Guitar help anyone?

Okay, so here’s the thing…

I still haven’t bought a guitar… even though I’ve been ranting about it all the frickin’ time.

Maybe I’m just daunted. I can’t even play my ukulele decently (I keep forgetting chords to songs, and I’m totally tone deaf when it comes to music, it seems), and now I’m hoping to make the transition to guitar. I mean, I’m sure a lot of people say that it would’ve been better transition FROM guitar to ukulele to get a better feel of the changes in chords, but I have to admit, I bought the uku on a whim to play “Creep”by Radiohead like Amanda Palmer does (I still love her, though).

So question time…

Is it too late for me to learn guitar?

I have really short fingers, I’m practically tone deaf and I can’t remember chords for sh*t… but I really want to learn.

Or maybe I should stick to using a korg padkontrol and make MIDI songs instead? I’ll end up making MIDI remixes of Dragon Age soundtracks. XD

I. Swear. To. God. I feel like I’m the only one in my family without any sense of music or tone AT ALL.

Ugh… this makes me so sad.

And I still have an assignment with my Statistics subject (and I suck at math!).

I guess I’d better stick to studying. I think I’m better at that than music anyway. XD

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Recent Updates

Halleloo, people!

Sorry that it’s been a while since I posted. My life has been SUUUPPPEEERRR crazy lately.

For one thing, I have realized that for the past few years, I’ve been… not really myself when I’m blogging. There was a time when I was able to post more about my thoughts, the things I see around me… you know, posting as… well… me.

But ever since I’ve gotten in a pay-per-post website, the things I write always seem so forced. No offense to my blogging master, raredog, as I am every grateful to him for introducing me to the concept. However, I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting a bit more content about my life. I’m not going to let go of the whole pay-per-post thing though, but I’ll try to keep it at least a 30:70 minimum.

SO! Activities! Well, I’ll be happy to tell you that I have since enrolled in a local college to take my Masters. WHOOHOOO! Yeah, I’m studying again. Which is pretty cool, considering I’ll probably hate it in a few years. But it is quite an achievement, specially since I’m not using my parents’money for it. I actually didn’t realize how much I’ve missed studying. I know there are, like, collective groans from students reading this about how much they positively HATE school, but trust me, when you get to my age, you’re going to miss it too.

It’s also probably the reason why I’ve been pretty down lately, last year in particular. It’s like my mind was looking for something to make it active again (which is why I took up the ukulele). I’ve read somewhere that depression sets in when your brain feels stagnant… when you don’t do anything to stimulate your brain cells like exercise or read or do adrenaline-junkie-like stunts like my blogging master. I know I’ve been into video games too, but something still felt off. Like I wanted to learn new stuff, so here I am! I’m just praying that I’ll be able to finish it. I must admit that I wasn’t a model student back in my college days, but I really do realize my mistake now, and I’ll be damned if I do it again.

And of course, since I’m studying again, I haven’t really had any time for video games, (which kinda sucks… I miss Garrus Vakarian). There are SOOOOO many great video games coming out soon (I’m looking at you, Mass Effect: Andromeda!), but I’m hoping I can save up and buy a next gen console. I had to use some of my money for a brand-spanking-new laptop since my classes required it, but yeah, I need to save up again. Besides, according to my official-pasted-on-my-wall bucket list, I still need to learn guitar to play Breezy from Final Fantasy VIII and Spanish Romance before I should play video games(priorities, people!).

Anyway, stay tuned for a bit more! Because I saw a video from YouTube that made me envious again. T_T

Tolle lege! (I should make this a thing from now on… it means ‘take up and read’).

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The Internal Arguments of a Restless Mind

It’s like a continuous internal debacle, honestly.

So for those who don’t know, I am– undeniably– single as f***.

And with that thought, I’m looking for other things to occupy my mind (and my time), as well as enhance myself. Because you know what they say, “Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” I think it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that.

So far, I’ve tried my hand at belly dancing (which is actually fun as heck), photography (until my camera busted out on me T_T), writing (my FanFiction site is still growing! Still haven’t made my own fiction work… sad…), music (only on an ukulele though), and drawing (left that behind in my college days though). So now I am in that inevitable conundrum of asking myself…

What now? O_O

I’ve considered a couple of things, one of which I probably posted way too much here. I’m still interested in learning music (particularly the guitar), but I lack the ‘funding’ for proper lessons. I wanted to try and fix my voice so I won’t embarrass myself during karaoke nights, but that would take lessons. I’ve been searching around musciansfriend for a quality guitar, but without lessons, I’m still doomed. Ugh.

The second thing is that I’m considering of going after my Master’s Degree… which is, in itself, a debacle as well. Master’s in what? Education? Librarianship? Where am I going to study? How much will it cost to study? Will my workplace even allow me to study?

Honestly, I think I prefer trying my hand at playing music. Now if I can only find a decent teacher (or a book) and a decent-but-cheap guitar or piano.

What do you guys think?

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Music Frustrations… 2

I’ve already accepted that I would never be good with a guitar…

And then all of the sudden, I hear this.

Argh, damn you and your brilliance, Joe Petrucci!

Ugh, this is horrible. I ended up buying a couple of picks, a capo and was in a brink of buying a cheap guitar tremolo for my brother’s guitar.. Of course I could use them for my uku… but still the urge to frustrate myself with guitar lessons nag my head.

This is so frustrating.

I went to a local music store to try on guitars and my short, stubby fingers can’t even reach a simple C chord. How frustrating is that?! HONESTLY!

*smacks head* Maybe I should just end my frustration and at least TRY to learn a guitar song… just one, at least. And then that’s when I’ll decide if it’s worth the calloused fingers.

Okay, okay. I’m gonna try now. Don’t hate me if I fail at it though. T_T

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New Frustration: OCARINA!!!

WWWWHHHHYYYYY is there a lack of ocarinas in the Philippines right now?

Yeah, yeah, I’m obsessed with a musical intrument again…. like I am obsesssed with my ukulele. So what? I happen to like music. I suck at it. But that doesn’t stop me from learning to play some instruments, does it?

Anyway, so now, I am obsessed with this thing right here.


But… I think I’ll have a problem with this instrument, because I have a really weak set of lungs. Ah well, no harm in trying, I guess… (unless I end up shattering glasses because of the high pitch or something). XD

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Jewelry Making…?

So… I’ve been thinking about stuff I want to learn… and I realized that I didn’t think of anything fashion-related. O_o

Considering there are TONS of stuff I want to learn when it comes to fashion… like making my own clothes for example. I always have problems finding clothes (considering I’m a bit of a large girl XD), and I’ve always thought of making clothes for myself so that I won’t have to deal with walking around the mall and realizing none of the clothes fit me. ~_~

Especially for jewelry. I’m a “beads” and “silver” kind of person myself… mainly because I never really knew the best way to buy gold. XD

Anyway… maybe I should start looking around the Net for jewelry making seminars. God knows I want one. Maybe I could even turn it to a business… I’ve always had a fascination for weird  jewelry. XD

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Jake Shimabukuro!!!!

So I was surfing Youtube again and I found this guy here:

Which pretty much affirms my old sentiment that I positively suck on the ukulele.

And I guess, in a way, it annoys the heck out of me.

As it turns out, I am the only non-musical person in my family.

My dad and mom are actually pretty good singers, so is my sister and brother. My brother plays the guitar and the drums, and in a recent gig he performed, he plays a mean “Master of Puppets” by Metallica on drums.

So exactly where do I fit in?

My ukulele playing sucks. My strumming sucks. And so does my voice. I’m probably going to need terrific tc helicon just so I can sing well enough for a videoke.

Argh, this sucks.

I am seriously regretting not continuing my old piano lessons. ~_~

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Missing a lot of things…

Ya know… with my busy sched, gaming addiction and trying to be frugal (ouch), I’m beginning to miss a lot of things.

I miss bellydancing… but I can’t go back to bellydance class because my budget is so limited.

I miss doing photography… but I can’t get my busted camera fixed.

I miss playing my ukulele… I still play but not as much as I used to.

I miss doing yoga… but my yoga mat is all dirty and nasty, and I can’t afford to buy new personalized yoga mats.

I miss going to the gym and exercising… but like I said, my budget is limited.

Hmm… maybe I just need to set my priorities straight. Technically speaking, my budget is limited, but mainly because I have the tendecy to not save. (ouch again). I should consider getting maybe a savings account? And then I won’t get an ATM so that I won’t be able to withdraw anything from it. Yeah, that sounds good.

But for the meantime, after watching this video of Rachel Brice, maybe I really should consider getting a new yoga mat. It’s only around P500, and I know for sure that I desperately, DESPERATELY need the exercise. My back is not as flexible as it used to be, and my bellydancing skills have pretty much dulled right now.  ~_~”

And one more thing…

I miss my bellydance teacher, Miss Kim. T_T

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Gordon Ramsey: My Kitchen Hero

Have I told you guys how much I hate chopping onions? ~_~

I saw this in YouTube today, since I am SUCH a huge fan of Chef Gordon Ramsey, and I suck at chopping onions. I’m not as good at cooking as he is, but I’m hoping I could learn to at least not cry when I’m chopping them.

I cook sometimes, especially when I’m helping my mom during the holidays, and for years now, I’ve been chopping onions for her. And it annoys me because I always end up crying when I chop them. My sister ends up poking fun at me, saying that people who cry when chopping onions are “softies”. Sheesh. I’d like to see her spending 15 minutes chopping onions for the stuff my mom is going to cook. ~_~

Anyway, from the look of this video, it seems I have two problems when chopping onions. First is my knife. It’s slightly blunt, and unevenly weighted. Maybe I should consider buying restaurant equipment supply knives. I heard Japanese knives are awesome and sharp.

Next is my technique, since I always end up chopping the root of the onion first. Wrong of me. As it turns out, chopping the bottom part of the onion, near the root, causes the onion to release the chemicals that makes the eyes burn a little, causing you to cry. Huh… that figures.

Anyway, somebody’s 28th birthday is coming (…ehehehehehehe…..), not to mention my friends and I will be having a pool party this weekend. Time to put what I’ve learned from Gordon Ramsey to use. XD

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Gustav Klimt

Hey, Google’s got a cool cover today.

For those who don’t know, this is Gustav Klimt’s painting, called “The Kiss”. Which, at first to me, looked like a very trippy painting and it had too much yellows that I feel I needed Ray Ban Aviator glasses to cover up my eyes. It’s actually Gustav Klimt’s birthday today, July 14.

But it soon grew on me, and it’s one of my favorite art pieces now. Of course, Yoshitaka Amano is still my favorite artist.

Not to mention that if you’re familiar with the ultra-violent Anime “Elfen Lied”, you’d be familiar with it.

I didn’t realize how much I’m into art now. A long time ago, I’ve always thought that I’d be a painter. But my art is not that good, so I ditched it. My bestfriend, Joyce, would probably be a much painter than I am, anyway.

But as it turns out my “real” art lies with words. Sure, I haven’t done a good non-fanfiction story yet, but I hope in time, I would. I probably won’t making a story as Tolkien’s or Rowling, but hey, you’ll never know.

As Neil Gaiman said, “Make good art”. Like Klimt. Or Tolkien.

Hopefully, I’ll be making my own art soon.

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