Camera Distress T_T

The look on my face on this picture my sister took of me says it all….

Yeah. My S1800 Camera is broken. T_T

Apparently, the shutter in my camera is stuck closed… probably because I haven’t used it in a while. From what I’ve researched, it’s a common illness among Point and Shoot cameras like mine.

Although there are some ways to unstuck it (like tapping the camera, etc.), I’m afraid of causing further damage to it, so I’m leaving it alone for now. I’m going to look for a repair center for Fujifilm first. I advise anyone who has the same issue to take it to a service center rather than trying to unstick it yourself. A camera repair is going to cost a lot, but causing permanent damage on your camera from tapping it or banging it, will cost more. ~_~

But, in the meantime, no photography until I get this fixed. T_T

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An Aunt’s Pride

Yep! I am so proud of my nephew! XD

I told you guys already about how we had a Photowalk in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.

What I didn’t tell you is that my nephew won 2nd place in our Photo Challenge!

Me so proud! I almost had a heart attack because I was so happy! Maybe I should consider bringing a medical computer cart to check my vitals during photowalks. XD

I’ve been giving my nephew several lessons on how to shoot using his father’s DSLR, and my good ol’ Point and Shoot, and I’m happy to see that he’s doing great. So great, in fact, that I lost to him that day, having only 1 vote. XD

But hey, I’m just happy to see that he’s a great photographer, and that he has an eye for photography. I’ve encouraged him to keep at it, and hopefully, he’ll be a better photographer than I am.

Keep up the good work, dude! When we have another photowalk, I’ll make sure to bring you along again!

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Current Status of Japan’s Photo Industry

Being an aspiring photographer and owning a Fujifilm S1800, I couldn’t help but wonder how Japan’s photo industry is doing. After being hit by an earthquake and a tsunami, and now with the threat of nuclear disaster, I’m sure a lot of people are worried about this country, not just because of their innovation and invention of modern age gadgets, but also of their people as well.

It’s painful enough that our own home got flooded during Hurricane Ketsana… imagine how even more painful it is to come back to your house only to find that the only thing left is a pile of rubble and a house number plaque. T_T

Japan’s pain is not only affects the local people, but people outside Japan as well. Some of my friends who are major fans of Japan’s gaming industry are devastated at the news that some game releases have been cut short due to the disaster. Also, I’ve heard that Japan’s leading innovators in photography are having problems as well. Sony, Fujifilm, Nikon, Casio, Panasonic and Sandisk (leading camera and camera accessories corporations) are temporarily at a stand still. Which is pretty unfortunate for Fujifilm fans, since they have recently announced that the shipping for their latest camera, the Fujifilm Finepix X100, has been temporarily halted. ~_~

According to the news, the Japanese are slowly but surely rebuilding their lives. I say, “Gambatte” (good luck!). I believe that their people are strong. I hope that Kami-sama would keep them safe, and help guide them as they go on and rebuild their lives.

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Heading Back to Marinduque… Again

Yep, like I said before, this is going to be an every year thing for me….

I’ll be heading back to Marinduque on Holy Week again, but unfortunately, this time, it’ll only be me and my mother. Not sure about my brother’s family or his friends, but I’m hoping they’ll be able to come with us.

Personally, I need some rest and relaxation. Although Mariduque lacks in spa boutiques and spa gift baskets, I’m pretty sure the beach would be enough to calm me down and relax me. I love the scent of the ocean… it’s one of the most calming things ever for me… next to chocolates. XD

I’ve checked the local Moriones festival schedule, and it’s great to see that the Gasan-Gasan Festival would still be one. It’s one of the coolest parades on the island along with the Moriones Festival. Specially now, with my new PnS camera and the things I’ve learned from our camera club, I’ll be able to take much cooler and creative pictures. I can’t wait. XD

Speaking of camera club (and before heading over to Marinduque), our camera club is going to Daranak Falls in Rizal this Saturday… WHOOHOO! It’s been a while since I’ve been to a waterfall. I think there was a waterfall I went to when I was a child… Hinulugang Taktak, I think, was the name. But during my childhood it’s become quite polluted that we never came back to it. I’m hoping the experience that again, and take great pictures as well.

Anyway, for those interested about the Gasan-Gasan Festival, here’s a clip I took of the event last year. Hopefully, it’ll be just as fun and colorful as last time. XD

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The Future Photographer?

Actually, that’s my nephew who has recently been into photography. He is so awesome.

And he’s so grown up! Sheesh! One of these days, I’m going to have to buy him some new parish clothing… he’s reaching my height already. ~_~

I took this photo when we ate out after his Elementary graduation. Sheeesh. The kid is in high school already… I can still remember when he was two years old, when we were sitting at the front seat of my mother’s car, singing “Eyes On Me” by Faye Wong while we waited for her to finish her shopping. Those were the days. T_T

He’s growing up way too fast for me. It makes me feel so old. XD

But, I’m still a bit happy, especially since I was able to teach him some photography. I actually envy him a bit, since he can use his parents’ Canon DSLR camera when he’s taking pictures. I hope he can harness his skills in photography, I could tell he has the eyes for it. Maybe when he reaches the proper age, I can be bring him to our photo walks.

Hmm… a 12-year old kid, capturing photos with a DSLR camera borrowed from his parent… it kind of reminds me of me when I was still using my dad’s SLR camera fifteen years ago. It kind of made me envious that he can use the DSLR, but then again, I have my own Point and Shoot camera that has yet to fail me. Hahaha. Besides, like my friends used to say, “it’s not the bow, it’s the Indian.” XD

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Cellphones as Witnesses?

It’s funny how cellphones like a Motorola Atrix can be of so much help…

I’ve been watching the news lately and it’s pretty cool to see that so much more people are actually involved in stopping crime, just through their cellphones.

Camera phones are great nowadays because people can easily take them out and take pictures or videos of people doing crimes all around the world. So many more people are being saved that way.

Well, I guess using cellphone cameras to catch thieves and cruelty is fine, but as long as they don’t use it for something like, sex scandals or embarrassing videos or something. I mean seriously…

Or maybe if you have an uptight, waaaayyy-too-serious friend, please don’t do something like this to them. You’ll embarrass them to death. XD

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1st Rizal Educators Basketball Tournament

Whew. I know I said that I wanted to learn how to burn belly fat, but standing for minutes to watch some guys pass a ball around is just ridiculous for me. XD

Yep, I recently attended the 1st Rizal Educators Basketball Tournament (well… it was actually last February 5, but I got lazy during posting XD). It was actually pretty cool. I watched my office mates play. It made me a little envious actually, I don’t think I’m good at any sport, being all huge and fluffy. Ah well. XD

I had a lot of fun shooting them, mainly because I was able to practice how to do panning. I got a few lucky shots, but I think I need to practice some more. Also, my lightings a little dark, so yeah, I need to learn how to tweak my camera. Also, it’s pretty fun watching all the teachers play basketball. It’s kind of like seeing them let their usual self out and just have fun. XD

Want to see some of my shots? I made a video about it (for the purposes of showing my office mates too. XD)

Personally, I like my Black And White shots. XD

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Shallow Field of Depth Practice

Yeah, I have so much to learn about photography…

Luckily, stuff that I carry around everyday make cool objects in a photograph, so I was able to practice. XD

I took this picture while waiting for our Yellow Cab pizza to bring to Kuya Alex’s Despidida (Farewell) party.


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Yep, I’m a member of the  Point and Shooters Community Forum now. ^_^v

Mainly because I need to work on how to shoot with my camera…

For those of you who don’t know, is actually a site made by my blogging master, geri, as well as his friends to bring together different Point And Shoot camera users together to participate in photowalks and other events. They also help amateurs (like me ~_~) in taking great photos with digital cameras.

Most of my pictures are taken with my sister’s Nikon CoolPix L20… it’s an okay camera, but I have problems about how to handle it and how to use the different settings. I’m hoping I can learn a lot from them and participate in their photowalks soon. XD

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