Gordon Ramsey: My Kitchen Hero

Have I told you guys how much I hate chopping onions? ~_~

I saw this in YouTube today, since I am SUCH a huge fan of Chef Gordon Ramsey, and I suck at chopping onions. I’m not as good at cooking as he is, but I’m hoping I could learn to at least not cry when I’m chopping them.

I cook sometimes, especially when I’m helping my mom during the holidays, and for years now, I’ve been chopping onions for her. And it annoys me because I always end up crying when I chop them. My sister ends up poking fun at me, saying that people who cry when chopping onions are “softies”. Sheesh. I’d like to see her spending 15 minutes chopping onions for the stuff my mom is going to cook. ~_~

Anyway, from the look of this video, it seems I have two problems when chopping onions. First is my knife. It’s slightly blunt, and unevenly weighted. Maybe I should consider buying restaurant equipment supply knives. I heard Japanese knives are awesome and sharp.

Next is my technique, since I always end up chopping the root of the onion first. Wrong of me. As it turns out, chopping the bottom part of the onion, near the root, causes the onion to release the chemicals that makes the eyes burn a little, causing you to cry. Huh… that figures.

Anyway, somebody’s 28th birthday is coming (…ehehehehehehe…..), not to mention my friends and I will be having a pool party this weekend. Time to put what I’ve learned from Gordon Ramsey to use. XD

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The Future Coffee Faucet

I was surfing around the net again when I found this video that I’m pretty sure any coffee addict (or blogger) would want.

Yep, it is a Coffee Faucet!

Oh, how much I want that, you guys would never know. I don’t know if this thing is available already, but it just looks so frickin’ cool! Imagine having one of these in your kitchen or office. Plus you don’t need to buy something from standsandmounts to install it, since it pretty much stands on its own.

I’m an office-home-computer kind of girl, and this would totally be good for me. I’d get my coffee before heading for work, and get some espresso coffee when I’m blogging and my head’s out of ideas. Writer’s block is awful when you don’t have coffee. XD

But with this kind of technology in your kitchen, I have a feeling that it’s going to cost a fortune… which is bad for me. I’m already trying to cut down with my budgeting as it is…

Maybe I should just stick to my 3-in-1 coffee sachets for the time being. ~_~

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Magnum Ice Cream Is Not For Me

Yes, normally I should like Magnum since I really do love ice cream.

However, I love Coke Floats from McDonald’s more. XD

An office mate of mine gave me some Magnum Ice Cream, and he said that it costs around P50.

Geeze, it’s like trying to buy gold bars and eating it down. ~_~

It wasn’t so bad actually, the chocolate tastes good, and so does the vanilla in it… but the thing is, I’m getting kind of bored of ice cream bars being coated with chocolate.

I like ice creams like Krazy Banana… you know, that popsicle stick of ice cream that’s coated with gelatin. I have a lot of fun eating those.

P50 bucks for an ice cream… are you kidding me? That’s worth two coke floats already. Personally, I’d rather buy the two Coke Floats than a Magnum. No offense, but I think I’d feel fuller and more satisfied with Coke Floats, than with one bar of chocolate.

But then again, maybe it’s just me.

I need a Coke Float tomorrow. ~_~

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Cupcake Towers are AWESOME!

Yep, I officially prefer cupcake towers compare to ordinary cakes.

We had a cupcake tower for my mother’s birthday instead of using ordinary cakes. The shop we got it, called Crumbs (sorry guys, I can’t find your FB profile >_<) made these really great Velvet Witch cupcakes, which would probably look good as a christmas gift ideas since it’s red with this cream cheese topping (yum). It’s really great since it’s not as sweet as chocolate, but not too bland.

Not to mention they’re a tad cheaper than specially made cakes from bakeshops.

Plus, more variety!

The shop called Crumbs is actually near here, along Marcos Highway. I forgot the name of the building, but when I do, I’ll make sure to post it up here. Hopefully I could get one of those cupcakes again. XD

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I Shall Solve The Christmas Wrapper Dilemma XD


One of the main issues my mom has when she’s wrapping presents is that the trash we left behind. All the torn paper, the wasted satin bows, etc.

I have a good (albeit crazy) idea how to fix it. In fact, you can call it a delectable Christmas gift idea


What? WHAT?! It’s a great idea! Just recently, I saw a scientific show about how they were able to make a plastic-like material made of potato starch, and how it wasn’t as toxic as normal plastic, and how safe it is for kids since they can basically eat the potato-plastic. And I thought, well, since they can do that with plastic, why not with paper?

Wouldn’t it be cool to just EAT the wrapping paper after opening your gift instead of throwing it out the trash and risk a replay of the dreaded Ondoy/Ketsana disaster? It’s going to be very Earth friendly, but probably not tummy or carb-friendly. XD Not to mention kid-friendly too, since plastic is one of the main factors of suffocation among young children.

And then… THEN! Every colored edible paper would have a flavor! Like apple for green paper, strawberry for red paper, blueberries for blue paper, etc., etc…

And then the ribbon itself would be made of thin, hardened TOFFEE! XD

Oh wow… talk about trippin’. Harharhar. Yes… too much Internet can fry up my brain. That whole edible-wrapper idea came after I thought about the “blood whales”. ~_~

But still, it’s a good idea, right? I just wish someone could invent something as cool as this, maybe then I can just CHEW my Christmas present open. XD

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Going Vegetarian?

I don’t know… is there like a term for this? When you eat vegetables and not meat but you still eat like… meat-based products like hotdogs and hams?

I think they call it “confused”. XD

Anyway, yep, I’m “sort-of” going vegetarian… “sort-of” because I still eat hotdogs and ham (like, processed meats… but I don’t eat burgers anymore) but not meat that are cooked in meals and stuff.

I blame my mother… harhar! Just kidding, I blame my weak constitution, actually. My mom recently showed me a short documentary called “From Farm To Fridge”, and boy, it made me want to eat vegetables for the rest of my life. Granted, I’m sure not all farms in America (or the Philippines, in that matter) are as brutal as these, but still…

The sounds of pigs and cows being slaughtered sounds like human screams to me… it makes me feel awful ~_~

Anyway, so far, the “sort of” vegetarian diet is working out for me. It’s definitely WAAAAY cheaper when lunch time comes, not to mention it’s actually healthier for me. But I’m going to need some exercise along with this diet to shed some pounds. XD

In the meantime, I’ll go grab me some carrot sticks. I kinda need a snack. ~_~

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ZenkX Bread?

*Hey! It’s a bunch of doll-shaped bread with my name on it! Harharhar!*

One time during my monthly splurge to the local mall with my sister (and contemplating getting Medicare part D plans for myself… since I’m getting WAAAAYYY to sick lately ~_~), my sister and I came across this cute bunch of bread that had… well, my nickname on it. XD

*yeah, my nickname is JJ, and my sister calls me Baby… so yeah JJ+Baby= Me XD*

Anyway, of course I took a picture of it while my sister giggled. It kind of made laugh too, since… well, the bread resembled me. Especially when it comes to the body and arms. Harharhar. Yep, I am all rounded and plump as my pastry counter-part. XD

That reminds me, since it’s only 47 pesos, maybe I should try and get me one of those… hahaha. That’s be so funny… me taking a bite of my counter-parts head. Talk about biting your own head off. XD

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The Subliminal Breakfast

I have a feeling that this breakfast that we had in Pangasinan has some sort of subliminal message on it, I just don’t know what…. XD

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The (Legendary?) Happy Horse

So, my sister and I were watching TV in my mom’s store when my brother suddenly let out a loud burst of laughter. He came over to us, and laughing, he said, “I got a happy horse!”

Of course, I wasn’t talking about the figurative horse which is “happy” (because I have no idea how you’ll know if a horse IS happy O_o). I’m talking about the “mythical” beer being sold here in the Philippines.

I’m sure any liquor lover (or “tangero” in our local language) has heard of the Happy Horse, but strangely for non-alcoholics, they don’t know about it and considers it a hoax or a joke. I told the “myth” to my mother, and as usual, I get the “Weh! Di nga? (O rly?) O_o” reaction. So to educate both the sober and non-sober (XD) people of the world, here is the story behind the supposedly “mythical” Happy Horse.

There is a beer called Red Horse being sold to stores around the Philippines, and on each case (or box) of this beer is a special one, which has a stronger ‘kick’ than the normal Red Horse (no pun intended XD), due to it’s higher alcohol content. They say you can find one in every case of Red Horse, but sometimes this doesn’t happen. But luckily for my brother, he was able to find one.

I’m posting these pictures to show you guys the difference between the Happy Horse (the one on the left) and the normal Red Horse (the one on the right).



If you take a look at the first picture, you’ll see that the “Happy Horse” has red letterings instead of the normal yellow. And for the second shot, you can see why it’s called the “HAPPY” Horse. The Logo on the right is more comical, the head tilted slightly so it looks like it’s ‘smiling’, compared to the more serious-looking horse on the other.

I never got the chance to drink it, as my brother finished it off before I got the chance to take a sip (darn him ~_~). Maybe other tangero bloggers out there can try to find another Happy Horse and tell me if it does have a stronger “tama”.

For now, I’m off to search my mom’s store for another one. XD

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Mall Trippin’ feat. Lelai Part 2: Wham! Burgers Pack a Punch

I’m talking about “Wham!”, a small burger shop located at the 3rd floor of SM Marikina. It’s just a teeny, tiny stall in the corner of the mall, but looks can be quite deceiving.

This tiny shop offers some of the biggest burgers ever served to Filipino food lovers. Our bill reached around 350 pesos (for 2 people), but boy, it was worth every frickin’ cent.

This is pretty much our order… 2 cheeseburgers, a side of bacon (huh?), one of those crisscross fries and iced tea (my stomach gets upset when I drink soda ~_~).

One thing I love about the Wham! burgers is that they’re flame-grilled. Meaning some of the flavor gets retained in the meat of the patty, unlike frying. Unfortunately, being a chubby person that I am, the side of bacon is just, well, over-kill. It’s already a burger… why do you need to have a side of bacon as well? Oh well… I guess some people just want to add an additional flair to their food, kinda like my sister. XD

I just wish that there would be more stalls of Wham! in other malls… so I can give myself a little reward once in while… XD

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