Jewelry Making 3

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while… I’ve been pretty busy.

Between my writing and my jewelry making and my work, I’m actually pretty stumped that I can survive so many hobbies. (Although I regret letting go of my Bellydance aspirations… ah well..)

Anyway, I think I’m getting the hang out of this jewelry-making thing. I’ve repaired several of my mother’s bracelets and made new earrings that a lot of people at work are beginning to like. Granted, they’re not as pretty or exquisite as the jewelry from, but hey, I think I could probably make a living out of this.

Most of the things I make are pretty simple, mainly because I make them simply to match the color of my clothes and uniforms. My mom agreed that I should make some really simple ones and sell them at a slightly cheap price to start my business, but I’m still thinking about it. I am still a little busy with my writing…

Anyway, the way I see it, beaded jewelry will not really go out of fashion, so hopefully I could make some for other people. I got some extra beads that I could make for them anyway.

Pictures to follow once I’ve had the presence of mind to take them… sometimes I get so concentrated on making jewelry that I forget. XD

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Lisbeth Salander Hair?

This is going to sound weird… but I want Lisbeth Salander’s hairstyle (Rooney Mara’s version of the hair, that is).



And not just because I’m trying to be all renegade-ish, defying-work-quotas-and-society thing, but I just think it’s cool, and pretty practical.

I’ve never been satisfied with just one hairdo. I want a lot of variation when I get a haircut. This version of Salander’s hair can be worn down, ponytalied, pinned up or mohawked. Plus, being a heavy metalhead, I think it rocks. XD

Punk hairstyles are coming back again… the first one who rocked the whole one-side-is-shorter-than-the-other hair, if I remember correctly, was Cyndi Lauper when I was still a kid. And even then, I wanted that kind of hairstyle. With the film adaptation of “The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” with Rooney Mara as the lead last 2011, the side shaven hair is coming back with a vengeance. Artists like Rihanna, Ke$ha and even Miley Cyrus is sporting the whole look. There’s a Swedish version of the book-turned-film, but that version of Salander was much more louder, wearing a sterling silver bracelet and lots of spikey necklaces. I, for one, prefer this version of Salander… much more subtle.

Anyway, I haven’t decided if I should get my hair cut like that. Being a fluffy person that I am, I don’t think I can carry that style with my round face. But then again, I’ve always been a sucker for weird hairstyles (since the one I’m sporting now is similar to Amanda Palmer’s… shorter in the back, longer in the front and stuck up with hairpins XD). What do you guys think? Should I get it?

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Jewelry Making…?

So… I’ve been thinking about stuff I want to learn… and I realized that I didn’t think of anything fashion-related. O_o

Considering there are TONS of stuff I want to learn when it comes to fashion… like making my own clothes for example. I always have problems finding clothes (considering I’m a bit of a large girl XD), and I’ve always thought of making clothes for myself so that I won’t have to deal with walking around the mall and realizing none of the clothes fit me. ~_~

Especially for jewelry. I’m a “beads” and “silver” kind of person myself… mainly because I never really knew the best way to buy gold. XD

Anyway… maybe I should start looking around the Net for jewelry making seminars. God knows I want one. Maybe I could even turn it to a business… I’ve always had a fascination for weird  jewelry. XD

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I’m a Cowboy Baby! (Or Not) ~_~


So our office is having a cowboy themed Christmas party soon.

And I. Am. Panicking.


Nah, just kidding. I’ve already got one.

Problem is, it’s still getting sewn. It’s going to take a while before I can get it and try it on so I can see the finished product. I’m afraid that the color combination I planned would suck.

But the good thing is, even if I don’t wear it to the Christmas party, I can still wear it at a cosplay event. I haven’t gone to a Cosplay convention without a costume, and it kinda sucks since I want to do it so badly.

It took me a while to figure out my costume, because I can’t really find a costume my size. And it’s actually pretty daunting, since if I can’t get a decent plus-sized cowboy costume, how much more when I have to find plus size bridal gowns? ( not that I’m expecting to be married soon XD).

Anyway, I did sketch what my costume would look like before I had it sewn, so hopefully the color combination would look good. I always sketch my costumes before I make them (like the two bellydance costumes I made, but are now locked in my room ~_~), so it should turn out fine.

I just hope that my dressmaker is able to finish it in time. I still have a lot of things to work out with that costume. T_T


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Another want: Altair Jacket!

Yeah, that’s a costume made by a cosplayer, designed according to Altair’s clothes from Assasin’s Creed.

And I frickin’ want it.

Or at least just the jacket… the half chaps have got to go though.

I am thinking of buying some cloth, and have someone sew it for me. With the release of Assassin’s Creed 3, a lot of people are thinking about how to design the jacket of the protagonist, Connor Kenway. But of course, being the first Assassin’s Creed hero ever featured, I still prefer Altair’s. Not to mention that it’s pretty simple. I wonder how many yards of cloth this would take? And if it would even fit my extra large frame. ~_~

The leather work would have to be removed though… it’s a shame. I just don’t know anyone who works with leather.

Anyway, maybe after I’ve bought a soprano ukulele, this would be my next project. But maybe I should make it in black?

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Skull helmets!

Pardon my language, but this shit is so FUCKING awesome!

In case you’re wondering, yes, they are helmets. I am very fond of the one on the top of the shelf, the one that is molded like a skull.

Granted, these helmets would probably not be approved by any government as safe, like the usual Shoei or icon helmets but it’s still pretty cool. Imagine having to wear one of these babies while cruising down the highway. And the other helmets in the picture? They are frickin’ Glow in the Dark! Wearing these while riding down a night time highway ought to freak passers by. XD

Anyway, I like these kind of helmets, but I have come to realize that I am not much of a rider. Sure, I love Harley Davidsons and Suzuki Hayabusas, but as for riding them… I’d rather not. I have the same theory with cars too, I love looking at them, but not much on riding in them. I’m more like a Japanese bike person… slow and steady pedaling while taking in the view.

I still would love to have one of these though.

Hahaha! Imagine if I wear one of these while I ride my bicycle around town! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Hell in a Heel?

I SERIOUSLY want one of these babies.

Unfortunately, I’m rather heavy, and although wearing heels might make me look sexier and taller (hahaha), I still get painful feet after wearing them for a long time.

Which is why I end up wearing flats, like, ALL the time.

Platformed shoes are fine for me too, but I really like one of those sky high heels. Maybe I should find spenco soles first before I wear heels like these. I have a pair of them in my closet, but I hardly wear them because my feet hurt like crazy at the end of the day.

Also, according to scientific research and study, there are actually a lot of dangers in wearing high heels all the time. High heels could end up disfiguring the bones of your feet, changing your straight, healthy posture into a curved one (causing your spine to create an unhealthy S shape) and causing bunions, hammertoes and other injuries to your tendons, ankles and toes.

I’m a regular flats wearer, and although I have sky high heels, I do not wear them all the time. I only use them for special occasions.

So for women everywhere who wear sky high heels all the time, research the effects of your heels to your body. It might be a good idea to learn from your research, since you don’t really need to risk your health for the sake of vanity.

As for me, I’ll just drool of the beauty of these shoes, and afterwards I’ll prance my way to a cake store. XD

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Designs By Monday

So a friend of mine, Carlo, told me to “Like” their new project called “Designs By Monday”, and I absolutely love their designs.

I was able to order one of these from my friend. It’s a spoof of the movie “The 300”, but instead of Leonidas, it has the First Filipino Hero, Lapu-Lapu on it instead, with the year of the Battle of Mactan (1521).

It is SO kick-ass! XD

They have another one, which involves Andres Bonifacio, which I’ll be ordering again next month. I have yet to get this shirt from them, but the design is so awesome. I think I’ll get it by Saturday.

People should have more custom t-shirts like these. Seriously. A lot of people actually don’t know about Philippine heroes, so it’s cool that Designs By Monday could make something this great. Philippine heroes are just as kick-ass as Leonidas or Professor X (whoops, spoiler there), and should be treated with respect and admiration. It’s like they’re modernizing the concept of Phil. Heroes so that the younger generation could relate to their greatness, and understand the sacrifices they made for the country.

I hope they make one with Gabriela Silang and Wonder Woman… I’d buy that as soon as possible. GO, WOMEN!!! XD

Hmm… that got me thinking. Maybe I can help with some of the design ideas too. Hahaha! But, I can only give ideas, since I suck at Photoshop and photo-editing softwares. ~_~

Anyway, they’ll have more designs and ideas soon. But if you want to order or inquire about their shirts, you can message them via FaceBook:

Designs by Monday (FaceBook)

Designs by Monday (Twitter)

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I Need a “Drag Queen’s Guide to Life” Book XD

Yes, seriously.

A professional Drag Queen should start making her own book about the things she learned in life, the best designers for drag queen looks, hair and make-up tips, buying sterling silver bracelets at…. EVERYTHING!

I don’t know if RuPaul has done this… but I am hoping someone like Raja Gemini would do something like this. I’ve been watching reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 (damn you, stupid cable TV), and like many of her fans, I believe that Raja is an awesome drag queen, and that she deserved to win. She’s awesome because she looked like such a beautiful woman on her face, but then you look down at her costume sometimes, and you can immediately know he’s a man. It’s like she’s…. he’s….

What was the term….? “Gender fuck”?

Anyway, as it turns out, he’s also a make-up artist and a performer. Also she’s had several years under her belt in the drag industry, so it should be easier for her to tell her story and teach women with low self-esteem (like me ~_~) or give fashion tips. She should write a book about it.

Oh! Especially about how she became a drag queen, and how she was able to deal with all her negative comments and her past experiences to haters.

Hmm… “Raja Gemini’s ‘A Drag Queen’s Guide to Life'”… kind of catchy, don’t you think?

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Prom Dresses

In connection to my previous post about JS Proms, I found a girl with the prettiest dress in that event. XD

I actually like her dress because it was all nice and proper. She looked like a little princess without having to resort to using tanning bed lotion to change the color of her skin. The dress was white, but it showed the natural color of her skin.

I remembered that her dress was just like mine. I mean, sure it looked like it’s more fit for a wedding, but it’s decent. I remember some of this girl’s classmates were wearing really revealing outfits, and it just didn’t look right. I was actually very amazed at this girl, because she carried it very well during the night.

Anyway, that ended my Friday night. And on to Saturday!

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