Deadpool: The Movie!


So apparently, the movie for this Marvel anti-hero is coming up, and as a bit of a comic book fanatic, I’m kind of excited. Mainly because Ryan Reynolds is a pretty good Deadpool… even better than his role as the Green Lantern.

Which is great, considering Deadpool kind of got off story in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (if you haven’t watched that, you should).

Props to him making fun of his Green Lantern suit. Hahaha!

Anyway, the movie isn’t coming out until February 2016, but my bestfriend and I are pretty excited to see this. We’ll stick with the viewing the Attack on Titan movie in the meantime.

This reminds me, maybe I should get the Deadpool game for my Xbox 360. My sister was a little curious about it…

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Aiya! Aniron Undomiel!

*In case you’re wondering… the title is Tolkien’s Sindarin… it means “Ah! I desire Evenstar”

Guess who has just bought an Evenstar Pendant?!

*points to self* THIS DUDE!!!!




*well… this is just a stock photo… but it looks like it*

Yep! I prefer necklaces like these for the meantime… since there are no men who would give me any rings anyway. *rolls eyes*

And it was the absolutely PERFECT timing too, since I got it the day I watched “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” with my brother and his family.


That should be the next one I should save up on… a full DVD set of the Extended Edition of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit Trilogy (once the last movie comes out). I wonder how much that’ll cost…? Probably a lot…. BUT I’M STILL GOING TO SAVE UP ON IT!!!!

I know it’s silver-plated and all, but I wonder how I can still preserve this properly… like… so it won’t get dull or anything.  As much as I want to wear it, I’m kind of scared that it’ll get dull or tarnished. Maybe I should keep it in a clear box and NEVER take it out.


Ugh… so this is what jewelry collectors battle with in their head. It’s too pretty and precious to wear, but at the same time I want to show it off. ARGH! This is so hard! >_<

Anyway, I’m going to save up for my next purchase, which is Aragorn’s Ring of Barahir, and give it to my brother. (My brother’s birthday is March the 1st, which according to the Return of the King Appendices, is also Aragorn’s birthday… that’s the reason I call my brother “Elessar”, the name Aragorn took when he became King of Gondor).  Hopefully, Galadriel’s ring would be next… and probably, after saving up a HECK lot of money, I can buy an Anduril replica…

HAH! I wish! XD

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Farewell, Dolphy Quizon…

*image from*

And so another legend has fallen… or rather arisen, to heaven.

Of course, there’s no need for me to tell people that Dolphy Quizon, a patron for the cinematic arts in the Philippines, has passed away due to pneumonia, a complication that arrived due to his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He died on July 10, 2012…

Perhaps you’re wondering as to why I’m so late blogging about this. I guess it’s something like shock. I couldn’t believe that a man as great as him would be taken as well.

It would seem that good people are starting to get taken away…

I still remember Dolphy during my younger days. My parent’s loved him. We all did. We grew up watching “John en Marsha” on the TV, long before I’ve even discovered Anime like Voltes V. It was like a daily ritual for us, watching that show, and the other shows he did, like “Home Along Da Riles”. Even though I was sleepy, being so young, I would force myself to wake up so I would watch him.

And then I saw him in “Markova: Comfort Gay”. It was something I accidentally watched on TV. But it haunted me. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. It was such a great movie, and such a sad movie as well.

I think it touched me so much because I saw how hard it was for a gay man to have lived during a the period of World War II. My own grandmother told stories of the war… how my grandfather hid in a haystack to escape the “Death March”, how she would walk around town with internal organs hanging from trees due to the explosions. As one to hear these kind of stories, it makes you think that it was such a horrible time. And then you see stories like Markova and Manang Rosa’s, and you realize that during the war, someone else was having it worse.

Dolphy not only mad us laugh in his films. He made us cry. He made us angry. And he made us laugh again. He made us feel human.

A rare actor is he, and I fear that it would be a long time before any actor would ever replace him.

All the Filipino people will miss you, Dolphy…. T_T


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Guy Fawkes Mask!

Looks awesome doesn’t it? XD

This is actually a Guy Fawkes mask that I found on sale in our local bookstore, since Halloween is 2 months away. And it just cost me 75 pesos. Well, it’s not as well made as the masks made in “V for Vendetta” but hey, whatever works, right? XD

I’ve always wanted to have one of these masks. I even considered getting a document scanning software so I can scan a picture of this mask and then I’d just make my own… unfortunately I’m not that creative yet to make something like this. I still remember my “Kurei” (from the anime Flame Of Recca) mask was a disaster. It didn’t look half bad. It just looked bad on me. XD

Anyway, I just wanted this mask because of the movie “V for Vendetta”. The title character, V, wore a mask like this to hide his appearance. Although, I have read about Guy Fawkes.

Hmm… the mask looks good, but I think my costume does not. Why the heck did I wear a flowery shirt when I’m wearing a mask as awesome as this….? O_O

Yay for the wonders of plastic. XD

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Emma Frost: X-Men First Class

Awww man… Emma Frost is AWESOME!!! XD

Yep, I am seriously annoyed with the fact that I don’t have money to watch X-Men First Class (huhuhu). I really wanted to see Emma Frost. She was one of my favorite characters in the story books (next to Wonder Woman, of course).

Imagine having to turn your skin into diamonds and being immune to anything that harms you, since diamonds are the toughest gemstone on earth.

If I had powers like that, well… let’s just say that life would be harder on everyone else (harharhar!)

Anyway, I just really wish I could see this movie. As it turns out, I spent my “leisure” expenses on that movie marathon I did with my bestfriend, Joyce. Pirates of the Caribbean, Priest and Thor in one day! Hahahaha! Total day of male hotness, it was. But now I can’t watch X-Men because of it. ~_~

Oh well, I guess I’ll just get it on DVD… I’m going to reserve my “leisure” expenses when Harry Potter comes out. XD

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I was looking around the InterNet again, when I came across this:

If I saw this at the streets of Ortigas when I’m driving, I’d probably going to need disability insurance… I’m going to end up wrapped in pole for laughing. XD

It’s actually pretty cool, kinda reminds me of Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean. It would be cool if there’s like a body art of the Black Pearl at the sides of this car. XD

Speaking of pirates…

My bestfriend and I are going to the MOVIES!

Yeah, we’re going to see Thor (even though it’s a little late) because I want to see Chris Hemsworth’s abdominal muscles (droooool), and after that we’re going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides because I’m head over heels in love with Johnny Depp.

I’m going to need my drool bucket for this though… hot men all afternoon XD.

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Driving Angry With Nicholas Cage

Sheesh, if I keep watching movies like these, I’m going to need the cheapest car insurance available. ~_~

Yep, Nicholas Cage is up with another movie about… you guessed it… cars, speed and redemption. It’s title is “Drive Angry” (WHICH I HOPE YOU WON’T DO IN REAL LIFE!!! ~_~) I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am actually getting pretty tired at seeing Nicholas Cage in roles like these. You know… the whole speed freak with some quest for redemption or revenge. I mean, he had a similar role in Ghostrider, and in Bangkok Dangerous, and in Gone in 60 seconds. I kind of miss his romantic roles like in City of Angels. I wonder when he’ll ever think of getting roles like that again…

Anyway, I guess it just really shows that he is really picking out the roles he likes, and especially how much into speed he is.

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The Avengers Movie Project

I swear, all these comic book movies are making me so excited! My heart is going so fast, I swear it’s like I ran or took diet tablets.


Awesome! It’s been confirmed that The Avengers is set to release in 2012. The production crew had already chosen some new (and old) actors to play one of my favorite comic book groups. So far, these are the confirmed actors/superheroes for the movie:

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/Ironman
Scarlett Johanssen as Black Widow
Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson
Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Evans as Captain America
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/ The Incredible Hulk
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Hmm… I’m actually suprised that Spiderman and Wolverine isn’t included in the list, since they are two of the most recognizable Avengers in the comic books. But according to some sources, the reason why Spiderman wasn’t included is that there is already a new Spiderman film being made. Apparently, the ones that Toby Maguire did needed a little tweaking. And as for Wolverine, it’s been said that another X-Men:Origins film is being produced, but is yet to be confirmed.

I’m actually a little disappointed to not see Edward Norton reprise the role of Bruce Banner. I think he was great at that movie. Mark Rufallo needs to step up his game, and brings justice to the role of Hulk. As for Jeremy Renner, I know for a fact that he is a great actor due to his acting in the Hurt Locker. I think dressing up as Hawkeye will be easy for him.

I’m also a bit disappointed at Chris Evans. I mean, so many movie fans have gotten so used to him being The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies… why did have to go and star as Captain America as well? I have no issues with his acting, I just wish he (and the other actors from the Fantastic Four films) would appear as another member of the Avengers, which he had already played. I think I’m much used to him being Johnny Storm than Captain America….

Anyway, maybe I shouldn’t critique it too much yet, specially with a director like Joss Whedon at the helm, I bet it’s going to be an awesome movie. Sheesh, 2011 just started, but now I’m wishing it’s 2012 already just because of this project. XD

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Thor The Movie!!!

He’s big, he’s blond, he has a huge Mjolnir… and he’s a GOD!

I am talking about Thor, Marvel Comic’s awesome heroes, one of the original Avengers, and Norse God of Thunder.

And he’s got his own movie, starring hunky Australian dude, Chris Hemsworth… a new Hollywood actor who is, admittedly quite a harbinger of drool. XD

Oh man… his abs… HIS ABS!!! This man’s abs is soooo frickin’ hot! Hahaha! Maybe he’s got a great diet, with a matching exercise routine. You can’t get that sort of abs just from taking safe diet pills… believe me, I tried. XD

But now that I think about it, I don’t remember the original Thor from the comic books as having a scruffy beard… maybe I haven’t been reading comic books as often as I used to. Hmm… actually, I know another guy who looks great with long blond hair, scruffy beard and war armor.

And that is Karl Urban, the man who played Eomer from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. XD

Anyway, from the preview, I can see that he is a great actor, and the way he said “Earth” in the preview made me drool a little. Hahaha! Plus, he gets to snog (meaning kiss) Natalie Portman. Talk about awesome. XD

It was also mentioned that Chris Hemsworth will be continuing his portrayal of Thor in another project… a film adaptation of “The Avengers”. But that, my friends, will be another story, which I’ll continue once I find my drool bucket. XD

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Green Lantern The Movie

Looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for super hero movies.

Personally, I am looking forward to this movie, featuring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, also known as the Green Lantern.

I want one of those rings… I wish there were cubic zirconia engagement rings that are shaped to look like the Green Lantern’s ring. XD

Personally… I’m not really fond of Ryan Reynold’s playing as Green Lantern. Viewers already saw him as Deadpool, from the X-Men Origins film, and I like him more in that role. He’s great with that role, mainly because he has the same attitude as Deadpool from the comic books. He does look good with the green-and-black suit and the mask though. I hope he does justice playing Hal Jordan.

Anyway, so far, I have seen four movie previews of super hero films for this year… one of them is the Green Lantern. There’s also “The Green Hornet” with Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, “Captain America: The First Avenger” with Chris Evans, who also played Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films, and another film I’m looking forward to is “Thor” played by Australian hunk, Chris Hemsworth. I’ve also heard that there’s a new, rebooted Spider Man film set to release in 2012, and “The Avengers” film project is about to begin.

Whew… so many comic book heroes, so few film makers. I wonder when will they ever create a “Wonder Woman” film?

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