Another want: Altair Jacket!

Yeah, that’s a costume made by a cosplayer, designed according to Altair’s clothes from Assasin’s Creed.

And I frickin’ want it.

Or at least just the jacket… the half chaps have got to go though.

I am thinking of buying some cloth, and have someone sew it for me. With the release of Assassin’s Creed 3, a lot of people are thinking about how to design the jacket of the protagonist, Connor Kenway. But of course, being the first Assassin’s Creed hero ever featured, I still prefer Altair’s. Not to mention that it’s pretty simple. I wonder how many yards of cloth this would take? And if it would even fit my extra large frame. ~_~

The leather work would have to be removed though… it’s a shame. I just don’t know anyone who works with leather.

Anyway, maybe after I’ve bought a soprano ukulele, this would be my next project. But maybe I should make it in black?

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Skull helmets!

Pardon my language, but this shit is so FUCKING awesome!

In case you’re wondering, yes, they are helmets. I am very fond of the one on the top of the shelf, the one that is molded like a skull.

Granted, these helmets would probably not be approved by any government as safe, like the usual Shoei or icon helmets but it’s still pretty cool. Imagine having to wear one of these babies while cruising down the highway. And the other helmets in the picture? They are frickin’ Glow in the Dark! Wearing these while riding down a night time highway ought to freak passers by. XD

Anyway, I like these kind of helmets, but I have come to realize that I am not much of a rider. Sure, I love Harley Davidsons and Suzuki Hayabusas, but as for riding them… I’d rather not. I have the same theory with cars too, I love looking at them, but not much on riding in them. I’m more like a Japanese bike person… slow and steady pedaling while taking in the view.

I still would love to have one of these though.

Hahaha! Imagine if I wear one of these while I ride my bicycle around town! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Designs By Monday

So a friend of mine, Carlo, told me to “Like” their new project called “Designs By Monday”, and I absolutely love their designs.

I was able to order one of these from my friend. It’s a spoof of the movie “The 300”, but instead of Leonidas, it has the First Filipino Hero, Lapu-Lapu on it instead, with the year of the Battle of Mactan (1521).

It is SO kick-ass! XD

They have another one, which involves Andres Bonifacio, which I’ll be ordering again next month. I have yet to get this shirt from them, but the design is so awesome. I think I’ll get it by Saturday.

People should have more custom t-shirts like these. Seriously. A lot of people actually don’t know about Philippine heroes, so it’s cool that Designs By Monday could make something this great. Philippine heroes are just as kick-ass as Leonidas or Professor X (whoops, spoiler there), and should be treated with respect and admiration. It’s like they’re modernizing the concept of Phil. Heroes so that the younger generation could relate to their greatness, and understand the sacrifices they made for the country.

I hope they make one with Gabriela Silang and Wonder Woman… I’d buy that as soon as possible. GO, WOMEN!!! XD

Hmm… that got me thinking. Maybe I can help with some of the design ideas too. Hahaha! But, I can only give ideas, since I suck at Photoshop and photo-editing softwares. ~_~

Anyway, they’ll have more designs and ideas soon. But if you want to order or inquire about their shirts, you can message them via FaceBook:

Designs by Monday (FaceBook)

Designs by Monday (Twitter)

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The Sims 2: Castaway Getaway?

Okay, I am serious, SERIOUSLY addicted with this game, even though it’s been years since it was released.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I desperately want a house on a beach complete with backyard cabanas, tiki statues and swing beds. ~_~

Yep, it’s the Sims 2: Castaway for the PSP. I am playing it so much that I’ve forgotten to play my Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker game (oh I am so evil).

It’s just that with all my work and chores, playing this game is the only way I can just sit back, relax and (sort of) watch the waves go by without leaving my room.

And besides, I suck at Metal Gear (arggghhh!!!). Might as well do RPGs that relaxes me than play games that make me scream “FFFFUUUUUUUU———!!!!!” when I get frustrated. ~_~

Besides, this kind of makes me what would happen to me should I get stuck in a deserted island as well. Heh… kind of like a survivor’s guide. But I doubt I’ll making canoes from statues and stuff like that. ~_~

Anyway, my PSP is probably charged now (I drained it accidentally from playing too much Sims XD), so I’d better go and start playing again. XD

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It’s Here! My New Bellydance DVD



Yep! My Ariellah CD came in yesterday! Wheee!!

By the way, the Serpentine DVD was something I bought a while ago. Talk about being a fanatic.

Anyway, I was able to do some of Ariellah’s Yoga Conditioning last night. It made me sleep pretty late, but dang, it felt good. It stretched my muscles rather well, but I think Rachel’s DVD is better when it comes to training and stretching the spine.

Actually, both DVDs stretch and warms up the body well. It really does improve stability and balance and it really works well with getting the kinks out my spine. My back been hurting awfully lot for the last few days, that all this stretching is a huge relief. I guess that’s the price you pay for sitting slouched on an office chair for 8 hours, 5 times a week. Plus I was able to sweat quite a lot, particularly Rachel’s Yoga session. My Yoga mat needs to be disinfected to get the scent of sweat off of it. ~_~

It’s really great that I have these DVDs. Since I’m cost cutting (huhuhu T_T), I haven’t had the money to join a gym that has bellydance lessons. Okay, so maybe these two DVDs are more focused on Tribal and Tribal Fusion, but I think all in all, it’ll help with my flexibility. I was thinking that I’d strengthen my muscles a bit first with a couple of month’s work of Yoga, before proceeding with their drills and bellydance exercises. Hmm… that sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

But I think I’d better get some cost effective life insurance first. I’m afraid that with all this Yoga I’m doing, I’d end up knocking around furniture since my balance is awful. Not to mention that I think there’s a kink in my glutes (aka Butt Muscles). It’s getting kind of painful when I move. But then again, that’s a part of any work-out or exercise session.~_~

It’s Friday today, so I’m hoping to do some more yoga when I get home. Honestly… more people should consider doing yoga. I think the exercise and meditation would be great for everyone.

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Trike Drifting: The New Sport

Imagine riding down a highway, the wind blowing at your face, your buddies riding behind you, with a djarum black cigarette in your mouth, feeling like such a bad ass because the way you ride looks so awesome.

Except that you’re not riding a Harley Motorcycle, or a Ducati…

Oh no… you are riding a Tricycle.

And not just any tricycle. A Tricycle that frickin’ DRIFTS.

Yep, a lot of new people are looking for new hobbies, and drift trikes are turning to be quite a fad. Especially here in the Philippines, since there are a lot of mountain regions here, and a lot of inclined roads. Though I am a little chicken to try it out (being fluffy and all ~_~), there are a lot of Filipinos that are beginning to love Drift Trikes.

Like the people of  Pinoy Drift Trikes in Facebook. Already they are starting on new projects for drift trikes. And it looks very easy and cheap to make too, since a person can customize just about every single detail about the trike. It is, somewhat, environment-friendly too, since you’ll be using old bikes instead of throwing them in junk shops and land fills.

I have a feeling that Drift Trikes will soon be a popular sport and hobby. Already, Drift Trikers are looking for other materials, and supplies for their own trikes. So if you’re looking for a new extreme sport, or just some new hobby, why not try Trike Drifting?

You can visit the Pinoy Drift Trikes website from this link. Don’t forget to like them and learn more about this new extreme sport. ^_^v

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here and watch the awesomeness in three wheels…

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The Future Coffee Faucet

I was surfing around the net again when I found this video that I’m pretty sure any coffee addict (or blogger) would want.

Yep, it is a Coffee Faucet!

Oh, how much I want that, you guys would never know. I don’t know if this thing is available already, but it just looks so frickin’ cool! Imagine having one of these in your kitchen or office. Plus you don’t need to buy something from standsandmounts to install it, since it pretty much stands on its own.

I’m an office-home-computer kind of girl, and this would totally be good for me. I’d get my coffee before heading for work, and get some espresso coffee when I’m blogging and my head’s out of ideas. Writer’s block is awful when you don’t have coffee. XD

But with this kind of technology in your kitchen, I have a feeling that it’s going to cost a fortune… which is bad for me. I’m already trying to cut down with my budgeting as it is…

Maybe I should just stick to my 3-in-1 coffee sachets for the time being. ~_~

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A Beginner’s Opinion on the Ukulele

Well, it’s official. My finger tips hurt so much.

Pressing buttons on my keyboard right now is utter torture… well, not that much torture. I think I still prefer practicing my ukulele rather than being pulled on a medieval rack or something.

So here it is. Since I am practically too old to Buy Orbeez toys and/ or find new play things, I’ve decided to follow the advice of my favorite female artist, Amanda Palmer, and buy me a ukulele instead.

Suprisingly, it is just as hard as playing a guitar. I tried getting a guitar lesson from my college friends once, and it was horrible. The metal strings hurt, I can’t do picking so much, and I keep getting all the notes wrong.

I guess this means I’m a much better dancer than a musician… even though I may be a little overweight. ~_~

I bought the ukulele on a whim from my devilishly-persuasive conscience (I didn’t even think it was that possible XD). I was very, very enthralled with Amanda Palmer’s version of Creep (as seen in my past post), and I really, really, really wanted to try it. And now that I have it, it turns out that it still takes a lot of work.

I mean, sure, it took me an hour to get a few chords right, but after that, putting a song together is tough, even with a copy of the tablatures are nearby. ~_~”

Or maybe it’s because my pinky finger is way too weak. Anybody got any idea how I can remedy this? My pinky finger feels like it’s all bone and no muscle to press hard into the string.

Not to mention my strumming sucks eggs. ~_~

Anyway, this does not mean I give up though. It might hurt like hell, but I am absolutely loving it. I love it as much as I love to bellydance… which I haven’t been doing for a few weeks now because my Gym ID got lost (huhuhu). I just need lots and lots of practice. I’m actually loving it because… well, it’s the first time I’ve been able to make any music at all at any musical instrument.

So, back to the tablatures! Once I’ve rested my finger tips, though. ~_~

*Yes, this is my sweet, darling, black ukulele, with it’s soft case, tuner and my clear book of ukulele songs*

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Cupcake Towers are AWESOME!

Yep, I officially prefer cupcake towers compare to ordinary cakes.

We had a cupcake tower for my mother’s birthday instead of using ordinary cakes. The shop we got it, called Crumbs (sorry guys, I can’t find your FB profile >_<) made these really great Velvet Witch cupcakes, which would probably look good as a christmas gift ideas since it’s red with this cream cheese topping (yum). It’s really great since it’s not as sweet as chocolate, but not too bland.

Not to mention they’re a tad cheaper than specially made cakes from bakeshops.

Plus, more variety!

The shop called Crumbs is actually near here, along Marcos Highway. I forgot the name of the building, but when I do, I’ll make sure to post it up here. Hopefully I could get one of those cupcakes again. XD

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An Aunt’s Pride

Yep! I am so proud of my nephew! XD

I told you guys already about how we had a Photowalk in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.

What I didn’t tell you is that my nephew won 2nd place in our Photo Challenge!

Me so proud! I almost had a heart attack because I was so happy! Maybe I should consider bringing a medical computer cart to check my vitals during photowalks. XD

I’ve been giving my nephew several lessons on how to shoot using his father’s DSLR, and my good ol’ Point and Shoot, and I’m happy to see that he’s doing great. So great, in fact, that I lost to him that day, having only 1 vote. XD

But hey, I’m just happy to see that he’s a great photographer, and that he has an eye for photography. I’ve encouraged him to keep at it, and hopefully, he’ll be a better photographer than I am.

Keep up the good work, dude! When we have another photowalk, I’ll make sure to bring you along again!

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