Skull helmets!

Pardon my language, but this shit is so FUCKING awesome!

In case you’re wondering, yes, they are helmets. I am very fond of the one on the top of the shelf, the one that is molded like a skull.

Granted, these helmets would probably not be approved by any government as safe, like the usual Shoei or icon helmets but it’s still pretty cool. Imagine having to wear one of these babies while cruising down the highway. And the other helmets in the picture? They are frickin’ Glow in the Dark! Wearing these while riding down a night time highway ought to freak passers by. XD

Anyway, I like these kind of helmets, but I have come to realize that I am not much of a rider. Sure, I love Harley Davidsons and Suzuki Hayabusas, but as for riding them… I’d rather not. I have the same theory with cars too, I love looking at them, but not much on riding in them. I’m more like a Japanese bike person… slow and steady pedaling while taking in the view.

I still would love to have one of these though.

Hahaha! Imagine if I wear one of these while I ride my bicycle around town! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Trike Drifting: The New Sport

Imagine riding down a highway, the wind blowing at your face, your buddies riding behind you, with a djarum black cigarette in your mouth, feeling like such a bad ass because the way you ride looks so awesome.

Except that you’re not riding a Harley Motorcycle, or a Ducati…

Oh no… you are riding a Tricycle.

And not just any tricycle. A Tricycle that frickin’ DRIFTS.

Yep, a lot of new people are looking for new hobbies, and drift trikes are turning to be quite a fad. Especially here in the Philippines, since there are a lot of mountain regions here, and a lot of inclined roads. Though I am a little chicken to try it out (being fluffy and all ~_~), there are a lot of Filipinos that are beginning to love Drift Trikes.

Like the people of  Pinoy Drift Trikes in Facebook. Already they are starting on new projects for drift trikes. And it looks very easy and cheap to make too, since a person can customize just about every single detail about the trike. It is, somewhat, environment-friendly too, since you’ll be using old bikes instead of throwing them in junk shops and land fills.

I have a feeling that Drift Trikes will soon be a popular sport and hobby. Already, Drift Trikers are looking for other materials, and supplies for their own trikes. So if you’re looking for a new extreme sport, or just some new hobby, why not try Trike Drifting?

You can visit the Pinoy Drift Trikes website from this link. Don’t forget to like them and learn more about this new extreme sport. ^_^v

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here and watch the awesomeness in three wheels…

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Shiva Sisters Motorbike


Yeah, it’s from Final Fantasy XIII. I actually found about this on the InterNet (YouTube is awesome XD). My brother has this game on the PS3. He thought I’d die of envy when he took a picture of the console along with its still packaged ps3 hdmi cable. HA! I am still in love with my FFX, thank you very much.

I do not envy him because he has the PS3. I envy ANYONE who has a real, running motorbike designed to look like the Shiva Sisters. It’s freakin’ awesome! Although, it might be pretty awkward if I rode it… 3 girls, 1 bike? I don’t think so. XD

Anyway, it would be so cool if someone made that in real life, much even cooler if it runs.

Heeeyyy… somebody should make that, and Cloud’s Fenrir bike too! ARGH! That would be SO AWESOME!!! XD

(yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m quite the FF fan XD)

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Bike Drifting Girl

I found this clip in YouTube today, and it is AWESOME! XD

I wish I could drift like this in a bicycle, it would be so cool. I’d weave in and out of traffic in our local village if I had a talent like this. XD

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