Of Dresses and Sewing Machines

All this Veil Poi-making obsession is making me want to get a Sewing machine…

But I probably think that that’s not all, maybe it’s the fact that I need to make my own cheap plus size dresses to fit me.

I just came from the mall today, and I was looking around for a nice dress (because, quite honestly, I’m getting a little older, and I probably need a make-over to a more grown-up look), but when I find the right kind of dress I want, it ends up being worth P1,000.00.

It’s seriously, seriously annoying. It’s like they’re saying that since I’m bigger, they’re going to charge me more for every frickin’ inch of cloth used in dresses. ~_~

Not to mention that it’s so unfair that people a lot bigger than me would opt to wear shorts or jeans, where as there are over a hundred stores for skinny-figured people, and they charge it at just half the price.

I have nothing against skinny people, and I know for a fact that I do need to exercise to lose some weight. But even if I exercise, I don’t think I’ll be as thin because I have big bones.

It kind of makes me sort of embarrassed for my full-figured sisters. Here we are, in the age where women can be pretty and feminine without society’s scorn, and yet we can’t seem to find the right dress to make us feel beautiful.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me being a cheapskate.

But I still want a sewing machine. XD

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Dancing Envy And Double Standards

Someday, I want to be this brilliant in Tribal Fusion bellydancing.

If only I had some box converter so I can convert some of her YouTube videos into my television. ~_~

Unfortunately, as much as I love her dancing, society’s penchant for perfection continues to piss me off. Apparently, I’d be considered a freak if I tried to dance this kind of choreography when I am 80 pounds overweight.

Well, that sucks. I didn’t know you were supposed to have a specific bodily figure to bellydance. ~_~

I’ve been reading around the InterNet lately. Apparently, most “fluffy” bellydancers focus more on Egyptian-style bellydancing rather than Tribal Fusion style bellydancing. Which is fine for me. It’s just that there are way too many people who bring these bellydancers down by calling them “fat” or “disgusting”.

Seriously? Since when has dancing for pure enjoyment become disgusting?

Anyway, I really hate these kind of double standards. It’s annoying. It’s like saying you can go and do bellydance when you’ve shed some pounds and become skinny. Which is a total opposite of what belly dancing is all about. Bellydance is all about acceptance, and liking your body no matter what the shape.

Argh. Society sucks sometimes. Honestly. Remind me to find my old bellydance belt and dance my heart out while rising my middle finger to the people who give me disgusted looks. >:(

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I Wanna Play Basketball!!!

All this video taping my officemates is making me envious. ~_~

Imagine having to play basketball for almost 40 minutes, and still be able to do it the next day.

I want to be that fit. ~_~

Granted, they are not exactly the most fit of people, (they are probably going to need some creatine powders to get rid some of their belly pudge, harharhar!) but I have to give them credit for being able to play that long. Heck, I can’t even shoot that basketball ball from the free throw line. (Yeah, I suck at basketball)

Anyway, all this watching is making me wish I was fit again. It made me start looking for home exercises. There was even one about prison exercises (you know, the kind that inmates do during their stint in jail) but being a chubby person like myself, it seems… scary. ~_~

I really need to get a DVD… I miss my Rachel Brice CD. I think I’m going to better as a bellydancer than a sports person. Hahaha!

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Whisper Hungarian in My Ear

I don’t mean literally. XD

It’s just a new song I heard from Rachel Brice’s Serpentine DVD called “Whisper Hungarian in my Ear” by a band called The Toids. I really like it… its something that I’d want to hear everyday using home audio speakers.

In the DVD, this song has a choreography, which, unfortunately for a chubby bellydance newbie such as myself, is pretty hard. But I’m hoping I can learn it pretty soon. XD

I find the song really mysterious, and somewhat calming. I think it’s the violins.

Anyway, aside from the choreography, Rachel Brice and her friends actually created a “mash-up” short film with the song. It featured horror actor Bela Lugosi, and they merged the film with the dancing of Rachel Brice’s group, the Indigo Bellydance (which includes members Mardi Love and Zoe Jakes). It looks really awesome, actually. It’s like the three dancers are Bela Lugosi’s graceful ghosts seductresses.

Huwaaa… Rachel Brice Love! <3 It'll be a while before I can actually dance to Rachel Brice's choreography of this song, but I guess for the meantime, I'll dance it with my own choreo. XD

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Going Vegetarian?

I don’t know… is there like a term for this? When you eat vegetables and not meat but you still eat like… meat-based products like hotdogs and hams?

I think they call it “confused”. XD

Anyway, yep, I’m “sort-of” going vegetarian… “sort-of” because I still eat hotdogs and ham (like, processed meats… but I don’t eat burgers anymore) but not meat that are cooked in meals and stuff.

I blame my mother… harhar! Just kidding, I blame my weak constitution, actually. My mom recently showed me a short documentary called “From Farm To Fridge”, and boy, it made me want to eat vegetables for the rest of my life. Granted, I’m sure not all farms in America (or the Philippines, in that matter) are as brutal as these, but still…

The sounds of pigs and cows being slaughtered sounds like human screams to me… it makes me feel awful ~_~

Anyway, so far, the “sort of” vegetarian diet is working out for me. It’s definitely WAAAAY cheaper when lunch time comes, not to mention it’s actually healthier for me. But I’m going to need some exercise along with this diet to shed some pounds. XD

In the meantime, I’ll go grab me some carrot sticks. I kinda need a snack. ~_~

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Urban Ninjas!

I am SOOOOOO envious of these guys, but I get the feeling that I’d have to take fat burners justso  I can get their physique. XD

They’re called “urban ninjas”, basically they’re like ninjas… only they jump around urban areas. Which is pretty cool. If I had this kind of skill, I’d be jumping around the mall when I’m doing my shopping or freak out my cousins… hahaha.

I wonder what kind of training they do? Of course they’d have to learn gymnastics, maybe a little bit of ninjutsu as well. But then again, there are some people who could learn these types of moves just by practicing, although I get the feeling they’d experience more bumps and bruises and accidents than those who did training. XD

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Eddie Guerrero’s 5th Year Death Anniversary

I just realized…

It’s been 5 years since Eddie Guerrero passed away.

Man, I wish I had a bunch of ipods so I can watch all of Eddie’s previous matches. Gosh, I miss that guy.

Not to insult any wrestling fan, but I don’t know… a lot of things are not as exciting as it used to be. Some of the greatest (albeit oldest) wrestlers are gone. Rick Flair and Shawn Micheals had quit, Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero and Umaga had passed away, and some of them have moved to other brands, like Kurt Angle. In fact, sometimes I only watch WWE because of only 5 wrestlers… John Cena, The Big Show, Triple H, Rey Mysterio Jr., and of course the Gawd-awesome Undertaker.

Yep, I’ve been an Undertaker fan since the age of 6. XD

Anyway, back to topic, wrestling is not as exciting (for me) as it used to be. Of course, the gong of Undertaker’s theme still makes me scream like crazy but some of the things they do, and some of the story lines they make… they just don’t make sense anymore.

And none of the wrestlers don’t seem to have the same comedic timing and brilliance of Eddie Guerrero. No one can replace him in the WWE universe it seems.

Man, I really miss the guy. I wish I had one of those “I’m Your Papi” shirts… I’d wear them everyday.

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Neckties as Belts? Heck yeah!

I don’t know why some people actually think I’m weird for using skinny ties or neckties as belts.

I see nothing wrong with it actually.

It’s quite fashionable, especially for women. I mean, most of the time some belts don’t match the blouse, and in my case, sometimes the more “fashionable” (meaning popular) belts don’t quite fit me. Harhar! So instead I use neckties as a belt for my blouses and glamming them up a bit with brooches. And sometimes, when I’m particularly feeling punkish, I wear them as belts for my pants and let the design peek down the sides… I particularly like my tie that has Garfield on it. So cute. XD

But sometimes, I get people telling me why I wear neckties like that. And I’m like, so what? It’s fashion, ya? It’s supposed to evolve, and I’m supposed to be creative with fashion. I don’t want to wear thick leather belts all my life, and I don’t to spend hundreds of pesos on a “fashionable” belt when I can get a simple (and sometimes even ornate!) necktie at a local thrift or ukay-ukay store for P20. XD

Anyway, I believe whoever came up with this fashion trend, is somewhat of a genius. No more expensive belts for me. I’m sticking to my scarves and neckties as belts. XD

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ZenkX’s “Weight Loss” Journal: Day 3

Yup, me and my mum are now undergoing a battle with my moderate obesity. ~_~”

This is actually my third day of my supposed medication, even though this is my first day blogging about it. Maybe it’s because  was pretty shy that even though I advocate fat acceptance, I am now going through a bit of dieting and medication for it. But I guess it’s a pretty good idea to blog about this journey of mine, so that people can at least get a glimpse of how hard it is, and what they’re up against once they decide on doing… well, what I’m going through right now. XD

Actually, I am a bit happy that I’m doing this. Ever since my mother and sister has been diagnosed with diabetes, I’ve been pretty scared of following their footsteps. My mom takes insulin injections nowadays, and it scares me everytime I have to inject her, or everytime I watch her inject herself. I really don’t want to end up like that, and I really want to show my mom that I can do this,so that she can follow my lead and live a healthy lifestyle herself.

Anyway, to start, it was my cousin Julius who introduced me to Herbalife, the diet/ supplements I’m using right now. I am using their Nutritional Shake, Herbal Tea Concentrate, Ready Herbal Aloe and Fiber Capsules. The shake is meant to be taken as my replacement meal for breakfast and dinner. The Tea for my morning drink (since it might keep me awake for hours XD), the aloe is taken before the shake, and the capsules are taken 3 times a day (2 capsules).

During my first day, it started out great. The shake was Berry flavored, so tasted great with fruits I included. I guess it acted like an appetite suppressant as well, because I didn’t get hungry quite as often. It was a little sweet from the fruits I included, but there’s no added sugar to the shake so it’s good to prevent my diabetes from triggering. It was the same as yesterday (my second day), although I noticed I sweated more than I used to. Julius said it was the way that the fat and the toxins in my body gets removed from system, as well as having to go to the bathroom more often than I used to. The sweating felt great, and it makes me drink more water than I usually do.

However, it’s my third day today, and I guess the psychological aspect of dieting is setting in. Although I still took the shake, my body is starting to react to the fact that there’e no food coming in through my mouth. I’m starting to feel a little agitated about it, since I can’t eat my usual Hotsilog (hotdog, sinangag rice and egg (itlog XD) breakfast, which is just as filling as the shake, albeit more calories. This doesn’t mean that I’m quitting though, I’m just getting new to the prospect of not being able to eat rice. Yesterday, I passed by a barbeque stall and all the scents pretty much made me crave for it, but I feel like this is a psychological battle, so I have to channel my cravings into something else. Right now, I’m craving for some chocolate cookies, and I’m channeling my cravings by blogging instead (which probably mean I’m going to be more talkative the next few days). Bear with me, people. XD

Julius said that the first 3 days of the Herbalife program is the most critical, since my physical body and psychological state will be somewhat in turmoil from the dieting and medication. He will be doing some measurements on my tonight after work, to see if there has been any changes. He also said that the changes might be small, but if I keep going at it, I can get big results (hopefully XD).

As a base line for my so-called weight loss journey, he measured me the first day I started the program. I’ll be posting them here as well, so that you readers (as well as myself) can keep track of my changes. XD

WEIGHT: 180 lbs. (sheeesh ~_~”)
CHEST: 112 cm.
WAIST: 113 cm.
HIPS: 105 cm.
ARMS: 34 cm.
THIGHS: 58 cm.

Yep, as you can see from my measurements, I’m a big, BIG woman. XD

I’ll be posting Julius’ measurements tonight, so hopefully there can be some change. It might be small, but any change would be better than having no change at all. Hope you guys can stay tuned for that. ^_^v

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Me Wants High Heels, but My Belly Doesn’t

One of the things that irk me, being a heavy set woman and all, is that I can’t seem to walk properly in high heels. XD

Of maybe I’m just not used to it.

Take this baby for example:



 From Cellphone Photos

It’s classy, chic, strappy and has these awesome high heels. And it looked so kick-a$$ on my feet too. But unfortunately, I couldn’t buy them because… I can’t carry them well (not to mention the price would probably burn a hole in my pocket XD).

I saw an episode on Oprah that showed some of the best shoes that a woman should get, and how to walk in high heels. I tried it with a pair of stiletto Rusty Lo shoes I had, and I looked kind of silly. Hahaha!

As much as I want to walk all fierce and sexy in my heels, my belly kind of ruins it. Haha! Maybe I should start working out or something. I look better in sneakers anyway. XD

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