Let’s play Zumba!

In a related post to my previous one, I’ve recently seen this footage of a video game for the XBox Kinect called “Zumba Fitness World Party”.

And yes, I know the game has been around for a while, but hey, I was too busy catching up to my Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption marathon. (John Marston is my idol right now, I swear).

I’ve been trying to get a hold of a second-hand copy of this, since XBox 360 games trading is still pretty much thriving in our local scene, but nobody seems to want to let go of their c opy! Which is really surprising, since I thought that Kinect games are not really a “strong” seller in the circuit. So, I’d probably have to buy it for brand new.

Combine this with my Dance Central games, which have fitness monitors, maybe I could lose weight with this. I’ve heard some pretty good weight loss reviews from this game, and from my experience with the DC games, I get the feeling I’m going to get really worked up in this. I mean, just look at the girl in the video! I mean if I could dance like that, I’d be making videos of it too.

Which possibly also means that I’m going to have to get the music from this game, put it on my phone, and buy MF’s best earbuds so I can play them on my commute to work. I want to be able to practice it during my down time.

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New Year, New Goals

Hey!!! It’s 2016!

Woot! Woot!

Yep, it’s a New Year, and with that, New Year’s Resolutions.

Although, I’ve come to the ever-human-realization that I can’t keep a damn promise on “doing’ any of the resolutions I made, I’ve decided to instead focus on “Goals” instead. Which ultimately, gets ticked off in my “Bucket List”, which is a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”… also known as dying.

Okay… so last year, I ticked off three goals in my Bucket List. I dyed my hair red (albeit temporarily), got a tattoo (2, for that matter), and learned an instrument (my ukulele)

So now, for this years goal, one of them is this:

Yep. I’m to start dancing again. XD

I mean, yeah, I did belly dance before, but now I want to learn Hip-Hop and Zumba, which I think I prefer, even though I have a not-so-pretty “stank face”.

Anyway, I can’t afford any private lessons yet, so I’m going to start simple by playing more Xbox Kinect. Hopefully that might help, not just in my dance but in my fitness as well…

Wish me luck! XD

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Practice Makes Perfect?

And now back to my gaming news…

Now that I have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, I am now seriously, SERIOUSLY practicing this.

And it’s not going to well.

I don’t have any DLC (Downloadable Content) songs yet, so this is the hardest song in my playlist as of now. And it is a b… really hard. XD

I guess my fluffiness is attributed to my issues with dancing this song. And my dance space is really not that roomy, but being a bit of a completionist, I can’t help but be disappointed with myself that I just can’t get this right. My feet get all tangled up, I get tired much too easily, and I can’t do the jumping and the fast steps. The guy dancing here is awesome to have done it. T_T

That doesn’t mean I’m going to give up though. I’mma finish this!!!

Maybe I just need one of those magnectic jewelry to increase my stamina or something. I heard the benefits of magnetic bracelets includes an increase in physical stamina, which I would probably need to do all the quick steps.

Hopefully, this thing could help with my fluffiness too, I heard that some people lost weight because of Dance Central. XD

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Whatever Happened to the “Huling El Bimbo” girl?

This question came up rather randomly in my head. I’ve been very busy trying to read more now (especially The Hobbit book, since it’s coming out pretty soon), and during one of my lapses of reading I heard the Eraserhead’s “Ang Huling El Bimbo”.

Then I remembered the girl who was dancing in the video. I remembered her because she was so cute in that video. Quite an actress for such a young age.

Which made me realize, whatever happened to her? I don’t think she rose to stardom ever since that video was made. Which is quite a shame, really. For a few moments, this girl actually stole the show.

I’m actually learning to play this on the ukulele. It’s actually weird, since not as haunting in meaning with the ukulele. Maybe this song is reserved for the acoustic guitar.

Anyway, does anyone have any news about the girl? Or the woman in this video? This song and MTV won so many awards long ago, I hope they got a portion of the profits from this project, since it’s a really haunting video.

They don’t make music videos like these anymore. Sheesh.

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I miss my bellydancing lessons. ~_~

Anyway, speaking of bellydance again, I have come to the conclusion that Zils are not quite the thing for me. Apparently, my fingers and feet are not that coordinated. ~_~

However, I did see this video in YouTube, and it made me WANT to make a Veil Poi (or Voi). And make an additional costume for it too.

I wonder if equipment leasing is allowed for wanna-be dress/costume makers…

Back to Veil Poi. The thing is, when I was very, very young, I used to do this kind of thing. I’d find one of my mother’s scarves or a strip of cloth, tie it to an end of a stick (or a walis tingting, as we Filipinos call it), and twirl around it. My mom would scold me because she’d end up with scarves with wrinkled corners, but I had a lot of fun doing it. But then of course, I stopped when I grew older.

Personally, next to Zills, Veils and Veil Poi are great accessories for a bellydancer, not to mention it really tones up your arms and add as a cardio exercise. Try twirling that for an hour and tell me that your shoulder’s didn’t hurt. XD

I was thinking of making one, using stuff that’s just around the house. The weight at the end of the poi is easy… just use a small bag filled with “munggo” seeds or rice (I remembered the game “Chinese Jackstone” when I was a kid. Anybody else remember that?) so that it wouldn’t hurt so much when it hits, but still slightly weighted. The silk scarves, I have plenty of. The handle is pretty easy too, since I’d just restitch my dog’s old leash. However, I am having some problems looking for a chain. I wonder what I can use for that. Maybe I can just use a ribbon? But that would be rather flimsy. It might snap when I twirl the Voi.

Hmm… all this blogging about Veil Poi is making me want to make one. Maybe I should. It would be great for Photoshoots for, plus I can use it as extra exercise.


I need to find some tough chain or ribbon. ~_~

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ZenkX’s 1st Public Bellydance… Sort Of

Remind me never to do this again.

Oh wait, I’d have to… on Friday. >_<

Yeah, I “belly danced” during my mother’s birthday program. They loved it. Hahaha!

It’s not really my thing to dance in public, especially belly dancing in front of people, even though they’re my relatives. But unfortunately, I’d have to belly dance for a lot of people on Friday. So I thought, “If I can’t dance like this in front of my relatives, how in the heck can I belly dance in front of total strangers?”

So yeah, this is me… belly dancing… even though my blouse looked like an electric blanket rather than a costume.

I don’t have an actual belly dance costume yet, mainly because it’s really hard to find a top for me. Go figure. I’d have to sew my own, which is what I’m doing right now. I just hope it’ll be done by Thursday and Friday >_<

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Can You Move Like Jagger?

Because I sure as heck can’t XD.

Anyway, I’ve been so obsessed with this song lately, mainly because it’s one of the songs my bellydance instructor makes us dance to. But I get the feeling that I might need to consult some people with Radiologic Technician Jobs… because my back is killing me. >_< I don't know... it just seemed rather... catchy. My bellydance teacher showed me this choreography and I just PANTED so much because it involved a lot of jumping around. And before that I had to do tons of shimmy drills, etc. My instructor is running me ragged during bellydance class, but I like it. Anyway, I posted this because my brain just keeps playing this OVER and OVER and OVER in my head that I'm afraid this is going to play in my "blood whale" dreams. XD

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Dancing Envy And Double Standards

Someday, I want to be this brilliant in Tribal Fusion bellydancing.

If only I had some box converter so I can convert some of her YouTube videos into my television. ~_~

Unfortunately, as much as I love her dancing, society’s penchant for perfection continues to piss me off. Apparently, I’d be considered a freak if I tried to dance this kind of choreography when I am 80 pounds overweight.

Well, that sucks. I didn’t know you were supposed to have a specific bodily figure to bellydance. ~_~

I’ve been reading around the InterNet lately. Apparently, most “fluffy” bellydancers focus more on Egyptian-style bellydancing rather than Tribal Fusion style bellydancing. Which is fine for me. It’s just that there are way too many people who bring these bellydancers down by calling them “fat” or “disgusting”.

Seriously? Since when has dancing for pure enjoyment become disgusting?

Anyway, I really hate these kind of double standards. It’s annoying. It’s like saying you can go and do bellydance when you’ve shed some pounds and become skinny. Which is a total opposite of what belly dancing is all about. Bellydance is all about acceptance, and liking your body no matter what the shape.

Argh. Society sucks sometimes. Honestly. Remind me to find my old bellydance belt and dance my heart out while rising my middle finger to the people who give me disgusted looks. >:(

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Junior-Senior Proms

Whew… I am soooooooo E – X- hausted!

2 days of pure fun and well…. hard labor. It’s a miracle I didn’t lose as much weight as a person who takes the best diet pills from the amount of sweat I had. XD

It started out last Friday, where I accompanied my sister-in-law and her friend to an event that they hosted at the Marikina Convention Center. It was actually the Junior-Senior Prom of the Parang National High School in Marikina. I, actually had a lot of fun doing it, mainly because it reminded me of my own JS Prom.

Everybody looked all so handsome and pretty that they wanted to have their picture taken with the photo booth that my sis-in-law set up. It was hard work, but it was good. Unfortunately, by the end of the night, I had shouted and talked so much that well… I ended up losing my voice. ~_~

Anyway, it was a great night for everyone, and I was happy that I became a part of the lovely memories that they had that night.

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Hand Dancing

I want to learn how to do this:

Hahaha! This would be so much fun to do when you’re bored… XD

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