Mass Effect with Kinect?

Okay, I know Mass Effect has been around. Hell, I am the worst when it comes to gaming news…

But how in God’s green Earth that I did not know that you can play Mass Effect with the Kinect?!

Issuing commands like a real-time Commander Shepard? Oh hell yes!!!

It’s not like karaoke, so no singing involved (which is a good thing for me, I can’t sing for my life). You just speak your commands, just like that.

Although, being a Filipino, wouldn’t this have problems with people like me that has an accent? I don’t speak English very well, so the Kinect might have problems about that.

But still, it’s pretty cool. More games should have this kind of feature. It makes the game more interactive and fun. I personally can’t wait to say “Garrus! Sniper Rifle!” XD

Though it would be pretty awesome if the crew actually replies back to your command, like saying “Aye, aye, Commander” or “Yes sir!”

Damn… I really need an Xbox now. T_T

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Xbox 360 Woes T_T

I seriously need to get an Xbox. T_T

With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 4, I have begun to realize that I am missing out on so many frickin’ games. Assassin’s Creed 4 is already in the works, and I haven’t even played the first Assassin’s Creed!

I’ve also heard that Saint’s Row the Third’s company, THQ, has filed for bankruptsy. So now how in the hell can I get a copy?!

Dang… T_T

I still want to play SOOO many games before I get married(which is still not an option for me yet XD). But then again, my sister and I DO have a back-up plan of getting our own house and becoming old maids with lots of dogs and cats. Hahaha! It’s not such a bad idea, you know. XD

Anyway, I’m still waiting on my bonus to be able to buy an Xbox. My sister would have to wait before I get Dance Central 1/2/3, because I SHALL complete the Assassin’s Creed games on the Xbox before I get Dance Central. (she’s gonna get so pissed XD).

I wonder what other games I should get… hmm….

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Another want: Altair Jacket!

Yeah, that’s a costume made by a cosplayer, designed according to Altair’s clothes from Assasin’s Creed.

And I frickin’ want it.

Or at least just the jacket… the half chaps have got to go though.

I am thinking of buying some cloth, and have someone sew it for me. With the release of Assassin’s Creed 3, a lot of people are thinking about how to design the jacket of the protagonist, Connor Kenway. But of course, being the first Assassin’s Creed hero ever featured, I still prefer Altair’s. Not to mention that it’s pretty simple. I wonder how many yards of cloth this would take? And if it would even fit my extra large frame. ~_~

The leather work would have to be removed though… it’s a shame. I just don’t know anyone who works with leather.

Anyway, maybe after I’ve bought a soprano ukulele, this would be my next project. But maybe I should make it in black?

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The Sims 2: Castaway Getaway?

Okay, I am serious, SERIOUSLY addicted with this game, even though it’s been years since it was released.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I desperately want a house on a beach complete with backyard cabanas, tiki statues and swing beds. ~_~

Yep, it’s the Sims 2: Castaway for the PSP. I am playing it so much that I’ve forgotten to play my Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker game (oh I am so evil).

It’s just that with all my work and chores, playing this game is the only way I can just sit back, relax and (sort of) watch the waves go by without leaving my room.

And besides, I suck at Metal Gear (arggghhh!!!). Might as well do RPGs that relaxes me than play games that make me scream “FFFFUUUUUUUU———!!!!!” when I get frustrated. ~_~

Besides, this kind of makes me what would happen to me should I get stuck in a deserted island as well. Heh… kind of like a survivor’s guide. But I doubt I’ll making canoes from statues and stuff like that. ~_~

Anyway, my PSP is probably charged now (I drained it accidentally from playing too much Sims XD), so I’d better go and start playing again. XD

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Cellphone Madness

I give up.

I am no longer going to change my cellphone. I am honestly so sick of trying to find a good cellphone for me.

Every frickin’ year I have to browse through websites and stores that have blogger-friendly and unified communications platform cellphones. And quite honestly, I can’t find the right kind of cellphone for me… or rather, the right one for my pocket. I’m kind of a cheapskate, so HTCs and Android phones are not good. ~_~

Personally, I think I’d rather buy a soprano ukulele than a cellphone. XD

Cellphones change every year that it’s making me sick and dizzy. Honestly, there’s even some people actually sell their organs for an iPhone or and iPad. That is SICK! So no, I will stay on with my Nokia N85. It does me justice. It’s got Twitter and Facebook and Ovi. I. Am. Happy.


Okay, okay. I’m going to change my cellphone back to a Samsung Corby II when I have the chance… BUT THAT’S IT! ~_~”

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Street Fighter X Tekken for 2012!


Is it just me or is Chun-Li’s thighs (and titanium bracelets for men)getting bigger every time Street Fighter has a new game out… ?

Anyway, looks like what I said before came true… THERE’S A STREET FIGHTER V.S. TEKKEN VIDEO GAME COMING OUT, PEOPLE!

Bad thing is, we don’t have a PS3, or an XBOX 360.

Looks like I need a credit card. >_< Anyway, yup! Street Fighter VS Tekken will be coming out next year, and from what I've been reading around the net (and from my discussions with my BFF Joyce), the game is going to be great. So far, from the previews, I've been seeing a lot of old faces, though it was mentioned that there were going to be quite a few new characters, too. Personally, I'm just happy that they made this. I guess it's going to beat the whole "Final Fantasy Dissidia" series out of the running, but still, I'm really apprehensive. The playing styles from the previews seems to lean more on the "Street Fighter" controls rather than the "Tekken" gameplay, so it might make Tekken lovers take some time first to practice. However, it's still a good thing to finally see that Ryu/Ken/Hwoarang/Steve Fox battle I've been dreaming about. I wonder how much is an XBox nowadays... hmm... Oh... I don't think Paul Phoenix was in the preview... >_<

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I swear, if this PS2 breaks down again and nobody can repair it, I’m going to encase it in glass and keep it in my cabinet (right next to my personalized baby gifts… which were prank gifts given to me by my friends ~_~).

Yep, I have no intention of selling or letting my PS2 rot. As long as there are people willing to download and burn game files for me, I would keep playing this!

Actually, I can’t afford a Wii or a PS3 yet (huhuhuhu much sadness T_T), but it’s okay. My PS2 is a little run down, but hey, I can still play some of the most awesome games in there, like FFX, God of War 1 and 2, Tales of Legendia and Abyss (not really a fan of Radiant Mythology for the PSP ~_~), Guitar Hero 2 and 3 and Metallica, Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria and my personal favorite, OKAMI!

*cuddles Okami CD case* (Oh my cute puppy Amaterasu, I missed you so much! XD)

As for the real reason it broke… hmm, maybe from over-use? Harharhar! When I was still a bum (yeah, I had a bum-phase for 3 years after my “graduation”), I used to play the PS2 for almost a day. But now that I have a job, I don’t think I’ll be that hard on it. Besides, I recently got Dissidia 012 Duodecim on my sister’s PSP, so yeah, I’ll be punishing the PSP more soon. >:)

Anyway, the guy who repaired it for me doesn’t have a website, but still, I want to thank him for being so awesome. His name is Jason, and he owns a small stall down at Sta. Lucia Mall (the old one) that sells platform games. He repaired it for me, upgraded my PSP and installed Duodecim.. Heehee! Thanks, Kuya Jason! ^_^v

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Where’s Yoshitaka Amano-san? And Gaming News

With all these deaths and these tragedies going on in Japan, I’m beginning to worry about my favorite painter, Yoshitaka Amano. T_T

Oh man, I’m tearing up just worrying about him. (But hey, give me a break will ya? I already cried and howled with worry when I remembered Gackt, and I cried with joy when I found out he was alive ~_~).

Amano became my favorite painter after I saw his illustration of Final Fantasy VI in the internet, and after seeing his Vampire Hunter D art. They were masterpieces to me. The brushstrokes of his paintings were so fine, and it was just beautiful. I literally scourged around all National Bookstores in my area to find a copy of his collaborative work with Neil Gaiman called “Sandman: The Dream Hunters”. (sorry, Neil Gaiman fans, I liked the story, but I loved the art. XD)

I just hope he is okay. Amano-san, if you’re out there, please tell your fans that you are safe! We are so worried. T_T

*me regretting not being able to take online nursing degree begins now ~_~*

In other news about Japan, since I’ve already posted stuff about J-celebrities, it’s about time that I moved on to the every awesome Japanese Gaming Industry… which luckily will continue to thrive (hooray). Several of Japan’s gaming companies have now posted in Twitter about they’re current statuses. The first one I checked was Square Enix (of course, I’d try to find them first, they made the FF series!) and luckily they are all fine, although they’re online servers will be down for the week and probably longer due to power issues. Sony Entertainment is also okay, so are the Sega Community and Nintendo company. Hideo Kojima, of Kojima Productions and Konami (also creator of the gad-awesome Metal Gear series) is also okay.

Unfortunately, due to the destruction and also power outages in Japan, it has been announced that several games will have delivery issues, or will end up being altered or cancelled.

Ouch, I just hope Dissidia 012 won’t be one of them. ~_~

I hope that all these people are well somewhere, surrounded by people who have had online nursing degree to take care of them.

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Rev UP your engines!

Just yesterday, I went with my other buddies to the University of the Philippines Diliman to watch their “Rev UP!” event, where they showcased different cars from their student bodies, and I came to a realization that if you want art, you might as well get it done to your car rather than to your body, so you don’t have to worry about tattoo removal.

I swear, these cars are AWESOME! I’m not much of a driver, but I do appreciate beauty. And these cars are works of art, right down to the engines. Although, I am not much of a fan of the insanely large and loud speakers… I already lost my voice that day. I couldn’t afford shouting with my throat’ condition because of my fear of damaging my larynx further. XD

Anyway, I’m renting at computer shop right now but when our internet is back to normal, I’ll make sure to post photos. XD

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Suit Up With DC Universe Online

I am beginning to think that I need a new computer other than this Acer laptop of mine. Mainly because I want to play this kick @$$ game!

It’s DC Universe Online, the newest brain-child of the wonderful people from Sony Entertainment Online. It will be released this January of 2011, and as far as I can tell from the DCUO’s Website, pre-ordered copies are being shipped as we speak. Some gamers are even complaining about how slow the delivery is taking. Talk about major excitement! XD

According to the site, the game is classified as an Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), and has a lot of features. The player has a wide array of choices, from which faction they’re going to play for (heroes VS villains), to the costumes, and even the super powers that they will possess. The character creation of the game makes sure that the player is the one to decide what sort of hero or anti-hero they would be, which is pretty cool. I, personally, would like an anti-hero with a combination of Harley Quinn’s flexibility and insanity with Wonder Woman’s powers. >:)

From the preview, you can also see just how great this game is going to be mainly because it has several DC characters available to be your “mentor” in game. In the introduction, heroes like Superman, Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Flash and the Green Lantern can be seen…and on the anti-heroes side theres’ Lex Luthor, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Circe, Black Adam, Deathstroke and Giganta. I found that Superman looks rather… disheveled in the preview…

Anyway, I have a feeling this game is going to take a while before it reaches the Philippine shores, because it’s been said that the monthly subscription for the game is going to reach up to $14.99 (roughly around P700 in the current economy… God knows how the exchange rate always changes ~_~). Plus, I for one, might have a hard time with the specs this game is requesting. It needs an Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 operating system, 3.0 GHz CPU Dual Core Processor, 2 GB RAM NVIDIA 8800GTX+ or ATI 3800 series+ Video Card, 30 GB of Free Hard Drive Space, DirectX-compatible sound card or motherboard sound capability, Broadband internet connection (required) and a DVD-ROM Drive (for installation, of course).

So in the meantime, while I’m saving up for a PC with these specs (harharhar), you can find out more about this game through their website @

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