Jewelry Making 2

Yay! I can finally make beaded jewelry!

Yep, my unbelievably awesome mother gave me a pair of mini pliers (for cutting and bending wires) last Christmas, as well as several beads to make jewelry. I’ve actually made several of them already, but I’m still stuck with earrings since I don’t have any copper wires yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy some soon so I can start making bracelets and pendants.

There’s actually another cool thing I realized. There’s a shop near our house that sells fake and real leather! YEAH!!! Maybe with that I can make tribal necklaces with leather strings!

Actually, I already made some earrings and my own charm bracelet (YEAH! XD), so I’m hoping to do more than those. You’ll never know, I might end up being a successful accesories maker. (Well, I can dream. XD)

Pics to my jewelry making progress coming soon! XD

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