Rest In Peace, Ryan Dunn

How ironic is this? Just this Saturday, I was laughing my butt off because of this man’s gimmicks in “Jackass 3D”, and now he’s gone.

It’s scary and saddening. T_T

Anyway, for those who don’t know, Ryan Dunn, who is one of the regular stuntmen in Jackass and Viva La Bam, died in a car crash along with his passenger who is now identified as Zachary Hartwell, one of the production assistants of Jackass 2, and a stunt driver.

Now the irony gets worse… a stunt driver who died in a car crash even though he wasn’t in a movie and he’s not driving. ~_~

A lot of people are mourning Ryan Dunn, me included. He was one of the people who didn’t have to shave or buy testoripped to be fun and awesome (yes, humor is awesome, people). However, in the reports, it was said was Dunn was drunk at the time of the accident, having tweeted an image of him drinking with friends a few hours before the accident (the image has since been deleted). Critics and fans alike are debating left and right about what happened to Dunn, and although I’d like say my thoughts on this, I think I’ll keep it for myself for now, out of respect for those people who are affected by this tragedy.

Aw, man… I wonder how Bam Margera is doing… he’s one of my favorite skateboarder/Jackass, and he’s the one closest to Dunn. The dude must be crushed. Hang in there, Bam!

Anyway, my thoughts, prayers and condolences to Ryan Dunn’s family and friends. He was an awesome dude, and will always be remembered by all Jackass fans.

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Bin Laden is Dead.

*Photo by Getty Images*

Unless you have been hiding in a hole somewhere, I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard that the terrorist and No.1 enemy of America (and probably the world), Osama Bin Laden is dead.


According to reports, the US intelligence (known as the CIA) is to thank for their discovery of Bin Laden’s villa/ hide out in Abbottabad, a few kilometers north of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad . They then sent out helicopters and troops from US SEALs (Team Six) to carry out the raid on the morning of May 1, 2011. They also said that Bin Laden put up a fight but was unarmed during the raid, and only 4 people aside from Bin Laden were killed. None of the US Military were shot or harmed during the fight.


Bin Laden’s body was said to have been shot in the eye and in the chest, and that facial recognition and DNA testing were performed in the body. The reports also said that when these tests were done, they buried the body in the Arabian Sea.


This was, according to President Barack Obama, one of the greatest victories of the US. I’m pretty sure that this would also be a great addition to the history of Obama’s reign as President.


However, there are some “conspiracy theorist” who do not find this believable. It seems that they want proof, by publishing photos and videos of Bin Laden’s body during the tests done on his cadaver. In fact, there is already a spam message circulating around FaceBook about his body (though I’m pretty sure that these are all fake, and was just placed there for some stupid profile count or virus spreading. FB users beware ok? Do NOT believe these images. I’d rather see the pictures from Yahoo! News or some local newspapers than in FaceBook >_<). Apparently, they are urging the White House to publish these photos as proof to the world that the man is already dead.


As for me, I have mixed reactions about this issue. First of all, I am happy that Bin Laden is dead, since he has killed many people during his reign of terror. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are happy, too. His attacks during September 11, 2001 was not limited to the killing of US citizens. There were a a lot of people of mixed cultures that died during these attacks, my Filipino countrymen included.


Second, I am kind of scared. With the death of their leader, the al-Qaeda will be sure to retaliate.  As for when and where they will attack, we do not know. I just hope that all countries would stay alert. It’s not over with the al-Qaeda, that’s for sure. ~_~


And third, I am, to some degree, a little disappointed. It took them almost 10 years to capture or kill this man. The 9/11 attacks happened way back in 2001, and it is only until now that they found him. It’s a tad disappointing that with all the technology and intelligence of the nations hunting for this man, it took them this much time to find him. I’m pretty sure that the families of the 9/11 victims would be sure to agree with me on this one. ~_~


Anyway, I’m pretty sure that countries all over the world are celebrating (there was even a celebration at New York’s Time Square, outside the White House, and even at Ground Zero – the World Trade Center), but still, we have to stay on the alert. Bin Laden may be dead, but there are still some pretty mad people out there. ~_~

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