Lisbeth Salander Hair?

This is going to sound weird… but I want Lisbeth Salander’s hairstyle (Rooney Mara’s version of the hair, that is).



And not just because I’m trying to be all renegade-ish, defying-work-quotas-and-society thing, but I just think it’s cool, and pretty practical.

I’ve never been satisfied with just one hairdo. I want a lot of variation when I get a haircut. This version of Salander’s hair can be worn down, ponytalied, pinned up or mohawked. Plus, being a heavy metalhead, I think it rocks. XD

Punk hairstyles are coming back again… the first one who rocked the whole one-side-is-shorter-than-the-other hair, if I remember correctly, was Cyndi Lauper when I was still a kid. And even then, I wanted that kind of hairstyle. With the film adaptation of “The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” with Rooney Mara as the lead last 2011, the side shaven hair is coming back with a vengeance. Artists like Rihanna, Ke$ha and even Miley Cyrus is sporting the whole look. There’s a Swedish version of the book-turned-film, but that version of Salander was much more louder, wearing a sterling silver bracelet and lots of spikey necklaces. I, for one, prefer this version of Salander… much more subtle.

Anyway, I haven’t decided if I should get my hair cut like that. Being a fluffy person that I am, I don’t think I can carry that style with my round face. But then again, I’ve always been a sucker for weird hairstyles (since the one I’m sporting now is similar to Amanda Palmer’s… shorter in the back, longer in the front and stuck up with hairpins XD). What do you guys think? Should I get it?

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Xbox 360 Woes T_T

I seriously need to get an Xbox. T_T

With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 4, I have begun to realize that I am missing out on so many frickin’ games. Assassin’s Creed 4 is already in the works, and I haven’t even played the first Assassin’s Creed!

I’ve also heard that Saint’s Row the Third’s company, THQ, has filed for bankruptsy. So now how in the hell can I get a copy?!

Dang… T_T

I still want to play SOOO many games before I get married(which is still not an option for me yet XD). But then again, my sister and I DO have a back-up plan of getting our own house and becoming old maids with lots of dogs and cats. Hahaha! It’s not such a bad idea, you know. XD

Anyway, I’m still waiting on my bonus to be able to buy an Xbox. My sister would have to wait before I get Dance Central 1/2/3, because I SHALL complete the Assassin’s Creed games on the Xbox before I get Dance Central. (she’s gonna get so pissed XD).

I wonder what other games I should get… hmm….

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Missing a lot of things…

Ya know… with my busy sched, gaming addiction and trying to be frugal (ouch), I’m beginning to miss a lot of things.

I miss bellydancing… but I can’t go back to bellydance class because my budget is so limited.

I miss doing photography… but I can’t get my busted camera fixed.

I miss playing my ukulele… I still play but not as much as I used to.

I miss doing yoga… but my yoga mat is all dirty and nasty, and I can’t afford to buy new personalized yoga mats.

I miss going to the gym and exercising… but like I said, my budget is limited.

Hmm… maybe I just need to set my priorities straight. Technically speaking, my budget is limited, but mainly because I have the tendecy to not save. (ouch again). I should consider getting maybe a savings account? And then I won’t get an ATM so that I won’t be able to withdraw anything from it. Yeah, that sounds good.

But for the meantime, after watching this video of Rachel Brice, maybe I really should consider getting a new yoga mat. It’s only around P500, and I know for sure that I desperately, DESPERATELY need the exercise. My back is not as flexible as it used to be, and my bellydancing skills have pretty much dulled right now.  ~_~”

And one more thing…

I miss my bellydance teacher, Miss Kim. T_T

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Lessons from a Broadband Technician

Whew! I’m finally back!

Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve had some recent issues with my broadband provider lately.

My connection hasn’t been functioning right, and I had to literally CALL them, like, 15 times in a month. It took me a lot of patience and anger management control to not shout profanities at the phone because they were taking too long to fix it.

And when they finally sent a technician, it was actually quite a humbling experience.

The technician was a chatty, rather energetic guy, who stopped at nothing to get our line fixed. I asked him a lot of questions about our connection, and why they took so long to send him… all the while holding in my anger which was about to explode any minute.

The technician told me that there were a lot of repairs to do, and that there were so few hardworking technicians like him to do the job. He said that sometimes the case gets handed to a “slacker” (which is kind of part of any corporate staff… you know the kind that lounges around all day and not do anything productive). The technicians don’t really have a choice as to which case goes to whom. But when the case gets handed from a slacker tech to a more hard-working tech, the owner gets mad and berates and belittles the hard-working tech.

Which is actually quite unfair.

Anyway, so we were talking about my line again, and it turns out that the garbage trucks passing through my street accidentally passed through our line, causing the wires to become frayed. He said it was the reason for my intermittent connection.

He fixed it rather well, and when he came back into the house, I set him up with some snacks as a thanks (since you don’t really have to pay them for the repairs).

As he sat down, he said he was really happy and thankful for the snack and my nice demeanor. He said he has encountered so many clients who cursed at him, shouted at him, and let him starve if the repair took a while. He said that technicians like him ARE doing their job, it’s just that it’s really hard to focus on a job when they are getting belittled by the owners. It’s one of the main reasons why sometimes they don’t repair a connection. Their call centers record the calls, and if the complainant is very verbally abusive, the company doesn’t send a technician right away, as a safety precaution to their staff. He also said that when nice people call and they don’t lose their cool, and can still talk about their complaints in a civilized manner, then the company sends them, making sure that they are prioritized from other cases.

I thought about all my calls to them, and sure enough, I realized that though I was pissed during the time I would call them, I still had enough manners to say “thank you” and “please” to the call center agent. I guess the company heard all of my calls and decided I was a “safe” and civil client, and sent one of their men early in the morning, since in the ticket the technician was holding, I became a “priority” client.

As he left, my anger deflated, and I felt pity for him. I realized that it really is unfair for people to belittle technicians like him. They are just doing their job, just as we are. Sometimes people get so pissed at the little things and shout in anger, without even realizing that the person they are shouting at have feelings too. That’s why some people avoid them.

Since then, I’ve decided to talk nicer to call center agents and technicians of my Broadband connection, and I have made a list of things to do next time I have a complaint on my DSL Provider:

1. Be nice. The people behind the other side of the phone is human too.

2. The company you are calling (whether it’s the DSL/ Electricity/etc.) have a big number of staff, but also a HUGE number of clients. Be patient and wait.

3. There are other alternatives when your DSL is down. There are computer shops around that could probably cater to your needs.

4. Check if the problem lies with your connection, or with your computer. After the guy left, I recently found out that one of the other reasons why my internet was so slow was because of my computer. ~_~

5. Control your anger. Anger just turns you into a beast, and makes people (technicians included) want to avoid you.

Anyway, I am just happy that my line is back. It’s just too bad that I forgot the guy’s name. I would have given him a glowing recommendation from his boss about the job he did.

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Designs By Monday

So a friend of mine, Carlo, told me to “Like” their new project called “Designs By Monday”, and I absolutely love their designs.

I was able to order one of these from my friend. It’s a spoof of the movie “The 300”, but instead of Leonidas, it has the First Filipino Hero, Lapu-Lapu on it instead, with the year of the Battle of Mactan (1521).

It is SO kick-ass! XD

They have another one, which involves Andres Bonifacio, which I’ll be ordering again next month. I have yet to get this shirt from them, but the design is so awesome. I think I’ll get it by Saturday.

People should have more custom t-shirts like these. Seriously. A lot of people actually don’t know about Philippine heroes, so it’s cool that Designs By Monday could make something this great. Philippine heroes are just as kick-ass as Leonidas or Professor X (whoops, spoiler there), and should be treated with respect and admiration. It’s like they’re modernizing the concept of Phil. Heroes so that the younger generation could relate to their greatness, and understand the sacrifices they made for the country.

I hope they make one with Gabriela Silang and Wonder Woman… I’d buy that as soon as possible. GO, WOMEN!!! XD

Hmm… that got me thinking. Maybe I can help with some of the design ideas too. Hahaha! But, I can only give ideas, since I suck at Photoshop and photo-editing softwares. ~_~

Anyway, they’ll have more designs and ideas soon. But if you want to order or inquire about their shirts, you can message them via FaceBook:

Designs by Monday (FaceBook)

Designs by Monday (Twitter)

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Neil Gaiman’s Inspirational Speech

I will make sure that I will save this and stick into my iPod and listen to it every time I want to write something.

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Trike Drifting: The New Sport

Imagine riding down a highway, the wind blowing at your face, your buddies riding behind you, with a djarum black cigarette in your mouth, feeling like such a bad ass because the way you ride looks so awesome.

Except that you’re not riding a Harley Motorcycle, or a Ducati…

Oh no… you are riding a Tricycle.

And not just any tricycle. A Tricycle that frickin’ DRIFTS.

Yep, a lot of new people are looking for new hobbies, and drift trikes are turning to be quite a fad. Especially here in the Philippines, since there are a lot of mountain regions here, and a lot of inclined roads. Though I am a little chicken to try it out (being fluffy and all ~_~), there are a lot of Filipinos that are beginning to love Drift Trikes.

Like the people of  Pinoy Drift Trikes in Facebook. Already they are starting on new projects for drift trikes. And it looks very easy and cheap to make too, since a person can customize just about every single detail about the trike. It is, somewhat, environment-friendly too, since you’ll be using old bikes instead of throwing them in junk shops and land fills.

I have a feeling that Drift Trikes will soon be a popular sport and hobby. Already, Drift Trikers are looking for other materials, and supplies for their own trikes. So if you’re looking for a new extreme sport, or just some new hobby, why not try Trike Drifting?

You can visit the Pinoy Drift Trikes website from this link. Don’t forget to like them and learn more about this new extreme sport. ^_^v

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here and watch the awesomeness in three wheels…

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Zenkx the Mobile Blogger?

No. Not really. XD

i’m just testing out my new Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro.

I installed some new apps today, like the Dolphin Browser and WordPress for Android. It’s working like a charm. And the qwerty keyboard on this mini pro is awesome! Personally, i thinks it’s because of my teeny, tiny fingers.

Unfortunately, i am a little scared of my battery running low. I guess I’m going to have to use Mobile blogging only when there is a wifi signal around. It’s going to be nightmare on my bill if I use GPS or Edge.


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I Need a “Drag Queen’s Guide to Life” Book XD

Yes, seriously.

A professional Drag Queen should start making her own book about the things she learned in life, the best designers for drag queen looks, hair and make-up tips, buying sterling silver bracelets at…. EVERYTHING!

I don’t know if RuPaul has done this… but I am hoping someone like Raja Gemini would do something like this. I’ve been watching reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 (damn you, stupid cable TV), and like many of her fans, I believe that Raja is an awesome drag queen, and that she deserved to win. She’s awesome because she looked like such a beautiful woman on her face, but then you look down at her costume sometimes, and you can immediately know he’s a man. It’s like she’s…. he’s….

What was the term….? “Gender fuck”?

Anyway, as it turns out, he’s also a make-up artist and a performer. Also she’s had several years under her belt in the drag industry, so it should be easier for her to tell her story and teach women with low self-esteem (like me ~_~) or give fashion tips. She should write a book about it.

Oh! Especially about how she became a drag queen, and how she was able to deal with all her negative comments and her past experiences to haters.

Hmm… “Raja Gemini’s ‘A Drag Queen’s Guide to Life'”… kind of catchy, don’t you think?

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Neil Gaiman’s Crazy Hair

This man is the reason why you don’t need to read around Ripped Freak reviews to know that you’re awesome.

Yep, it’s Neil Gaiman. Author of Coraline and The Sandman series, and one of my favorite authors. In this video, he’s reciting his poem, which is now also a Children’s Book in the US, called “Crazy Hair”.

And yes, he does have crazy hair, doesn’t he? XD

But that is exactly why he is so awesome. He was able to make a poem about himself, and still add a touch of fantasy in there for the audience. A person with that much imagination in him is worth idolizing.

There’s even a comment in this video that says Mr. Gaiman’s hair beats Neverland. XD

I wish I could get a copy of this book… it would be a great for story telling in my Library.

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