R.I.P. Paul Bearer


As a wrestling fan, this news saddens me greatly.

William Moody, AKA Paul Bearer, former manager of The Undertaker and WWE Legend, has died yesterday. He was 58 years old.

This makes me really sad because Paul Bearer and the Undertaker were such memorable people in my youth. It was because of them (and Ultimate Warrior) that I became such a fan of the sport. Even though he freaked me out with his pale complexion and high voice.

He retired from the ring during 2002, but had a few visiting spells on WWE, which included Undertaker’s return from a long hiatus.

Hmm… I wonder how Undertaker is taking all of this… since he was such a good friend and manager. I hope he is doing okay.

My thoughts and condolences go to all those who mourn this great wrestling legend. I just hope that he gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. One of the main reasons Undertaker is in this business is because of him as well.

*And maybe they should induct Undertaker as well. Seriously, WWE people, you shouldn’t wait until a person dies before you induct him to the WWE*

R.I.P. Paul Bearer

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Farewell, Dolphy Quizon…

*image from*

And so another legend has fallen… or rather arisen, to heaven.

Of course, there’s no need for me to tell people that Dolphy Quizon, a patron for the cinematic arts in the Philippines, has passed away due to pneumonia, a complication that arrived due to his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He died on July 10, 2012…

Perhaps you’re wondering as to why I’m so late blogging about this. I guess it’s something like shock. I couldn’t believe that a man as great as him would be taken as well.

It would seem that good people are starting to get taken away…

I still remember Dolphy during my younger days. My parent’s loved him. We all did. We grew up watching “John en Marsha” on the TV, long before I’ve even discovered Anime like Voltes V. It was like a daily ritual for us, watching that show, and the other shows he did, like “Home Along Da Riles”. Even though I was sleepy, being so young, I would force myself to wake up so I would watch him.

And then I saw him in “Markova: Comfort Gay”. It was something I accidentally watched on TV. But it haunted me. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. It was such a great movie, and such a sad movie as well.

I think it touched me so much because I saw how hard it was for a gay man to have lived during a the period of World War II. My own grandmother told stories of the war… how my grandfather hid in a haystack to escape the “Death March”, how she would walk around town with internal organs hanging from trees due to the explosions. As one to hear these kind of stories, it makes you think that it was such a horrible time. And then you see stories like Markova and Manang Rosa’s, and you realize that during the war, someone else was having it worse.

Dolphy not only mad us laugh in his films. He made us cry. He made us angry. And he made us laugh again. He made us feel human.

A rare actor is he, and I fear that it would be a long time before any actor would ever replace him.

All the Filipino people will miss you, Dolphy…. T_T


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A Brush With Death? – The Tikling Accident of Jan. 12, 2012

I actually almost had close brush with death a few weeks ago…

A lot of my friends that I have told this to said that there’s nothing to be scared of, but I beg to differ. Had I not decided well, that would have been the end of this blog. ~_~

The morning of January 12, on my way to work, I decided that I was going to leave early from my office to head for a local Health insurance company, so that I can fix my account with them and add my mother as a beneficiary to my account. I was supposed to leave around 11 am, so that I can take my lunch at a nearby mall.

But when I got to the office, I decided to call off my travel for the time being, and focus on my work for the moment. A few moments later, there was havoc in the office.

It turns out that a dump truck, coming from uphill on the road near our office, lost it’s breaks, and headed towards the intersection where I normally wait for jeepneys with jeep parts from when I travel home… or to the Health Insurance office.

That same corner where the child came out of, is the very same corner where I normally wait for a ride.

According to the reports, 5 people were killed, and 13 were wounded. Of the 5, one of them was an elementary student, who was seen as in the footage crossing the road before the truck plowed him through. And also according to the reports, these kind of accidents happen a lot.

It is a very scary thing to think about. A lot of people were shocked, but very few of them were scared at the fact that this truck plowed through our office’s neighborhood. There were five of us who were thinking of leaving the office early, and we were all glad that we didn’t. If we continued our travel, we would’ve seen this accident… or worse yet, we would’ve been in the accident. We were happy that our decisions kept us alive.

We were also sad about the victims. One of the children that were killed in this accident happened to be a student at one of our offices’schools. I extend our condolences to the child’s family, as well as the family of the others that have perished in this horrible accidents.

Anyway, this only goes to show that although some things can be avoided, nobody can really tell what will happen in our lives. I am a little glad that I didn’t go through with my travel, but I’m still very sad about the victims. This kind of accident happens here almost every year, and I am appalled that the local government is still not doing anything to stop this. How long will they let this happen? How many lives are they willing to risk while they make their decision? I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I sure hope that they do something quick. It’s scary to think that others could fall victim to these kind of accidents here. >_<

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In Loving Memory of Mafia, 2009-2012


And so after two days of being dizzy and unable to breathe due to colds, my grief finally came up to me a few moments ago.

My brother’s dog, Mafia – a cute, chubby, white Askal – was killed in the early hours of Friday, when a school bus hit her during her toilet run.

I was awake when they told me what had happened, but I was too dizzy with fever and unable to breathe due to my colds. I was unable to cry because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to breathe due to the colds that was already blocking my airways. I was upset, but I reined my grief in, and went back to bed to make sure I don’t fall over because I was very, very dizzy. But I could hear them outside my room. My brother’s family and my sister were crying.

I heard the discussions, and what I heard made me so sick and dizzy that all I could do was fall unconscious in my bed again. Mafia was run over a school bus, and my mother told one of our helpers to give the dog’s body to one of the pedicab drivers. My mother didn’t know that my brother was in our house at that moment. When my brother finally woke up and found out, he headed to the pedicab driver to take back the body, only to find that it had been chopped up and was about to be turned into a “pulutan”. Mafia’s head was no longer with the body, and all that remained was a plastic bag of some of her “meat”. I blacked out again when the crying started.

When I woke up again, my father was home, and he was telling me to pack some of my stuff so he can take me to their new place, where my mom could heal me. I was very dizzy, but I was able to ride the car and head to my parents’ place and lay down on their bed. My mother healed my fever with some menthol oil, but my colds continued. My dizzyness stopped soon after, and when I was strong and stable enough to walk again, I told my mom about Mafia. She was sad too, but she said that she had no idea that my brother was at our home in Antipolo, and she had no idea that he wanted the dog buried. I couldn’t talk anymore, so I just ate dinner and slept again.

This morning, it was the blessing of my parent’s place, as well as their new store. I helped around a bit, for as long as I wouldn’t get dizzy. I remembered that I have work tomorrow, so I decided to get back here at home.

As I stepped out my cousin’s car, the grief hit me.

I headed directly to our kitchen, where Mafia’s daughter, Chubbilita, was. When I saw her and realizing that the other dog who was supposed to greet me beside her was gone, I made my way to a corner, sat down, and cried hard. Chubbs came near me and laid her head in my lap and whined, like she was saying, “I’m crying for my mom, too.” I cried a lot, and she was whining on my lap, licking my hands and face. I cried for a few minutes there, before heading to the backyard where my brother had buried her. He put three stones on top of the spot, and I had the urge of putting a small figurine of a dog on it, even though I didn’t have one. I offered a small prayer, and went back inside.

But as I was typing this blog, I remembered something from the PAWS website about a Pet Memorial Wall. The Pet Memorial Wall is, obviously, a wall with plaques of pets that have touched the lives of their owners. For a fee of P2,000 (which will be considered as a donation and will be used for the shelter animals), the Center will create a plaque and add it to the wall. I was thinking of adding Mafia’s and my old German Shep, Roval’s name there, since they both touched the lives of our family. It would be great too, since the P2,000 would be a great help to other shelter dogs so that they can find a home and feel loved, like we loved Mafia and Roval.

I left my cellphone at my parent’s place (dang it), so I wasn’t able to text my sister and my brother’s family about this idea, but I’m hoping that they’ll like this idea. They might say that 2k is a pretty hefty price, but I’m sure that the 2k would be well worth it.

Anyway, there’s a pile of tissues here by my keyboard, and it’s full of snot and tears. Delayed grief sure hits hard. T_T

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Rest In Peace, Ryan Dunn

How ironic is this? Just this Saturday, I was laughing my butt off because of this man’s gimmicks in “Jackass 3D”, and now he’s gone.

It’s scary and saddening. T_T

Anyway, for those who don’t know, Ryan Dunn, who is one of the regular stuntmen in Jackass and Viva La Bam, died in a car crash along with his passenger who is now identified as Zachary Hartwell, one of the production assistants of Jackass 2, and a stunt driver.

Now the irony gets worse… a stunt driver who died in a car crash even though he wasn’t in a movie and he’s not driving. ~_~

A lot of people are mourning Ryan Dunn, me included. He was one of the people who didn’t have to shave or buy testoripped to be fun and awesome (yes, humor is awesome, people). However, in the reports, it was said was Dunn was drunk at the time of the accident, having tweeted an image of him drinking with friends a few hours before the accident (the image has since been deleted). Critics and fans alike are debating left and right about what happened to Dunn, and although I’d like say my thoughts on this, I think I’ll keep it for myself for now, out of respect for those people who are affected by this tragedy.

Aw, man… I wonder how Bam Margera is doing… he’s one of my favorite skateboarder/Jackass, and he’s the one closest to Dunn. The dude must be crushed. Hang in there, Bam!

Anyway, my thoughts, prayers and condolences to Ryan Dunn’s family and friends. He was an awesome dude, and will always be remembered by all Jackass fans.

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R.I.P. Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Randall Mario Poffo, known as Randy “Macho Man” Savage in the WWF/WWE universe has died last May 20, 2011.

Local policemen and roadside assistance club members said that Mr. Poffo was driving when he suffered a heart attack, which led him to lose control of his vehicle and hit a tree. His second wife, Lynn Payne, which he married just last year, was also in the car, but she suffered only minor injuries.

Randy Savage was one of the WWF Superstars that became embedded in my mind ever since I was young. My Brother, Kharlo, used to to imitate him as a child along with Ultimate Warrior. We would sit around in front of the TV just to watch them, afterwards my brother would try and get on top of mother’s headboard (or top rope as he called it XD) and jump down on us…. which obviously, led me to cry. XD

Sometimes, the WWF would show their matches so late at night that it was scheduled after my bed time, but my brother would still watch. I’d struggle to keep my eyes open just to see them, so I wouldn’t fall asleep. But I end up falling asleep anyway. ~_~

He had a lot of rivalry matches with Hulk Hogan. Watching them were great. We always thought that it was real life when the two of them are in the ring. They brawl like it’s not scripted…

Anyway, as a wrestling fan, you will surely be missed, Randy Savage. You will always be a Macho Man in the hearts of the wrestling community…

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Bin Laden is Dead.

*Photo by Getty Images*

Unless you have been hiding in a hole somewhere, I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard that the terrorist and No.1 enemy of America (and probably the world), Osama Bin Laden is dead.


According to reports, the US intelligence (known as the CIA) is to thank for their discovery of Bin Laden’s villa/ hide out in Abbottabad, a few kilometers north of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad . They then sent out helicopters and troops from US SEALs (Team Six) to carry out the raid on the morning of May 1, 2011. They also said that Bin Laden put up a fight but was unarmed during the raid, and only 4 people aside from Bin Laden were killed. None of the US Military were shot or harmed during the fight.


Bin Laden’s body was said to have been shot in the eye and in the chest, and that facial recognition and DNA testing were performed in the body. The reports also said that when these tests were done, they buried the body in the Arabian Sea.


This was, according to President Barack Obama, one of the greatest victories of the US. I’m pretty sure that this would also be a great addition to the history of Obama’s reign as President.


However, there are some “conspiracy theorist” who do not find this believable. It seems that they want proof, by publishing photos and videos of Bin Laden’s body during the tests done on his cadaver. In fact, there is already a spam message circulating around FaceBook about his body (though I’m pretty sure that these are all fake, and was just placed there for some stupid profile count or virus spreading. FB users beware ok? Do NOT believe these images. I’d rather see the pictures from Yahoo! News or some local newspapers than in FaceBook >_<). Apparently, they are urging the White House to publish these photos as proof to the world that the man is already dead.


As for me, I have mixed reactions about this issue. First of all, I am happy that Bin Laden is dead, since he has killed many people during his reign of terror. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are happy, too. His attacks during September 11, 2001 was not limited to the killing of US citizens. There were a a lot of people of mixed cultures that died during these attacks, my Filipino countrymen included.


Second, I am kind of scared. With the death of their leader, the al-Qaeda will be sure to retaliate.  As for when and where they will attack, we do not know. I just hope that all countries would stay alert. It’s not over with the al-Qaeda, that’s for sure. ~_~


And third, I am, to some degree, a little disappointed. It took them almost 10 years to capture or kill this man. The 9/11 attacks happened way back in 2001, and it is only until now that they found him. It’s a tad disappointing that with all the technology and intelligence of the nations hunting for this man, it took them this much time to find him. I’m pretty sure that the families of the 9/11 victims would be sure to agree with me on this one. ~_~


Anyway, I’m pretty sure that countries all over the world are celebrating (there was even a celebration at New York’s Time Square, outside the White House, and even at Ground Zero – the World Trade Center), but still, we have to stay on the alert. Bin Laden may be dead, but there are still some pretty mad people out there. ~_~

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Where’s Yoshitaka Amano-san? And Gaming News

With all these deaths and these tragedies going on in Japan, I’m beginning to worry about my favorite painter, Yoshitaka Amano. T_T

Oh man, I’m tearing up just worrying about him. (But hey, give me a break will ya? I already cried and howled with worry when I remembered Gackt, and I cried with joy when I found out he was alive ~_~).

Amano became my favorite painter after I saw his illustration of Final Fantasy VI in the internet, and after seeing his Vampire Hunter D art. They were masterpieces to me. The brushstrokes of his paintings were so fine, and it was just beautiful. I literally scourged around all National Bookstores in my area to find a copy of his collaborative work with Neil Gaiman called “Sandman: The Dream Hunters”. (sorry, Neil Gaiman fans, I liked the story, but I loved the art. XD)

I just hope he is okay. Amano-san, if you’re out there, please tell your fans that you are safe! We are so worried. T_T

*me regretting not being able to take online nursing degree begins now ~_~*

In other news about Japan, since I’ve already posted stuff about J-celebrities, it’s about time that I moved on to the every awesome Japanese Gaming Industry… which luckily will continue to thrive (hooray). Several of Japan’s gaming companies have now posted in Twitter about they’re current statuses. The first one I checked was Square Enix (of course, I’d try to find them first, they made the FF series!) and luckily they are all fine, although they’re online servers will be down for the week and probably longer due to power issues. Sony Entertainment is also okay, so are the Sega Community and Nintendo company. Hideo Kojima, of Kojima Productions and Konami (also creator of the gad-awesome Metal Gear series) is also okay.

Unfortunately, due to the destruction and also power outages in Japan, it has been announced that several games will have delivery issues, or will end up being altered or cancelled.

Ouch, I just hope Dissidia 012 won’t be one of them. ~_~

I hope that all these people are well somewhere, surrounded by people who have had online nursing degree to take care of them.

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What if Mark Callaway died?

Related to my previous post on Eddie Guerrero…

It made me realize something… what if Mark Callaway (The real name of The Undertaker)… you know, dies…?

And don’t give me the kind of jokes that he would rise up from the dead or something just because of his in-ring persona. ~_~

I mean, yeah… technically (meaning in the ring) that’s basically what he does. But there is this fact that Mark Callaway is altogether human. He gets injured, he bleeds and he grows old. Lately, his age is showing up in his form, but he still kicks a$$ though. XD

I mean, look at Ric Flair. The man is a legend. The man is awesome. And yet the man grew old and had to retire. And WWE never became the same after that. I get the feeling that should Taker retire (or die… which I hope doesn’t happen anytime soon… I adore him so much ~_~), there would be a lot of crying fans, a lot of sad fans… me included.

Actually, the way I see it, even though Taker is still performing strongly, I think he should be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame already. I mean, the guy made A LOT of unforgettable matches, he invented several stipulation matches (Hell In A Cell, Casket Match, Buried Alive, etc), and is quite a superstar in his own right. He CHANGED the face of WWE, man! And yet he is still not considered a Hall of Famer. ~_~

Maybe this is something I should write to WWE about… “Please Consider Mark Callaway aka The Undertaker As A WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee”. It’s quite a mouthful, but it works. XD

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Eddie Guerrero’s 5th Year Death Anniversary

I just realized…

It’s been 5 years since Eddie Guerrero passed away.

Man, I wish I had a bunch of ipods so I can watch all of Eddie’s previous matches. Gosh, I miss that guy.

Not to insult any wrestling fan, but I don’t know… a lot of things are not as exciting as it used to be. Some of the greatest (albeit oldest) wrestlers are gone. Rick Flair and Shawn Micheals had quit, Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero and Umaga had passed away, and some of them have moved to other brands, like Kurt Angle. In fact, sometimes I only watch WWE because of only 5 wrestlers… John Cena, The Big Show, Triple H, Rey Mysterio Jr., and of course the Gawd-awesome Undertaker.

Yep, I’ve been an Undertaker fan since the age of 6. XD

Anyway, back to topic, wrestling is not as exciting (for me) as it used to be. Of course, the gong of Undertaker’s theme still makes me scream like crazy but some of the things they do, and some of the story lines they make… they just don’t make sense anymore.

And none of the wrestlers don’t seem to have the same comedic timing and brilliance of Eddie Guerrero. No one can replace him in the WWE universe it seems.

Man, I really miss the guy. I wish I had one of those “I’m Your Papi” shirts… I’d wear them everyday.

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