Christmas Shopping Woes

These are my guy friends that I met at an online game, and yeah, I wuv them all to bits. XD

And it’s because of them that I’m in a pinch right now. ~_~

I don’t have any christmas gift ideas for boys. ~_~

Unfortunately, with Christmas coming around, I have no idea what to give them should we have our Christmas party since, well, I’m a girl, and henceforth, have no idea what they’d want. XD

I think it’s one of the complications of being of different genders. We all have different likes and dislikes, and I’m scared that whatever I give them as a gift would turn out to be one of their “dislikes”. I mean, yeah, sometimes it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes it is a very uncomfortable feeling knowing you gave a gift that they didn’t like. XD

I was thinking of giving them, like, a bunch of t-shirts, but then again, I don’t know their sizes. Or maybe posters of women that they admire (harharhar) but then again, I don’t know that either. Or maybe one of those mouse pads that had breasts on them (I forgot what they were called XD), but then again, most of them play in a shop, and not all of them are, well, perverts.

Argh, I have no idea what to give them, demmet! ~_~

As for me… the only gift I want for myself is a pair of running shoes. :-))

There are just some times that I hate Christmas shopping. XD

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Time to Act Like A Lady and Think Like A Man

During my late night InterNet surfing splurges (which probably means I’m going to need my night repair cream again… stupid eye bags), I came across an e-Book for Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”, which was published last year. I saw it once on a rerun episode of Oprah, and although Steve Harvey is an awesome comedian, I realize he is much better at giving advices for women on the psychology of men. XD

Yep, I am pretty much as stumped as any other women are on the psychology of men. But the more I read the book (or rather, the .pdf), the more I realize that men are actually simple creatures. It’s us, the women, who think that they’re complex. Not to mention that it’s us ladies who are the complex creatures.

It made me think of my past, as well as my present relationship with my boyfriend. It made me think about how I’ve been treating men, and how I’m currently treating my man. And the way I see it, I am seriously lacking in a lot of areas. Harhar! I also get the feeling that this might be a good read for the men, since they can get a glimpse of the female mind, and can get sneak peeks at what we women actually think about when it comes to relationships.

Come to think of it, maybe I should buy a hard-copy of this book. I’ll have my boyfriend read it so he can have a glimpse on the stuff I think about in our relationship. XD

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