Skull helmets!

Pardon my language, but this shit is so FUCKING awesome!

In case you’re wondering, yes, they are helmets. I am very fond of the one on the top of the shelf, the one that is molded like a skull.

Granted, these helmets would probably not be approved by any government as safe, like the usual Shoei or icon helmets but it’s still pretty cool. Imagine having to wear one of these babies while cruising down the highway. And the other helmets in the picture? They are frickin’ Glow in the Dark! Wearing these while riding down a night time highway ought to freak passers by. XD

Anyway, I like these kind of helmets, but I have come to realize that I am not much of a rider. Sure, I love Harley Davidsons and Suzuki Hayabusas, but as for riding them… I’d rather not. I have the same theory with cars too, I love looking at them, but not much on riding in them. I’m more like a Japanese bike person… slow and steady pedaling while taking in the view.

I still would love to have one of these though.

Hahaha! Imagine if I wear one of these while I ride my bicycle around town! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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The Jeepney Rant (By An Everyday Commuter)

So okay, I’ve been working for 2 years now, I’ve finished four years of college, and I finished high school as well, all the while commuting my way to get to point A to point B, and I’ve noticed a lot of things while riding the Filipino transport, the Jeepney.

Yes, the Jeepney… the noble Army vehicle that sounds like a honda mower that became the national transport of the Philippines. No Filipino in this country is going to say they’ve never ridden a jeepney, because at some point in their lives, they did. Perhaps the only Filipinos who can say they’ve never ridden one are Foreign-born Filipinos and really, really rich people. O_o

But because I’ve been commuting for, like, half my life, there are some things that pisses me off when riding a jeepney. Like, real annoying stuff that happens when inside the jeepney. It’s not really the jeepney’s fault, more like the passengers/drivers. Here are some of them:

1. For the love of God, if you are a jeepney passenger, and someone wants to pass along the money from you to the driver, DO YOUR PART! Make sure that you pass along the money. Some people are just too lazy when they do this. It happens to me all the time! They have their back turned on me, and I’d reach out and say “Manong, bayad po (Mister, here’s the payment)”, and this jerk-off won’t even turn around since he’s the one closest to where I was reaching.  Geeze, as if it takes too much energy taking money and reaching out arm’s length to give it to the driver. ~_~

2. In connection with number 2, if someone hands out the “bayad (payment)” to you, don’t be a jerk and try to steal at least a peso from it (happened to me once). Are you that poor to be taking a peso from someone else’s payment? ~_~

3. For drivers out there, yes, Jeepneys are naturally crowded, it’s designed to be so. However, if you can see that there is at least 1 person who can’t sit anymore, do not try to pick up anymore passengers. We are not sardines. We are human beings. And yes we come in different sizes… like me. I’m chubby. But just because your seats can accommodate up to ten people, don’t think that approximately ten people can fit there if someone of my build would sit there, because they won’t. (And DON’T argue with me about losing weight and trying to be thin… you would just lose XD)

4. Again for the drivers, and possibly conductors, STOP WITH THE LOUD SOUND SYSTEM ALREADY!!! This… this is the part I hate the most about some jeepneys. There are some jeepneys with really, really loud music… like, you can just feel the bass thumping from underneath your seat. It’s annoying… and dumb! What are these guys, thinking they’re drag racers on “Fast and the Furious” to have really loud music. What if I need to hand out my bayad, or if I have to get off? You want me to SCREAM out what I need? Meh. I don’t do shouting. And what if there are children or infants on board your jeepney? You going to damage their fragile inner ears? There are a lot of health hazards concerning listening to loud music. Read them. Study them. Take them to heart. Because I die of a headache from busting out my eardrum, I will go “The Grudge” on you. >:(

5. Ah here, we go… passengers. Ha! One of the things that annoy me the most about them is that when it’s really, really cramped, you can just SMELL them all around you. Not kidding. It’s fine if you smell good and all (like this cute guy who once sat beside me who smelled of Hugo Boss [drool]), but if you know you got a little stench on you, do yourself a favor and clean up a bit. Put on a clean shirt. Put on deodorant. Put on some cologne. Whatever. Just don’t come aboard a jeepney (or any public transportation for that matter) smelling of funk. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be encased in a funk sandwich? Not pleasant, AT ALL. >_<

6. And for the women, as much as I like having my hair down once in a while, if you really have long hair, please, pull it up in a pony tail before riding the jeep. It’s not my fault if I accidentally pull it. It’s flying all over my face when I’m sitting behind you! Of course, I’m going to try and get rid of it. It’s like being strangled by a hairy Kraren. ~_~

Geez, there’s only 6 of these… but once I collect my thoughts, I’ll be sure to put in more. Actually, maybe I should blog about the type of people there are in jeepneys as well… hmm… I’ll think about that. XD

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Rest In Peace, Ryan Dunn

How ironic is this? Just this Saturday, I was laughing my butt off because of this man’s gimmicks in “Jackass 3D”, and now he’s gone.

It’s scary and saddening. T_T

Anyway, for those who don’t know, Ryan Dunn, who is one of the regular stuntmen in Jackass and Viva La Bam, died in a car crash along with his passenger who is now identified as Zachary Hartwell, one of the production assistants of Jackass 2, and a stunt driver.

Now the irony gets worse… a stunt driver who died in a car crash even though he wasn’t in a movie and he’s not driving. ~_~

A lot of people are mourning Ryan Dunn, me included. He was one of the people who didn’t have to shave or buy testoripped to be fun and awesome (yes, humor is awesome, people). However, in the reports, it was said was Dunn was drunk at the time of the accident, having tweeted an image of him drinking with friends a few hours before the accident (the image has since been deleted). Critics and fans alike are debating left and right about what happened to Dunn, and although I’d like say my thoughts on this, I think I’ll keep it for myself for now, out of respect for those people who are affected by this tragedy.

Aw, man… I wonder how Bam Margera is doing… he’s one of my favorite skateboarder/Jackass, and he’s the one closest to Dunn. The dude must be crushed. Hang in there, Bam!

Anyway, my thoughts, prayers and condolences to Ryan Dunn’s family and friends. He was an awesome dude, and will always be remembered by all Jackass fans.

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Volkswagen Beetle?


Yep, one of the main highlights of the Rev Up carshow (for me anyway) is the restoration of several Volkswagen Beetles.

You know, the old car whose top looked like some sort of equestrian helmets. I’ve heard that there are clubs that are into restoring and fixing these kind of cars.

It’s one of my favorite cars, actually. We made fun of it when we were kids. When we saw one of them, we’d hit our friends at the top of their heads and then say, “PENDONG! Peace!” and then holding up a peace sign so they can’t retaliate. Hahaha. Good times that. XD

Anyway, it’s not really fit for a big, chubby woman like myself, but if I had been slightly smaller, I would’ve bought one of these babies for sure… then I’m going to paint it black with fire designs so it’ll look like one hot bug! Hahaha!

I’ve heard that they are making a new version of the Volkwagen Beetle, but I don’t think I have seen the new one on the streets of Ortigas. XD

Hmm… I wonder how much one of these cost nowadays…?

*by the way, in case you’re wondering, the picture above is actually the hood of the “Pendong Peace”, one of the entries for the Rev Up Exhibit. What cool about it is that the actual Volkswagen Beetle looks EXACTLY like the miniature toy that rests on top of its hood XD*

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Panning Victory!

Remember when I said that my weakness in photography would be panning shots?

Well, lucky me, I got one down! XD

During the Rev UP event, I was able to take this cool panning shot of an RC car during one of the RC Drifting events that was held there.

It’s not much, but it was pretty cool to see that it is attainable, I just have to practice hard for it. XD

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Rev UP your engines!

Just yesterday, I went with my other buddies to the University of the Philippines Diliman to watch their “Rev UP!” event, where they showcased different cars from their student bodies, and I came to a realization that if you want art, you might as well get it done to your car rather than to your body, so you don’t have to worry about tattoo removal.

I swear, these cars are AWESOME! I’m not much of a driver, but I do appreciate beauty. And these cars are works of art, right down to the engines. Although, I am not much of a fan of the insanely large and loud speakers… I already lost my voice that day. I couldn’t afford shouting with my throat’ condition because of my fear of damaging my larynx further. XD

Anyway, I’m renting at computer shop right now but when our internet is back to normal, I’ll make sure to post photos. XD

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Driving Angry With Nicholas Cage

Sheesh, if I keep watching movies like these, I’m going to need the cheapest car insurance available. ~_~

Yep, Nicholas Cage is up with another movie about… you guessed it… cars, speed and redemption. It’s title is “Drive Angry” (WHICH I HOPE YOU WON’T DO IN REAL LIFE!!! ~_~) I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am actually getting pretty tired at seeing Nicholas Cage in roles like these. You know… the whole speed freak with some quest for redemption or revenge. I mean, he had a similar role in Ghostrider, and in Bangkok Dangerous, and in Gone in 60 seconds. I kind of miss his romantic roles like in City of Angels. I wonder when he’ll ever think of getting roles like that again…

Anyway, I guess it just really shows that he is really picking out the roles he likes, and especially how much into speed he is.

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Fast Five

Yep, the preview for the fifth (and probably last) sequel for Fast and The Furious franchise, entitled “Fast Five” has just been released!

Meaning a lot of fanatics are going to need cheap auto insurance again, since they will probably be drifting and driving like in the movie. XD

Man, I haven’t seen any good driving movies lately. Everything is about fantasy or superhero stories, especially with the releases of “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows”, the “Twilight” series, “The Green Lantern” and “Thor” (I’m hoping my brother can score us some tickets for the last two XD). I’m looking forward to watching something different again.

Not to mention one of my favorite wrestlers, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is in the movie as well!

And of course the ever drool-worthy, hunk-of-muscle-and-hotness Vin Diesel is back again, along with his co-stars. If you watch the preview closely, it seems like a lot of people from the last four sequels are back and raring to put the pedal to the metal.

And the cars… Oh my Gawd! The cars! They look so awesome in the preview! I hope they can showcase great cars again (as they often do XD), particularly new released models. Even though I am not much of a mechanic, I do appreciate a certain beauty in cars. XD

Anyway, there’s no date of release for the movie yet (darn ~_~), but I sure hope it’s pretty soon! ^_^v

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The 2012 Opel Corsa <3

I think I’ve found my dream car… or rather my “future” dream car, I just hope that if I’m able to buy it, it would include a cheap auto insurance. XD




 From Cellphone Photos

Meet the (rather stubby XD) 2012 Opel Corsa, a concept car designed by General Motors. Yep, you read it right… this lil’-hunk-a-metal won’t be released until 2012, due to the design that apparently still needs tweaking. This car was already shown during a week long Ferrari fair. GM also gave motorists a hint of what’s to come with this baby, showing off a diesel/electric hybrid of this car at the 2007 Frankfurt road show. And yes, I am a big fan of hybrid cars. XD

It’s just too bad that hybrid cars are not too big here in the Philippines. Even though the hybrid Toyota Prius was already released, Filipinos were not too excited about it, due to its price (P 2.2 million!!!) and the continuous price hikes of both diesel and electricity. Hybrid cars would have been such a great idea for the Philippines too.

I wish someone would hurry up and finish a water-powered car already, that way we can just use rainwater or tap water for fuel. XD

2012 Opel Corsa image from

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Of Future Cars… WHOOHOO!!!

Okay, I have to admit… I’m not a much of a “car” person. Truth be told, I’m more into Harleys than cars. But after seeing this on cable TV, I can’t help but SLOBBER at the thought of owning a car like this.

For those who don’t know yet, this car is (for me anyway) the best future car I have ever seen.

This beauty, my friends, is BMW’s newest high-tech baby, G.I.N.A., which stands for Geometry and Functions In “N” (meaning infinite) Adaptions. Ain’t she pretty?! XD

This newest concept car from BMW is very high tech. It’s body is made of a special high tech cloth that expands and shrinks at the push of a button, which is particularly useful when you lack space in your trunk to put stuff in. The cloth does this because the frame of the car itself is made of controllable metal bars and wires, which can open and close parts of the car like the hood, its doors and even it’s headlights. This is particularly cool since the headlights look like eyes when they open… XD

The control of the car itself is monitored by a powerful computer, which also activates the car to turn on or to go into standby mode (no more getting worried about locking your keys in your car!). When the car is on standby, and the owner returns to use the car, it’ll automatically start up and use the last saved settings used by the last person who use it.

The wires and cloth of the car not only changes on the outside, but also the INTERIOR as well. It can adjust the seats, the dashboard, etc. to fit the driver and the passengers needs.

So yeah, this car is SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!! (For me anyway… XD) But now that I think about it, this car probably isn’t fit with the streets here in the Philippines. Specially when it faces off against the King of the Philippine Streets… the Jeepney.

G.I.N.A. vs Jeepney? The G.I.N.A. would probably get owned pretty bad. Jeepneys have a lot of sharp, metal parts (specially the Jeepneys that happen to be a bit rusty XD) which can probably rip the G.I.N.A. to shreds.

Anyway, if BMW could make a G.I.N.A. car which runs on water, I’m pretty sure that THAT would be a big hit. In fact, I think any automobile that could work with water as its fuel source would be an instant hit. Specially with the oil prices today. ~_~

Maybe someone should invent a Harley-Davidson that runs on good old H2O… if somebody does that, I’ll use every bit of my salary to buy one. XD

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