus on practicing strumming.

On a side note, I really want to learn to play this song. It’s so FUN!!! XD

But I still have to practice on how to play the E-chord. And the strumming. And the chucking…


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Missing My Ukulele

I seem to be neglecting my Ukulele lately.

Not because I’ve been busy… but because I can’t seem to pick some songs I can play that does not include an E chord or “chucking”.

Not to mention that the person who owns the song I’m going to sing ought to have general liability insurance, since the way that sing is just so awful that it could be considered “property damage”. ~_~

And it’s not just about me picking a song without an E chord or chucking. I’m just looking for songs that I can cover that aren’t in YouTube yet, and also some good Filipino songs. So many of the ukulele cover songs that I see on YouTube are cover songs from foreign artists. Where is the Filipino love, people?

Anyway, I’ll be sure to post my ukulele video on YouTube once it’s finished. If only I can find a nice place to video it. XD

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AKA Zenkx Brush with Death.

Well, not really.

Anyway, one of the fricking outlets in my room is broken. And I was thinking about fixing it myself, but it turns out I am not a very good electrician.

But I am a good conductor of electricity. Damn it.

I tried connecting an extension cord to an old outlet in my room, which was flooded over during Typhoon Ketsana. It didn’t have a cover anymore (which probably mean’s I’m going to have to replace it with new switch covers), but I thought that it would be fine as long as I didn’t touch it.

As it turned out I did.

With the smallest tip of my finger.

And my life flashed before my eyes.

It wasn’t a very bad life. It was pretty good actually. Sure, I had bad times, but all in all it was filled with laughter and tears and everything. Like a normal, fulfilling life ought to be. I saw my parents’ faces, heard my sister’s snorting laughter, and my brother’s low chuckle.

And a milli-second later, it was over. Turns out that my body tensed from the shock and I was able to pull away from that outlet to hell.

And I am never touching that sucker again. ~_~

I’ve covered it with some paper and tape. I am hoping my dad comes soon so he can have a look at it and I can finally plug in my speakers, but for the meantime, I am SO NOT going to touch that thing.

This goes as a lesson for all those who think they know what they’re doing when they don’t have a clue what goes behind the mechanics of a certain thing.

DO NOT DO IT. There are professionals that can do whatever you want to do for you. Whether it’s fixing a broken outlet, or fixing a sink, or kicking somebody’s ass (MMA Fighters FTW), call on them to fix it for you, or at the very least, teach you to fix it.

As for me, I’m going to go look for a comb. That momentary electrocution made my hair stand up on end. ~_~

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