My Dad And Danny Trejo

So yeah, recently my father came home to spend a few months of “vacation” time here after his months of being at sea.

And guess who he bumps into while waiting around the airport?


Danny Trejo at the airport

Yep, it’s Johnny 23 himself, who my dad saw while he was waiting around the airport’s Retail System. As it turns out, Mr. Trejo here was on his way to Los Angeles, California at that time.

I’m actually a little shocked… as it turns out my dad is actually taller than him. But my dad said he was a very cool, down-to-earth guy, who didn’t shun his fans even as the crowd got thicker with people trying to get his autograph. He looks different when he smiles, which is much better than his scary looks like in Con Air and Desperado.

Anyway, Danny Trejo is a kick a$$ action movie actor, as it turns out, he’s a pretty cool, normal guy as well. I wish more celebrities would be this awesome when greeting fans.

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Rest In Peace, Ryan Dunn

How ironic is this? Just this Saturday, I was laughing my butt off because of this man’s gimmicks in “Jackass 3D”, and now he’s gone.

It’s scary and saddening. T_T

Anyway, for those who don’t know, Ryan Dunn, who is one of the regular stuntmen in Jackass and Viva La Bam, died in a car crash along with his passenger who is now identified as Zachary Hartwell, one of the production assistants of Jackass 2, and a stunt driver.

Now the irony gets worse… a stunt driver who died in a car crash even though he wasn’t in a movie and he’s not driving. ~_~

A lot of people are mourning Ryan Dunn, me included. He was one of the people who didn’t have to shave or buy testoripped to be fun and awesome (yes, humor is awesome, people). However, in the reports, it was said was Dunn was drunk at the time of the accident, having tweeted an image of him drinking with friends a few hours before the accident (the image has since been deleted). Critics and fans alike are debating left and right about what happened to Dunn, and although I’d like say my thoughts on this, I think I’ll keep it for myself for now, out of respect for those people who are affected by this tragedy.

Aw, man… I wonder how Bam Margera is doing… he’s one of my favorite skateboarder/Jackass, and he’s the one closest to Dunn. The dude must be crushed. Hang in there, Bam!

Anyway, my thoughts, prayers and condolences to Ryan Dunn’s family and friends. He was an awesome dude, and will always be remembered by all Jackass fans.

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Of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

So dumb of me not to know that they got legally married last January… ~_~

Anyway, yep, my favorite singer/bisexual musician is married to one of the best authors in this generation. How frickin’ cool is that?!

Yep, I am totally in love with Amanda Palmer (in a non-sexual way, okay?!). I personally believe that she is the type of musician every recording artist ought to be. She speaks truth in her lyrics, she doesn’t give a d@mn about what people think, she’s confident in her appearance (she carries the whole shaved-off-my-eyebrows-and-used-liquid-liner-instead so fashionably) and in her sexuality, and she’s a lot of fun in her concerts (from what I’ve seen in YouTube, anyway XD).

It’s just too bad she doesn’t hold concerts in the Philippines… I even doubt that people actually know her here. ~_~

As for Neil, yeah, I consider him as one of the great writers of this age. I actually envy him… he has written so many books in his lifetime. I have none. Writer’s envy!!! >_<

I actually have a copy of Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” book… the one with Yoshitaka Amano’s art in it. I love the art more, but I do love the story as well. Hmm… maybe I should consider collecting Neil’s Sandman books now.

Anyway, looking at this video, Neil looks so helplessly in love. It’s so romantic. Huhuhu. I wonder when a guy would look at me like that. T_T

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Where’s Yoshitaka Amano-san? And Gaming News

With all these deaths and these tragedies going on in Japan, I’m beginning to worry about my favorite painter, Yoshitaka Amano. T_T

Oh man, I’m tearing up just worrying about him. (But hey, give me a break will ya? I already cried and howled with worry when I remembered Gackt, and I cried with joy when I found out he was alive ~_~).

Amano became my favorite painter after I saw his illustration of Final Fantasy VI in the internet, and after seeing his Vampire Hunter D art. They were masterpieces to me. The brushstrokes of his paintings were so fine, and it was just beautiful. I literally scourged around all National Bookstores in my area to find a copy of his collaborative work with Neil Gaiman called “Sandman: The Dream Hunters”. (sorry, Neil Gaiman fans, I liked the story, but I loved the art. XD)

I just hope he is okay. Amano-san, if you’re out there, please tell your fans that you are safe! We are so worried. T_T

*me regretting not being able to take online nursing degree begins now ~_~*

In other news about Japan, since I’ve already posted stuff about J-celebrities, it’s about time that I moved on to the every awesome Japanese Gaming Industry… which luckily will continue to thrive (hooray). Several of Japan’s gaming companies have now posted in Twitter about they’re current statuses. The first one I checked was Square Enix (of course, I’d try to find them first, they made the FF series!) and luckily they are all fine, although they’re online servers will be down for the week and probably longer due to power issues. Sony Entertainment is also okay, so are the Sega Community and Nintendo company. Hideo Kojima, of Kojima Productions and Konami (also creator of the gad-awesome Metal Gear series) is also okay.

Unfortunately, due to the destruction and also power outages in Japan, it has been announced that several games will have delivery issues, or will end up being altered or cancelled.

Ouch, I just hope Dissidia 012 won’t be one of them. ~_~

I hope that all these people are well somewhere, surrounded by people who have had online nursing degree to take care of them.

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Daijobu?! An Update on J-Celebs

After the earthquake/tsunami, the World Wide Web has been a buzzin’ about how the Japanese celebrities are doing in the aftermath of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami.

And as it turns out, a lot of them are okay, thanks to their early warning and their people in medical uniforms.

I’m a huge fan of J-Rockers myself, so I was pretty worried about some of my favorite J-Celebs as well. According to this list, GACKT-kun and his band are okay (ohhhh Gackt-sama, I was so worried for you!!! T_T), so are DIR EN GREY (waaaa! Kyo-kun, daijobu?! T_T), Miyavi, Utada Hikaru, Alice Nine, Larc~en~Ciel, LUNA SEA and the GazettE. I also saw Watase Yu, mangaka (or manga artist) and creator of Fushigi Yugi. Yoshiki of X-Japan is also safe, although according to Twitter, he is very worried because he can’t contact his mother. I hope she’s okay.

During the tsunami, I went out with my friends and they kept joking about Maria Ozawa being in Japan during the tsunami. In fact, so many people are looking for her in Twitter. There has been no formal reports of her whereabouts, although there were rumours that she was in Bali during the time of the Tsunami. I’m certain that a lot of men are praying for her. *rolls eyes*

I’m still pretty worried though. The previous members of Malice Mizer has not shown up on the list, like Mana-sama and Klaha. Kana is not there too, so is Matsumoto of Downtown… huwaaa, I wonder where they are. T_T

Anyway, if you guys are worried about your favorite J-Celeb, feel free to follow the link to see if your idols are safe. ^_^v

Let’s all pray for the Japanese people that they may have the strength to overcome this tragedy and remain safe.

UPDATE: There has been confirmed reports that Mana-sama and the members of Moi~Dix~Moi (sorry if the typing is wrong) are all safe, and even Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu is fine as well… but right now, I remembered someone I ought to be looking for, Yoshitaka Amano. Does anyone know if this treasure of a painter is alive and well? T_T



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