Nobody Expects The (Dragon Age) Inquisition!

Heyyyy! I’m back! Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been pretty busy… you know… gaming.

Mainly because I finally have (ta-ta-tadaaaa) a Xbox 360!! Yay for me!

I know, I know… the Xbox has been around for AGES, and I was only able to get it now, mainly because it was a present by my sister for my 30th birthday. Sure, the Xbox came out about the same time as the PS2, but hey, you got to prioritize right? We got the PS2 mainly because of Final Fantasy X and Okami (which is STILL and FOREVER WILL BE THE BEST GAME EVER!). If I had the Xbox at an earlier time, it probably would’ve drowned during the 2009 Typhoon Ketsana flooding. Still, I’m pretty happy that I have one now, since I can catch up with my console gaming again.

And one of the first games I bought was Dragon Age: Origins. What can I say? I love Alistair (and Steve Valentine for that matter). There’s always a chance that a gamer to fall in love with a character, specially if that character is as funny and as faithful as a lover like Alistair. <3

Anyway, so I heard that Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming up soon (November 18th, 2014 if I remember correctly)… and it’s going to be available for the Xbox 360 (AWWW YEAAAAAHHH!!!!). Although I’ve heard that the graphics won’t be as pretty as when you would play it on an Xbox One, I’m still pretty happy that there would be a continuation to the game’s story (although according to the game’s creators, the previous protagonists from Dragon Age: Origins and 2 would make some sort of “appearance”). And as much as I want to play it as soon as it comes out, I still want to finish Dragon Age 2 first before I do.

What can I say? I fell in love with Anders. XD

The game’s trailer looks AMAZING. And the music of it is certainly not helping in curbing my enthusiam for the game. Just listening and watching the trailer and other videos about the game makes me want to hit that “Mail your order today!” for the game. But… like I said, I want to be able to finish the games and understand everything what’s been going on in the story before I order the next one on November.

But I AM going to get it though. I’m already playing through the story as quickly as I could… although Alistair’s adorable-ness is making it difficult for me.

DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION ON NOVEMBER, PEOPLE!!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m already saving up for it.

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Missing my Video Games…

Ya know…. I just realized how much I miss my old video games…

I just found the remains of my PS1 and PS2… and it ain’t pretty. T_T

Especially when I saw this clip in YouTube:

Ahh… FFVII… so many memories of getting pissed of because of frickin’ Vincent Valentine and his uncontrollable Limit Break, and throwing my controller in frustration because I can’t beat the Weapons.

Anyway, I know that there are a lot of new technologies in the gaming world now. Heck, I could play FFVII in the PC now due to emulators. But I don’t know… I kind of miss playing them with a controller, ya know. Especially FFVIII… when I had to mash the Square button in Boosting Guardian Forces (and where I learned that I was the fastest button masher among my 3 siblings… XD)

I miss my consoles… seriously. I wonder if I can still get them fixed… or if shops still have games for them.

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Have I told you all just how OBSESSED I am with this game?

Granted, when my blogging master, raredog, first showed it to me, I wasn’t really interested, mainly because he was playing one of the slower songs at that time.

However, when my nephew, Cholo showed me one the faster, more complicated songs (I think it was Halcyon on Level 9 [Hard]), I became smitten about it.

It’s like Dance Dance Revolution for the fingers! Heehee!

Anyway, I wanted to buy an Xbox 360, but since I can’t buy it yet, I’m thinking this should preoccupy me for a while. I’m working on getting all the Easy levels of the songs a Grade of A or S (no Million Master I’m afraid, that’ll come soon XD) and at least a grade of 850,000 on the Hard levels… with just one hand (though I think it’s going to be pretty hard).

By the way, if you’re really interested in this game, I suggest downloading it on a Tablet, or a phone with a really wide screen, since I find it’s more enjoyable there. XD

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Mass Effect!!!

I now have a new reason to actually buy an Xbox 360…


Yep, the Mass Effect Series for the Xbox 360 is now in my #2 priority games-to-buy list (Dance Central is still #1… my sister positively DEMANDS it. XD)

But… I would still have to play the first Mass Effect before playing Mass Effect 2 (where Thane is a recruitable character).

It seems I have a pechant for men (or aliens O_o) who are good with guns. I had a crush with Irvine Kinneas (fromm Final Fantasy 8) and Vincent Valentine (from Final Fantasy 7), and now I have a gamer-girl’s crush on Thane frickin’ Krios.

I. Am. So. Weird.

I need to update my Xbox wishlist. XD

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Dang, and I haven’t even bought an Xbox. >_< All prices are going up these days! Xboxes, PlayStations, Computer, hell, even the best cigarsaround have gotten more expensive because of the Sin Tax.

It’s either that or I’m just cheap. XD

Anyway, NEW CONSOLE COMING OUT! With lots of new games as previewed by Machinima’s Steve and Larson. Majority of them are sequels. The graphics look so freaking awesome. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to be costly… since the PS3 is still a pretty good console and the prices are still pretty much high. Sheesh. ~_~

As for me, I’m going to stick to buying a Xbox on my summer bonus. Mainly because… no matter how many titles the PlayStation 3/4 has, the Xbox still has the BEST dancing game EVER (called Dance Central 1/2/3… and the game me an my sister is aiming to buy).

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The Sims 2: Castaway Getaway?

Okay, I am serious, SERIOUSLY addicted with this game, even though it’s been years since it was released.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I desperately want a house on a beach complete with backyard cabanas, tiki statues and swing beds. ~_~

Yep, it’s the Sims 2: Castaway for the PSP. I am playing it so much that I’ve forgotten to play my Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker game (oh I am so evil).

It’s just that with all my work and chores, playing this game is the only way I can just sit back, relax and (sort of) watch the waves go by without leaving my room.

And besides, I suck at Metal Gear (arggghhh!!!). Might as well do RPGs that relaxes me than play games that make me scream “FFFFUUUUUUUU———!!!!!” when I get frustrated. ~_~

Besides, this kind of makes me what would happen to me should I get stuck in a deserted island as well. Heh… kind of like a survivor’s guide. But I doubt I’ll making canoes from statues and stuff like that. ~_~

Anyway, my PSP is probably charged now (I drained it accidentally from playing too much Sims XD), so I’d better go and start playing again. XD

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