Male Bellydancers?

Speaking of bellydance…

One of the things I noticed during our Hafla is that there are ABSOLUTELY NO male bellydancers in our area. There was this wicked awesome light performer named Eric, though. But still, NO MALE BELLYDANCERS!


Haven’t you guys heard of Tito Seif, or this guy, Eddie? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD!

This guy is DA BOMB! Seriously guys, if you want to bellydance, but you’re still a little shy, watch this man and be inspired. Because to me, he is certainly the most manliest male bellydancer ever. (Him and Tito Seif).

Just get a few bellydance (and maybe some hip hop and popping) lessons, some really good tunes you can blast through your earphones, practice a lot, and viola! Male bellydancer!

Make sure to video yourself so I can forward it to my teacher… maybe next time we have a hafla, we can include you.

If you look at my picture from the last post, there were many types of bellydancers. There were young ones, old ones, fluffy ones (me), skinny ones, graceful ones, awkward ones (me again), and graceful ones. The only thing we DIDN’T have, was a male one. XD

So come ON, guys! Prove to yourself that men can be as good as bellydancing as women. I seriously encourage you. If a fluffy, 177 pound woman like me can do it, I am damned sure you can too. ^_^v

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Back To Belly (For 1 Night Only XD)

Yeahh……. I sorta bellydanced again. XD

My teacher, Kim Kong, called me up a few days ago to inform me that wanted me to represent my style of bellydance called Tribal Fusion, at a Hafla she organized in Kasbah Restaurant and Bar.

Who am I to refuse. XD

And tadah!!! A Picture of me in full Tribal Regalia again! XD



That’s me at the back… with the pudgy tummy and the weird ornaments in her hair. Still so fluuuufffffyyyyy~~~~!!!

Anyway, it felt SOOO good to bellydance again! Just hearing the drums while the other bellydancers were doing their thing made me dance with them. And even though my routine was a little shaky at first, by the middle of it I was totally owning it that many of the other bellydancers were surprised. And what’s more, since I began doing YRG yoga, I’ve been getting even more flexible that I was able to do a full layback KNEELING DOWN! That was something I’ve never done before on stage. XD

But of course, it was only for one night. Hahaha! I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more of these (my teacher is hinting she might) but if she does, I’ll be there again. XD

Thanks a lot to Kasbah at The Fort for the great food and ambience! Make sure to visit them at 7th Avenue, The Fort Strip, Taguig! XD

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Missing a lot of things…

Ya know… with my busy sched, gaming addiction and trying to be frugal (ouch), I’m beginning to miss a lot of things.

I miss bellydancing… but I can’t go back to bellydance class because my budget is so limited.

I miss doing photography… but I can’t get my busted camera fixed.

I miss playing my ukulele… I still play but not as much as I used to.

I miss doing yoga… but my yoga mat is all dirty and nasty, and I can’t afford to buy new personalized yoga mats.

I miss going to the gym and exercising… but like I said, my budget is limited.

Hmm… maybe I just need to set my priorities straight. Technically speaking, my budget is limited, but mainly because I have the tendecy to not save. (ouch again). I should consider getting maybe a savings account? And then I won’t get an ATM so that I won’t be able to withdraw anything from it. Yeah, that sounds good.

But for the meantime, after watching this video of Rachel Brice, maybe I really should consider getting a new yoga mat. It’s only around P500, and I know for sure that I desperately, DESPERATELY need the exercise. My back is not as flexible as it used to be, and my bellydancing skills have pretty much dulled right now.  ~_~”

And one more thing…

I miss my bellydance teacher, Miss Kim. T_T

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It’s Here! My New Bellydance DVD



Yep! My Ariellah CD came in yesterday! Wheee!!

By the way, the Serpentine DVD was something I bought a while ago. Talk about being a fanatic.

Anyway, I was able to do some of Ariellah’s Yoga Conditioning last night. It made me sleep pretty late, but dang, it felt good. It stretched my muscles rather well, but I think Rachel’s DVD is better when it comes to training and stretching the spine.

Actually, both DVDs stretch and warms up the body well. It really does improve stability and balance and it really works well with getting the kinks out my spine. My back been hurting awfully lot for the last few days, that all this stretching is a huge relief. I guess that’s the price you pay for sitting slouched on an office chair for 8 hours, 5 times a week. Plus I was able to sweat quite a lot, particularly Rachel’s Yoga session. My Yoga mat needs to be disinfected to get the scent of sweat off of it. ~_~

It’s really great that I have these DVDs. Since I’m cost cutting (huhuhu T_T), I haven’t had the money to join a gym that has bellydance lessons. Okay, so maybe these two DVDs are more focused on Tribal and Tribal Fusion, but I think all in all, it’ll help with my flexibility. I was thinking that I’d strengthen my muscles a bit first with a couple of month’s work of Yoga, before proceeding with their drills and bellydance exercises. Hmm… that sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

But I think I’d better get some cost effective life insurance first. I’m afraid that with all this Yoga I’m doing, I’d end up knocking around furniture since my balance is awful. Not to mention that I think there’s a kink in my glutes (aka Butt Muscles). It’s getting kind of painful when I move. But then again, that’s a part of any work-out or exercise session.~_~

It’s Friday today, so I’m hoping to do some more yoga when I get home. Honestly… more people should consider doing yoga. I think the exercise and meditation would be great for everyone.

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Return to Yoga

And so, I’ve decided instead of moaning all the time about how I miss my bellydancing lessons, I’m going to go back to practicing yoga (even though I’m still very NOT flexible XD).

I’ve bought a new DVD, which SHOULD be arriving in 15 days… depending on the Philippine Post Office (~_~). It features Ariellah, one of the pioneers of Gothic Fusion Bellydance.

I have Rachel Brice’s DVD too, but I hate to admit for someone as flabby as I am, I’m having a hard time with it. According to my research, Ariellah’s DVD is much more beginner friendly.

Anyway, I have to go on vacation for a while, but I’m hoping to practice this once I come back. XD

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I miss my bellydancing days… T_T

I really do. T_T

And it’s such a waste considering I look good in all those Moukaite Jasper Beads and feathers and all.

I haven’t had any good exercises recently and my pooch is showing up again with a vengeance (crap!). I was thinking of doing Rachel Brice’s Yoga again, but it takes about an hour and a half, so I’m trying to find a good time for it in my daily schedule.

Maybe I should try a 30-minute Sun Salutation and Dancing Warriors Yoga Routine? Hmm…

Anyway, even if I do yoga, I would still miss bellydancing. I miss my bellydance teacher too. Huhuhu.

Maybe I should try going back to the gym… but it’s going to cost me a couple thousand bucks again, which is hard considering I want to save up and use that 2k for our bills.


I miss bellydancing. T_T

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I miss my bellydancing lessons. ~_~

Anyway, speaking of bellydance again, I have come to the conclusion that Zils are not quite the thing for me. Apparently, my fingers and feet are not that coordinated. ~_~

However, I did see this video in YouTube, and it made me WANT to make a Veil Poi (or Voi). And make an additional costume for it too.

I wonder if equipment leasing is allowed for wanna-be dress/costume makers…

Back to Veil Poi. The thing is, when I was very, very young, I used to do this kind of thing. I’d find one of my mother’s scarves or a strip of cloth, tie it to an end of a stick (or a walis tingting, as we Filipinos call it), and twirl around it. My mom would scold me because she’d end up with scarves with wrinkled corners, but I had a lot of fun doing it. But then of course, I stopped when I grew older.

Personally, next to Zills, Veils and Veil Poi are great accessories for a bellydancer, not to mention it really tones up your arms and add as a cardio exercise. Try twirling that for an hour and tell me that your shoulder’s didn’t hurt. XD

I was thinking of making one, using stuff that’s just around the house. The weight at the end of the poi is easy… just use a small bag filled with “munggo” seeds or rice (I remembered the game “Chinese Jackstone” when I was a kid. Anybody else remember that?) so that it wouldn’t hurt so much when it hits, but still slightly weighted. The silk scarves, I have plenty of. The handle is pretty easy too, since I’d just restitch my dog’s old leash. However, I am having some problems looking for a chain. I wonder what I can use for that. Maybe I can just use a ribbon? But that would be rather flimsy. It might snap when I twirl the Voi.

Hmm… all this blogging about Veil Poi is making me want to make one. Maybe I should. It would be great for Photoshoots for, plus I can use it as extra exercise.


I need to find some tough chain or ribbon. ~_~

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Bellydance Career? I Think Not.

No, I am not ready for professional bellydance, I think.

I’ve had three performances already. The 1st one on my mother’s birthday, the 2nd one on my gym’s Christmas Party, and the third one on my office’s Christmas Party.

And after all that, I have come to the conclusion that I am not ready for professional bellydance. XD

Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing. There is something about hearing the music out of the home theater speakers that make me just want to move, even though I might not move very well. It’s actually a great feeling. It’s like everything blacks out and all that’s with you is the music.

But still, I am not in par of other bellydancers. I have way, WAAAAAY lot more stuff to learn. I still haven’t mastered my zills, I haven’t done veils and veil pois and sword balancing… I can’t even do Rachel’s backbend. ~_~

I still have a lot of training and practice to do. I just hope my teacher at the gym would be more than happy to teach me. I think I’m really passionate about bellydance. ^_^

By the way, just in case you guys didn’t know, I’ve had 2 bellydance videos in YouTube. Click here to view my YouTube profile and see what other stuff I have in there. XD

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ZenkX’s 1st Public Bellydance… Sort Of

Remind me never to do this again.

Oh wait, I’d have to… on Friday. >_<

Yeah, I “belly danced” during my mother’s birthday program. They loved it. Hahaha!

It’s not really my thing to dance in public, especially belly dancing in front of people, even though they’re my relatives. But unfortunately, I’d have to belly dance for a lot of people on Friday. So I thought, “If I can’t dance like this in front of my relatives, how in the heck can I belly dance in front of total strangers?”

So yeah, this is me… belly dancing… even though my blouse looked like an electric blanket rather than a costume.

I don’t have an actual belly dance costume yet, mainly because it’s really hard to find a top for me. Go figure. I’d have to sew my own, which is what I’m doing right now. I just hope it’ll be done by Thursday and Friday >_<

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Can You Move Like Jagger?

Because I sure as heck can’t XD.

Anyway, I’ve been so obsessed with this song lately, mainly because it’s one of the songs my bellydance instructor makes us dance to. But I get the feeling that I might need to consult some people with Radiologic Technician Jobs… because my back is killing me. >_< I don't know... it just seemed rather... catchy. My bellydance teacher showed me this choreography and I just PANTED so much because it involved a lot of jumping around. And before that I had to do tons of shimmy drills, etc. My instructor is running me ragged during bellydance class, but I like it. Anyway, I posted this because my brain just keeps playing this OVER and OVER and OVER in my head that I'm afraid this is going to play in my "blood whale" dreams. XD

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