I’m a Cowboy Baby! (Or Not) ~_~


So our office is having a cowboy themed Christmas party soon.

And I. Am. Panicking.


Nah, just kidding. I’ve already got one.

Problem is, it’s still getting sewn. It’s going to take a while before I can get it and try it on so I can see the finished product. I’m afraid that the color combination I planned would suck.

But the good thing is, even if I don’t wear it to the Christmas party, I can still wear it at a cosplay event. I haven’t gone to a Cosplay convention without a costume, and it kinda sucks since I want to do it so badly.

It took me a while to figure out my costume, because I can’t really find a costume my size. And it’s actually pretty daunting, since if I can’t get a decent plus-sized cowboy costume, how much more when I have to find plus size bridal gowns? ( not that I’m expecting to be married soon XD).

Anyway, I did sketch what my costume would look like before I had it sewn, so hopefully the color combination would look good. I always sketch my costumes before I make them (like the two bellydance costumes I made, but are now locked in my room ~_~), so it should turn out fine.

I just hope that my dressmaker is able to finish it in time. I still have a lot of things to work out with that costume. T_T


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Missing a lot of things…

Ya know… with my busy sched, gaming addiction and trying to be frugal (ouch), I’m beginning to miss a lot of things.

I miss bellydancing… but I can’t go back to bellydance class because my budget is so limited.

I miss doing photography… but I can’t get my busted camera fixed.

I miss playing my ukulele… I still play but not as much as I used to.

I miss doing yoga… but my yoga mat is all dirty and nasty, and I can’t afford to buy new personalized yoga mats.

I miss going to the gym and exercising… but like I said, my budget is limited.

Hmm… maybe I just need to set my priorities straight. Technically speaking, my budget is limited, but mainly because I have the tendecy to not save. (ouch again). I should consider getting maybe a savings account? And then I won’t get an ATM so that I won’t be able to withdraw anything from it. Yeah, that sounds good.

But for the meantime, after watching this video of Rachel Brice, maybe I really should consider getting a new yoga mat. It’s only around P500, and I know for sure that I desperately, DESPERATELY need the exercise. My back is not as flexible as it used to be, and my bellydancing skills have pretty much dulled right now.  ~_~”

And one more thing…

I miss my bellydance teacher, Miss Kim. T_T

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I Need a “Drag Queen’s Guide to Life” Book XD

Yes, seriously.

A professional Drag Queen should start making her own book about the things she learned in life, the best designers for drag queen looks, hair and make-up tips, buying sterling silver bracelets at…. EVERYTHING!

I don’t know if RuPaul has done this… but I am hoping someone like Raja Gemini would do something like this. I’ve been watching reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 (damn you, stupid cable TV), and like many of her fans, I believe that Raja is an awesome drag queen, and that she deserved to win. She’s awesome because she looked like such a beautiful woman on her face, but then you look down at her costume sometimes, and you can immediately know he’s a man. It’s like she’s…. he’s….

What was the term….? “Gender fuck”?

Anyway, as it turns out, he’s also a make-up artist and a performer. Also she’s had several years under her belt in the drag industry, so it should be easier for her to tell her story and teach women with low self-esteem (like me ~_~) or give fashion tips. She should write a book about it.

Oh! Especially about how she became a drag queen, and how she was able to deal with all her negative comments and her past experiences to haters.

Hmm… “Raja Gemini’s ‘A Drag Queen’s Guide to Life'”… kind of catchy, don’t you think?

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The Philippine Eagle

* this picture would probably look good in an ipod touch 4th generation picture viewer…*

You know, one of the things that annoy me so much about my childhood was that I never really went to zoos or museums.

Like recently, I came across a Philippine Eagle in the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife… and it was my first time in 27 years to actually SEE a Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle.

How sick is that. >_<

Yep, in the recent anniversary/ photowalk of our camera club,, we went to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife and I FINALLY saw this awesome bird. Strange to think that it’s our National Bird and I haven’t seen it until now.

I need to head to zoos and museums more often.

I took several pictures of it, but this one is my favorite shot… mainly because it looked bewildered. It’s face is like, “What is this fat chick doing? Haven’t she seen someone of my kind in her life?”

Quite honestly, if that eagle had the ability to talk and ask me that question, I’d say, “Yes, it is my first time to see a Phil. Eagle up close. What can I say… my parents loved Luneta when I was a kid.”

Anyway, it’s pretty cool to finally a creature this magnificent. It’s horrid to think that they’re endangered. Hopefully, modern science and the government could do something to help preserve and protect these eagles. I’d hate to think that my children (should I have any) would miss out in seeing creatures as awesome as these eagles. >_<

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Goodbye, Pimple Scars!

Yeah, kind of weird, but I’m into a sort of business with my mother right now, selling awesome wellness products. XD

At first I was very skeptical of the products, but my mom convinced me to use them, and so I did. And wouldn’t you know it, the soap she gave me actually get rid of pimples overnight! For a pimple magnet such as myself, it’s a huge development. Not to mention, it actually helped with my pimple scars as well. I have plenty of those from my highschool days.

So what is this miracle soap I’m talking about? It’s Royale Business Club’s Royale Kojic Papaya Soap. ^_^v

And in case you’re wondering if I’m making this all up and I’m just saying these things for the sake of selling our stuff… it’s not my “entrepreneur” tactics. I am seriously, SERIOUSLY saying the truth. This soap is just amazing (for me anyway). I mean, even my older sister noticed the change, she pointed it out to me while she was three inches from my face, man! If that sort of effect is noticeable from three inches, what more if it was within three yards? I guess I didn’t actually notice it too much (due to the fact that I have been crazy busy XD) but still, it’s quite a change. XD

Anyway, if you want to know more about Royale’s other products (which include several food supplements such as Grape Seed Oil, Glutathione and their AWESOME Vitamins [which I also take]), make sure to visit their website, or if you’re in the Rizal area of the Philippines (Rizal as in Region 4-a of the Philippines okay?! XD), you can go ahead and order from here if you want. My comment box is always open. XD

Sheesh… I wish there are more products that are as effective as these…

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