AKA Zenkx Brush with Death.

Well, not really.

Anyway, one of the fricking outlets in my room is broken. And I was thinking about fixing it myself, but it turns out I am not a very good electrician.

But I am a good conductor of electricity. Damn it.

I tried connecting an extension cord to an old outlet in my room, which was flooded over during Typhoon Ketsana. It didn’t have a cover anymore (which probably mean’s I’m going to have to replace it with new switch covers), but I thought that it would be fine as long as I didn’t touch it.

As it turned out I did.

With the smallest tip of my finger.

And my life flashed before my eyes.

It wasn’t a very bad life. It was pretty good actually. Sure, I had bad times, but all in all it was filled with laughter and tears and everything. Like a normal, fulfilling life ought to be. I saw my parents’ faces, heard my sister’s snorting laughter, and my brother’s low chuckle.

And a milli-second later, it was over. Turns out that my body tensed from the shock and I was able to pull away from that outlet to hell.

And I am never touching that sucker again. ~_~

I’ve covered it with some paper and tape. I am hoping my dad comes soon so he can have a look at it and I can finally plug in my speakers, but for the meantime, I am SO NOT going to touch that thing.

This goes as a lesson for all those who think they know what they’re doing when they don’t have a clue what goes behind the mechanics of a certain thing.

DO NOT DO IT. There are professionals that can do whatever you want to do for you. Whether it’s fixing a broken outlet, or fixing a sink, or kicking somebody’s ass (MMA Fighters FTW), call on them to fix it for you, or at the very least, teach you to fix it.

As for me, I’m going to go look for a comb. That momentary electrocution made my hair stand up on end. ~_~

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Magnum Ice Cream Is Not For Me

Yes, normally I should like Magnum since I really do love ice cream.

However, I love Coke Floats from McDonald’s more. XD

An office mate of mine gave me some Magnum Ice Cream, and he said that it costs around P50.

Geeze, it’s like trying to buy gold bars and eating it down. ~_~

It wasn’t so bad actually, the chocolate tastes good, and so does the vanilla in it… but the thing is, I’m getting kind of bored of ice cream bars being coated with chocolate.

I like ice creams like Krazy Banana… you know, that popsicle stick of ice cream that’s coated with gelatin. I have a lot of fun eating those.

P50 bucks for an ice cream… are you kidding me? That’s worth two coke floats already. Personally, I’d rather buy the two Coke Floats than a Magnum. No offense, but I think I’d feel fuller and more satisfied with Coke Floats, than with one bar of chocolate.

But then again, maybe it’s just me.

I need a Coke Float tomorrow. ~_~

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ZenkX’s V-Log: My Ukulele

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Zenkx… as a boy XD

Nah, just kidding!

This is actually a picture I found in the back of my closet, along an unopened plastic of adult diapers (from my mom was hospitalized for surgery, but she never used them) and well… my other personal items.

I swear, my closet is a forest. XD

Anyway, this is an old picture of me (circa 2007) when I had the “Sasuke Cut” (from Naruto). Actually… this was before the Naruto Fad started. I think I got the haircut from a member of My Chemical Romance. Yeah, I got it from the whole emo fad. ~_~

I found it while looking for old pictures of me with short hair. My hair is shoulder-length right now, trimmed once and a while, and it’s was getting really bothersome as I like the wind on my nape. I was thinking of a pixie cut, or something short with layers. I have a really round face, and it’s really hard to find a short cut for it. Not to mention it’s a little wavy when it grows back, since I’ve been rebonding it for three years now.

But now, I really HATE rebonding, and I really don’t want to do it anymore. I just want it to be low maintenance, but still pretty.

Oh man… somebody find me a decent hair stylist. ~_~

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Origin of the “Blood Whales”

Yeah, it’s dumb thing… but I’m going to tell you about the “blood whales”…

Which is actually a part of a “series” of dreams that I’ve been having for the last few months. I have no idea how it popped up during my sleep, but… it did.

Anyway, so one of the main things I hate is having zombie dreams. And I get zombie dreams so often that it’s turning into a a TV-show like series when I sleep… kind of like watching TV while you sleep. O_o

Imagine, if you will, yours truly… traveling with a bunch of friends in a zombie apocalypse, with my brother driving all around town in my father’s Pajero with polaris ranger parts, running over zombies that look strangely like Nemesis from Resident Evil, except slower. Food was running low, so was gas, and we were looking for weapons since bullets are also running low.

We come across a building, which was ruined after the zombie infection reached people in aeroplanes, causing them to crash. I was with 5 people (strangely enough, it included my bestfriend Joyce, my officemate Carlo, my friend in Mandaluyong Cleto, my sister Lelai, and my cousin Jeffrey O_o), and we were in what looked like a store of weapons (if you know the shop Mumbakki, you’ll understand XD). I found a couple of swords and I was looking for my sister to give her one, when we heard this noise.

If you’ve heard the Siren in Silent Hill, it sounds just like that. If not, PLAY SILENT HILL.

Anyway, so this siren sounds right? And we stood on alert, waiting for zombies, but no zombies came. But as I looked, something red dripped on my sister’s forehead and I looked up.

There, on the sky, were the “blood whales”. They weren’t REAL whales, but like these animated, cartoony whales with a wide grin on their faces. They were dripping blood all around us, and Carlo, unfortunately, got a drop or two in his mouth.

“Spit it out! It contains the zombie virus!” Dream Cleto said in my… dream (O_o) so we tried to spit it out, but it was too late for Carlo. He turned into a ravishing zombie, and since I was the closest one to him… he bit me my neck.

And then I woke up.

Hahaha! Weird, ain’t it? I told it to Joyce (the real life one) and she laughed because it was the freakiest dream she ever heard. I dunno, I guess my head is making all these crazy stuff in my dreams due to stress.

But damn them zombies and “blood whales”, I’ve missed a lot of beauty sleep because of them. I wonder what it means to have re-occuring dreams. it’s just really freaky. ~_~

Anyway, so that’s the tale of the “Blood whales” dream… It’s getting pretty late, and I still have work tomorrow, so I hope that no zombie or blood whale appears in my dreams tonight. I’m going to be so pissed if I dream of them again. ~_~

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I Shall Solve The Christmas Wrapper Dilemma XD


One of the main issues my mom has when she’s wrapping presents is that the trash we left behind. All the torn paper, the wasted satin bows, etc.

I have a good (albeit crazy) idea how to fix it. In fact, you can call it a delectable Christmas gift idea


What? WHAT?! It’s a great idea! Just recently, I saw a scientific show about how they were able to make a plastic-like material made of potato starch, and how it wasn’t as toxic as normal plastic, and how safe it is for kids since they can basically eat the potato-plastic. And I thought, well, since they can do that with plastic, why not with paper?

Wouldn’t it be cool to just EAT the wrapping paper after opening your gift instead of throwing it out the trash and risk a replay of the dreaded Ondoy/Ketsana disaster? It’s going to be very Earth friendly, but probably not tummy or carb-friendly. XD Not to mention kid-friendly too, since plastic is one of the main factors of suffocation among young children.

And then… THEN! Every colored edible paper would have a flavor! Like apple for green paper, strawberry for red paper, blueberries for blue paper, etc., etc…

And then the ribbon itself would be made of thin, hardened TOFFEE! XD

Oh wow… talk about trippin’. Harharhar. Yes… too much Internet can fry up my brain. That whole edible-wrapper idea came after I thought about the “blood whales”. ~_~

But still, it’s a good idea, right? I just wish someone could invent something as cool as this, maybe then I can just CHEW my Christmas present open. XD

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This is actually kind of cool…. remind me to use this on someone who pisses me off. XD

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ZenkX Tries…. Muay Thai?!

Well, actually…. no. XD

I can’t do Muay Thai for the life of me. XD

I am, however, thinking of taking up some self-defense/ boxing lessons from the local gym I’m working out in.

With my most-awesome-bestfriend-and-master (yep, Joyce is so brilliant, I’m just a peon compared to her XD), I’ve been going to the gym every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday in an effort to lose some weight (since I’m on the verge of getting diabetic ~_~). So far it’s been working out rather well, I don’t know if I’ve dropped any pounds yet, but I don’t care. Hahaha! I’m just happy that I can breathe just fine again, I’m more energetic, and I have an outlet when I get off from work. Harharhar! Not to mention there are bellydance lessons too, which is AWESOME since I miss bellydancing so much. XD

Anyway, as usual for the typical government employee, my salary would be late again, so it’s going to be a while before I can enroll at the boxing lessons. But Joyce and I were given 2 trial runs (One basic and one advanced) so we pretty much have an idea about how much a$$-whopping we’re going to get if we enrolled. ~_~

By the way, this is the man who’s going to kick my fluffy butt in the ring when I enroll at his classes. ~_~

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Guy Fawkes Mask!

Looks awesome doesn’t it? XD

This is actually a Guy Fawkes mask that I found on sale in our local bookstore, since Halloween is 2 months away. And it just cost me 75 pesos. Well, it’s not as well made as the masks made in “V for Vendetta” but hey, whatever works, right? XD

I’ve always wanted to have one of these masks. I even considered getting a document scanning software so I can scan a picture of this mask and then I’d just make my own… unfortunately I’m not that creative yet to make something like this. I still remember my “Kurei” (from the anime Flame Of Recca) mask was a disaster. It didn’t look half bad. It just looked bad on me. XD

Anyway, I just wanted this mask because of the movie “V for Vendetta”. The title character, V, wore a mask like this to hide his appearance. Although, I have read about Guy Fawkes.

Hmm… the mask looks good, but I think my costume does not. Why the heck did I wear a flowery shirt when I’m wearing a mask as awesome as this….? O_O

Yay for the wonders of plastic. XD

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The Origin of Planking

So where exactly did it start?

A lot of people are actually beginning to ask where the fad of “planking” (otherwise known as “the lying down game”) actually started. It’s a game where someone lies down flat on a certain surface… like in a table or even on a streetlight, and having their picture taken like they’re some sort of human Halloween decorations.

So, where exactly did it start? And who the heck started it? A lot of people says it started around the 2000, but actually started way longer than that.

Planking was actually “created” by the American prankster, Tom Green, way back in 1994, as an experiment to see who would actually “help” him to see if he was injured.

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