Another want: Altair Jacket!

Yeah, that’s a costume made by a cosplayer, designed according to Altair’s clothes from Assasin’s Creed.

And I frickin’ want it.

Or at least just the jacket… the half chaps have got to go though.

I am thinking of buying some cloth, and have someone sew it for me. With the release of Assassin’s Creed 3, a lot of people are thinking about how to design the jacket of the protagonist, Connor Kenway. But of course, being the first Assassin’s Creed hero ever featured, I still prefer Altair’s. Not to mention that it’s pretty simple. I wonder how many yards of cloth this would take? And if it would even fit my extra large frame. ~_~

The leather work would have to be removed though… it’s a shame. I just don’t know anyone who works with leather.

Anyway, maybe after I’ve bought a soprano ukulele, this would be my next project. But maybe I should make it in black?

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The Sims 2: Castaway Getaway?

Okay, I am serious, SERIOUSLY addicted with this game, even though it’s been years since it was released.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I desperately want a house on a beach complete with backyard cabanas, tiki statues and swing beds. ~_~

Yep, it’s the Sims 2: Castaway for the PSP. I am playing it so much that I’ve forgotten to play my Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker game (oh I am so evil).

It’s just that with all my work and chores, playing this game is the only way I can just sit back, relax and (sort of) watch the waves go by without leaving my room.

And besides, I suck at Metal Gear (arggghhh!!!). Might as well do RPGs that relaxes me than play games that make me scream “FFFFUUUUUUUU———!!!!!” when I get frustrated. ~_~

Besides, this kind of makes me what would happen to me should I get stuck in a deserted island as well. Heh… kind of like a survivor’s guide. But I doubt I’ll making canoes from statues and stuff like that. ~_~

Anyway, my PSP is probably charged now (I drained it accidentally from playing too much Sims XD), so I’d better go and start playing again. XD

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Farewell, Dolphy Quizon…

*image from*

And so another legend has fallen… or rather arisen, to heaven.

Of course, there’s no need for me to tell people that Dolphy Quizon, a patron for the cinematic arts in the Philippines, has passed away due to pneumonia, a complication that arrived due to his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He died on July 10, 2012…

Perhaps you’re wondering as to why I’m so late blogging about this. I guess it’s something like shock. I couldn’t believe that a man as great as him would be taken as well.

It would seem that good people are starting to get taken away…

I still remember Dolphy during my younger days. My parent’s loved him. We all did. We grew up watching “John en Marsha” on the TV, long before I’ve even discovered Anime like Voltes V. It was like a daily ritual for us, watching that show, and the other shows he did, like “Home Along Da Riles”. Even though I was sleepy, being so young, I would force myself to wake up so I would watch him.

And then I saw him in “Markova: Comfort Gay”. It was something I accidentally watched on TV. But it haunted me. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. It was such a great movie, and such a sad movie as well.

I think it touched me so much because I saw how hard it was for a gay man to have lived during a the period of World War II. My own grandmother told stories of the war… how my grandfather hid in a haystack to escape the “Death March”, how she would walk around town with internal organs hanging from trees due to the explosions. As one to hear these kind of stories, it makes you think that it was such a horrible time. And then you see stories like Markova and Manang Rosa’s, and you realize that during the war, someone else was having it worse.

Dolphy not only mad us laugh in his films. He made us cry. He made us angry. And he made us laugh again. He made us feel human.

A rare actor is he, and I fear that it would be a long time before any actor would ever replace him.

All the Filipino people will miss you, Dolphy…. T_T


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It’s Here! My New Bellydance DVD



Yep! My Ariellah CD came in yesterday! Wheee!!

By the way, the Serpentine DVD was something I bought a while ago. Talk about being a fanatic.

Anyway, I was able to do some of Ariellah’s Yoga Conditioning last night. It made me sleep pretty late, but dang, it felt good. It stretched my muscles rather well, but I think Rachel’s DVD is better when it comes to training and stretching the spine.

Actually, both DVDs stretch and warms up the body well. It really does improve stability and balance and it really works well with getting the kinks out my spine. My back been hurting awfully lot for the last few days, that all this stretching is a huge relief. I guess that’s the price you pay for sitting slouched on an office chair for 8 hours, 5 times a week. Plus I was able to sweat quite a lot, particularly Rachel’s Yoga session. My Yoga mat needs to be disinfected to get the scent of sweat off of it. ~_~

It’s really great that I have these DVDs. Since I’m cost cutting (huhuhu T_T), I haven’t had the money to join a gym that has bellydance lessons. Okay, so maybe these two DVDs are more focused on Tribal and Tribal Fusion, but I think all in all, it’ll help with my flexibility. I was thinking that I’d strengthen my muscles a bit first with a couple of month’s work of Yoga, before proceeding with their drills and bellydance exercises. Hmm… that sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

But I think I’d better get some cost effective life insurance first. I’m afraid that with all this Yoga I’m doing, I’d end up knocking around furniture since my balance is awful. Not to mention that I think there’s a kink in my glutes (aka Butt Muscles). It’s getting kind of painful when I move. But then again, that’s a part of any work-out or exercise session.~_~

It’s Friday today, so I’m hoping to do some more yoga when I get home. Honestly… more people should consider doing yoga. I think the exercise and meditation would be great for everyone.

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Zenkx the Mobile Blogger?

No. Not really. XD

i’m just testing out my new Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro.

I installed some new apps today, like the Dolphin Browser and WordPress for Android. It’s working like a charm. And the qwerty keyboard on this mini pro is awesome! Personally, i thinks it’s because of my teeny, tiny fingers.

Unfortunately, i am a little scared of my battery running low. I guess I’m going to have to use Mobile blogging only when there is a wifi signal around. It’s going to be nightmare on my bill if I use GPS or Edge.


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Camera Distress T_T

The look on my face on this picture my sister took of me says it all….

Yeah. My S1800 Camera is broken. T_T

Apparently, the shutter in my camera is stuck closed… probably because I haven’t used it in a while. From what I’ve researched, it’s a common illness among Point and Shoot cameras like mine.

Although there are some ways to unstuck it (like tapping the camera, etc.), I’m afraid of causing further damage to it, so I’m leaving it alone for now. I’m going to look for a repair center for Fujifilm first. I advise anyone who has the same issue to take it to a service center rather than trying to unstick it yourself. A camera repair is going to cost a lot, but causing permanent damage on your camera from tapping it or banging it, will cost more. ~_~

But, in the meantime, no photography until I get this fixed. T_T

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Ukulele Frustration: “In My Mind”


I wonder if she uses a pick for this…

*looks at fingernails in frustration* Arrrgggghhhhh!!!! ~_~”

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Amanda Palmer/ Ukulele Obsession

I am positively, absolutely, no-doubt-about-it, head-over-heels in love with this artist.

I even bought a ukulele (the same instrument she’s using) just so I’d be able to play it like her…

Obsessed much? Harharhar. XD

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Ukelele Obsession!!!


All because of this woman. XD

I’ve heard that it’s only three to four chords. But I don’t have a ukelele… T_T

Remind me to buy one when I get enough money. XD

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Support, Stop Cyberbullying


This… was pretty much some part of my life in high school, except for the fact that FaceBook or networking sites were still non-existent then. We had to take insults like this right into our faces, and in my case, etched in the boy’s bathroom. ~_~

Still continuing on to the cyberbullying issue, I came across this video while I was looking to compare life insurance. It’s about A Thin Line.Org, which is a website and a program by MTV that deals with cyberbullying, sexting, and other abuses that occurs in schools nowadays.

It’s actually a really, really great program, that I wish would be implemented in schools, colleges and even workplaces here in the Philippines. Being the texting capital in Asia, cyberbullying is pretty much just as prevalent here as it is in the US.  Probably just as worse, since I see articles of suicides by teenagers in the newspapers.

It’s scary to think that us, the older generation, are letting these things happen. There are still no laws against all forms of bullying, and there are a lot of schools, particularly here in the Philippines, that do not have anti-bullying policies. Things like the ones happening in this video should never happen to anyone in real life. ~_~

Anyway, calling to politicians, mind you that we need laws against cyberbullying and other forms of abuse through digital means, because believe it or not, THIS *points to video* is happening here too. ~_~

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