Reverse Graffiti

They should consider doing this to the walls here in the Philippines. It’s not as environmentally hazardous, but it’s still some pretty cool art.

Take a hint, Graffiti artists. XD

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The Relaxing Bird

During our seminar in Batangas, I saw this Maya bird perching on one of the chairs of the event center:

Now it’s probably not one of my best shots, but I really liked it because the bird was perched there for about 5 minutes. It moved a little, but it didn’t seem scared of me or my companion at that time. It just perched there, watching us and occasionally pecking at it’s feathers.

Anyway, this also shows me that I suck at Nature Photography. Harharhar! Need to work on that one next….

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Daijobu?! An Update on J-Celebs

After the earthquake/tsunami, the World Wide Web has been a buzzin’ about how the Japanese celebrities are doing in the aftermath of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami.

And as it turns out, a lot of them are okay, thanks to their early warning and their people in medical uniforms.

I’m a huge fan of J-Rockers myself, so I was pretty worried about some of my favorite J-Celebs as well. According to this list, GACKT-kun and his band are okay (ohhhh Gackt-sama, I was so worried for you!!! T_T), so are DIR EN GREY (waaaa! Kyo-kun, daijobu?! T_T), Miyavi, Utada Hikaru, Alice Nine, Larc~en~Ciel, LUNA SEA and the GazettE. I also saw Watase Yu, mangaka (or manga artist) and creator of Fushigi Yugi. Yoshiki of X-Japan is also safe, although according to Twitter, he is very worried because he can’t contact his mother. I hope she’s okay.

During the tsunami, I went out with my friends and they kept joking about Maria Ozawa being in Japan during the tsunami. In fact, so many people are looking for her in Twitter. There has been no formal reports of her whereabouts, although there were rumours that she was in Bali during the time of the Tsunami. I’m certain that a lot of men are praying for her. *rolls eyes*

I’m still pretty worried though. The previous members of Malice Mizer has not shown up on the list, like Mana-sama and Klaha. Kana is not there too, so is Matsumoto of Downtown… huwaaa, I wonder where they are. T_T

Anyway, if you guys are worried about your favorite J-Celeb, feel free to follow the link to see if your idols are safe. ^_^v

Let’s all pray for the Japanese people that they may have the strength to overcome this tragedy and remain safe.

UPDATE: There has been confirmed reports that Mana-sama and the members of Moi~Dix~Moi (sorry if the typing is wrong) are all safe, and even Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu is fine as well… but right now, I remembered someone I ought to be looking for, Yoshitaka Amano. Does anyone know if this treasure of a painter is alive and well? T_T



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The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Oh geeze, after looking at this footage, it really DOES feel like the world is coming to an end. T_T

Huwaaaa… kuwaii, kuwaii. T_T

An earthquake recently hit Japan, reaching a 8.9 on the Richter scale, followed immediately an hour later by this massive tsunami that wrecked down houses, cars and infrastructure…

So many people gone… over a thousand dead, from what I last heard in the news. It’s been a while since I’ve heard of this sort of catastrophe in Japan, but, damn, this is just so extreme. ~_~

But I guess it is unavoidable. Unlike the flood effects of Hurricane Ketsana (aka Ondoy) here in the Philippines, you can’t blame this sort of thing to the dams releasing water or the trash overflowing in the water systems. This is just plain nature’s fury, and the earth’s pechant for ever changing landscapes.

But still, this is really scary… I pray of all of the people in Japan (and any other country that is affected by the quake, and of the tsunami). T_T

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