Current Status of Japan’s Photo Industry

Being an aspiring photographer and owning a Fujifilm S1800, I couldn’t help but wonder how Japan’s photo industry is doing. After being hit by an earthquake and a tsunami, and now with the threat of nuclear disaster, I’m sure a lot of people are worried about this country, not just because of their innovation and invention of modern age gadgets, but also of their people as well.

It’s painful enough that our own home got flooded during Hurricane Ketsana… imagine how even more painful it is to come back to your house only to find that the only thing left is a pile of rubble and a house number plaque. T_T

Japan’s pain is not only affects the local people, but people outside Japan as well. Some of my friends who are major fans of Japan’s gaming industry are devastated at the news that some game releases have been cut short due to the disaster. Also, I’ve heard that Japan’s leading innovators in photography are having problems as well. Sony, Fujifilm, Nikon, Casio, Panasonic and Sandisk (leading camera and camera accessories corporations) are temporarily at a stand still. Which is pretty unfortunate for Fujifilm fans, since they have recently announced that the shipping for their latest camera, the Fujifilm Finepix X100, has been temporarily halted. ~_~

According to the news, the Japanese are slowly but surely rebuilding their lives. I say, “Gambatte” (good luck!). I believe that their people are strong. I hope that Kami-sama would keep them safe, and help guide them as they go on and rebuild their lives.

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Where’s Yoshitaka Amano-san? And Gaming News

With all these deaths and these tragedies going on in Japan, I’m beginning to worry about my favorite painter, Yoshitaka Amano. T_T

Oh man, I’m tearing up just worrying about him. (But hey, give me a break will ya? I already cried and howled with worry when I remembered Gackt, and I cried with joy when I found out he was alive ~_~).

Amano became my favorite painter after I saw his illustration of Final Fantasy VI in the internet, and after seeing his Vampire Hunter D art. They were masterpieces to me. The brushstrokes of his paintings were so fine, and it was just beautiful. I literally scourged around all National Bookstores in my area to find a copy of his collaborative work with Neil Gaiman called “Sandman: The Dream Hunters”. (sorry, Neil Gaiman fans, I liked the story, but I loved the art. XD)

I just hope he is okay. Amano-san, if you’re out there, please tell your fans that you are safe! We are so worried. T_T

*me regretting not being able to take online nursing degree begins now ~_~*

In other news about Japan, since I’ve already posted stuff about J-celebrities, it’s about time that I moved on to the every awesome Japanese Gaming Industry… which luckily will continue to thrive (hooray). Several of Japan’s gaming companies have now posted in Twitter about they’re current statuses. The first one I checked was Square Enix (of course, I’d try to find them first, they made the FF series!) and luckily they are all fine, although they’re online servers will be down for the week and probably longer due to power issues. Sony Entertainment is also okay, so are the Sega Community and Nintendo company. Hideo Kojima, of Kojima Productions and Konami (also creator of the gad-awesome Metal Gear series) is also okay.

Unfortunately, due to the destruction and also power outages in Japan, it has been announced that several games will have delivery issues, or will end up being altered or cancelled.

Ouch, I just hope Dissidia 012 won’t be one of them. ~_~

I hope that all these people are well somewhere, surrounded by people who have had online nursing degree to take care of them.

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Daijobu?! An Update on J-Celebs

After the earthquake/tsunami, the World Wide Web has been a buzzin’ about how the Japanese celebrities are doing in the aftermath of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami.

And as it turns out, a lot of them are okay, thanks to their early warning and their people in medical uniforms.

I’m a huge fan of J-Rockers myself, so I was pretty worried about some of my favorite J-Celebs as well. According to this list, GACKT-kun and his band are okay (ohhhh Gackt-sama, I was so worried for you!!! T_T), so are DIR EN GREY (waaaa! Kyo-kun, daijobu?! T_T), Miyavi, Utada Hikaru, Alice Nine, Larc~en~Ciel, LUNA SEA and the GazettE. I also saw Watase Yu, mangaka (or manga artist) and creator of Fushigi Yugi. Yoshiki of X-Japan is also safe, although according to Twitter, he is very worried because he can’t contact his mother. I hope she’s okay.

During the tsunami, I went out with my friends and they kept joking about Maria Ozawa being in Japan during the tsunami. In fact, so many people are looking for her in Twitter. There has been no formal reports of her whereabouts, although there were rumours that she was in Bali during the time of the Tsunami. I’m certain that a lot of men are praying for her. *rolls eyes*

I’m still pretty worried though. The previous members of Malice Mizer has not shown up on the list, like Mana-sama and Klaha. Kana is not there too, so is Matsumoto of Downtown… huwaaa, I wonder where they are. T_T

Anyway, if you guys are worried about your favorite J-Celeb, feel free to follow the link to see if your idols are safe. ^_^v

Let’s all pray for the Japanese people that they may have the strength to overcome this tragedy and remain safe.

UPDATE: There has been confirmed reports that Mana-sama and the members of Moi~Dix~Moi (sorry if the typing is wrong) are all safe, and even Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu is fine as well… but right now, I remembered someone I ought to be looking for, Yoshitaka Amano. Does anyone know if this treasure of a painter is alive and well? T_T



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The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Oh geeze, after looking at this footage, it really DOES feel like the world is coming to an end. T_T

Huwaaaa… kuwaii, kuwaii. T_T

An earthquake recently hit Japan, reaching a 8.9 on the Richter scale, followed immediately an hour later by this massive tsunami that wrecked down houses, cars and infrastructure…

So many people gone… over a thousand dead, from what I last heard in the news. It’s been a while since I’ve heard of this sort of catastrophe in Japan, but, damn, this is just so extreme. ~_~

But I guess it is unavoidable. Unlike the flood effects of Hurricane Ketsana (aka Ondoy) here in the Philippines, you can’t blame this sort of thing to the dams releasing water or the trash overflowing in the water systems. This is just plain nature’s fury, and the earth’s pechant for ever changing landscapes.

But still, this is really scary… I pray of all of the people in Japan (and any other country that is affected by the quake, and of the tsunami). T_T

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