How is this possible? There are now DOLPHINS around the sea between Lucena and Marinduque?!

At around 12 noon on my way home from Marinduque, I was contemplating as to why did I have to use my grandmother’s portion control plates to eat a very small meal (I was hungry T_T) and almost falling asleep beside my father when a shriek came to my ears. I thought at first that it was just a bunch of noisy, pre-pubescent girls screaming again, and so I looked around and saw that people were hanging on to the side of the ship I was in.

I looked up at my dad, and I asked him what’s going on. He merely pointed to the side of the ship and said, “Dolphins”.

And I ran. I ran to the side of the ship only to see frickin’ JUMPING DOLPHINS.



And in case you were wondering, yes, I was totally freaked and excited. Why?

Because in all my twenty eight years of visiting Marinduque during the Holy Week, I have never…. EVER seen a dolphin in that sea between the Dalahican port in Lucena , and the Balanacan Port in Marinduque.

At least until last Saturday.

I am seriously, seriously shocked. Are dolphins really starting to spread all around the Philippines? Are the Philippine Seas really that clean nowadays that these creatures are coming back to us? And does this mean that I’ll be seeing dolphins every Holy Week for now on?


*yeah, I am actually a huge biology/zoology nut, so dolphins pretty much interest me XD*

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In Loving Memory of Mafia, 2009-2012


And so after two days of being dizzy and unable to breathe due to colds, my grief finally came up to me a few moments ago.

My brother’s dog, Mafia – a cute, chubby, white Askal – was killed in the early hours of Friday, when a school bus hit her during her toilet run.

I was awake when they told me what had happened, but I was too dizzy with fever and unable to breathe due to my colds. I was unable to cry because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to breathe due to the colds that was already blocking my airways. I was upset, but I reined my grief in, and went back to bed to make sure I don’t fall over because I was very, very dizzy. But I could hear them outside my room. My brother’s family and my sister were crying.

I heard the discussions, and what I heard made me so sick and dizzy that all I could do was fall unconscious in my bed again. Mafia was run over a school bus, and my mother told one of our helpers to give the dog’s body to one of the pedicab drivers. My mother didn’t know that my brother was in our house at that moment. When my brother finally woke up and found out, he headed to the pedicab driver to take back the body, only to find that it had been chopped up and was about to be turned into a “pulutan”. Mafia’s head was no longer with the body, and all that remained was a plastic bag of some of her “meat”. I blacked out again when the crying started.

When I woke up again, my father was home, and he was telling me to pack some of my stuff so he can take me to their new place, where my mom could heal me. I was very dizzy, but I was able to ride the car and head to my parents’ place and lay down on their bed. My mother healed my fever with some menthol oil, but my colds continued. My dizzyness stopped soon after, and when I was strong and stable enough to walk again, I told my mom about Mafia. She was sad too, but she said that she had no idea that my brother was at our home in Antipolo, and she had no idea that he wanted the dog buried. I couldn’t talk anymore, so I just ate dinner and slept again.

This morning, it was the blessing of my parent’s place, as well as their new store. I helped around a bit, for as long as I wouldn’t get dizzy. I remembered that I have work tomorrow, so I decided to get back here at home.

As I stepped out my cousin’s car, the grief hit me.

I headed directly to our kitchen, where Mafia’s daughter, Chubbilita, was. When I saw her and realizing that the other dog who was supposed to greet me beside her was gone, I made my way to a corner, sat down, and cried hard. Chubbs came near me and laid her head in my lap and whined, like she was saying, “I’m crying for my mom, too.” I cried a lot, and she was whining on my lap, licking my hands and face. I cried for a few minutes there, before heading to the backyard where my brother had buried her. He put three stones on top of the spot, and I had the urge of putting a small figurine of a dog on it, even though I didn’t have one. I offered a small prayer, and went back inside.

But as I was typing this blog, I remembered something from the PAWS website about a Pet Memorial Wall. The Pet Memorial Wall is, obviously, a wall with plaques of pets that have touched the lives of their owners. For a fee of P2,000 (which will be considered as a donation and will be used for the shelter animals), the Center will create a plaque and add it to the wall. I was thinking of adding Mafia’s and my old German Shep, Roval’s name there, since they both touched the lives of our family. It would be great too, since the P2,000 would be a great help to other shelter dogs so that they can find a home and feel loved, like we loved Mafia and Roval.

I left my cellphone at my parent’s place (dang it), so I wasn’t able to text my sister and my brother’s family about this idea, but I’m hoping that they’ll like this idea. They might say that 2k is a pretty hefty price, but I’m sure that the 2k would be well worth it.

Anyway, there’s a pile of tissues here by my keyboard, and it’s full of snot and tears. Delayed grief sure hits hard. T_T

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The Philippine Eagle

* this picture would probably look good in an ipod touch 4th generation picture viewer…*

You know, one of the things that annoy me so much about my childhood was that I never really went to zoos or museums.

Like recently, I came across a Philippine Eagle in the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife… and it was my first time in 27 years to actually SEE a Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle.

How sick is that. >_<

Yep, in the recent anniversary/ photowalk of our camera club,, we went to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife and I FINALLY saw this awesome bird. Strange to think that it’s our National Bird and I haven’t seen it until now.

I need to head to zoos and museums more often.

I took several pictures of it, but this one is my favorite shot… mainly because it looked bewildered. It’s face is like, “What is this fat chick doing? Haven’t she seen someone of my kind in her life?”

Quite honestly, if that eagle had the ability to talk and ask me that question, I’d say, “Yes, it is my first time to see a Phil. Eagle up close. What can I say… my parents loved Luneta when I was a kid.”

Anyway, it’s pretty cool to finally a creature this magnificent. It’s horrid to think that they’re endangered. Hopefully, modern science and the government could do something to help preserve and protect these eagles. I’d hate to think that my children (should I have any) would miss out in seeing creatures as awesome as these eagles. >_<

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Here comes deh froggehs!

I swear to God, I’m turning into a frog magnet. T_T

During one of my late night Internet binges, I heard a funny noise from our dining room, which sounded like a piece of plastic being crumpled. I turned around, looking for someone, but there was nobody there. I shrugged and continued surfing.

But then it happened again, and again, and AGAIN! By the fourth time I heard the noise, I was getting freaked out, since I was afraid it was a mouse (yeah, I’m scared of mice now ~_~), but I couldn’t see where it was, and it wasn’t squeaking.

And so I finally got the courage to stand up from my computer and look for the plastic-crumpling culprit.

As it turns out, it was this guy:

Yep, it’s a frog… hopping around a plastic bag in our dining room, trying desperately to get out through our window screens.

Actually, I had to take this picture in full zoom, since I did not want to get near the frog (yeah, I’m scared of frogs too ~_~).

I swear, I am so afraid of so many things it’s starting to annoy me.

Anyway, after I took this picture, I left (closing my bedroom door because I was afraid the frog would jump his way into my room ~_~). Luckily, the next day, the frog was gone.

Waaaaa I hate frogs. ~_~

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No More Pets For Me

Yeah… I’m thinking that I shouldn’t have pets anymore. It breaks my heart too much when they die. ~_~

My brother’s dog, Mafia, used to have five puppies… the reason I said “used to” is because now she only has three… T_T

Her two pups, Rosie Cotton and “Phil” died, while the other two were given away, and one was puppy-napped by her neighbors (meaning they took it without asking ~_~).

I don’t think I have the heart to have another pet. After the death of my German Shep, Roval, I don’t think my heart (or my pocket) can take it. Roval was or family dog for almost 4 years… it was just a shame that the thing that killed it was a barbed wire and blood poisoning. So no, after losing an awesome dog like that, I don’t think I’d be able to get another one.

Anyway, Mafia is currently staying here with us for a while, since whatever killed her pup Phil almost got to her too. She’s much better now, though. But I won’t get anymore dogs after her. I don’t think I can take it. T_T

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The Relaxing Bird

During our seminar in Batangas, I saw this Maya bird perching on one of the chairs of the event center:

Now it’s probably not one of my best shots, but I really liked it because the bird was perched there for about 5 minutes. It moved a little, but it didn’t seem scared of me or my companion at that time. It just perched there, watching us and occasionally pecking at it’s feathers.

Anyway, this also shows me that I suck at Nature Photography. Harharhar! Need to work on that one next….

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I was at a friend’s birthday when I came across a stray cat. It was so cute that I took a picture of it….

Only thing is, it must’ve hated getting it’s picture taken, because it came out looking like this:

Hahaha! Poor kitty is sleepy. XD

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Going Vegetarian?

I don’t know… is there like a term for this? When you eat vegetables and not meat but you still eat like… meat-based products like hotdogs and hams?

I think they call it “confused”. XD

Anyway, yep, I’m “sort-of” going vegetarian… “sort-of” because I still eat hotdogs and ham (like, processed meats… but I don’t eat burgers anymore) but not meat that are cooked in meals and stuff.

I blame my mother… harhar! Just kidding, I blame my weak constitution, actually. My mom recently showed me a short documentary called “From Farm To Fridge”, and boy, it made me want to eat vegetables for the rest of my life. Granted, I’m sure not all farms in America (or the Philippines, in that matter) are as brutal as these, but still…

The sounds of pigs and cows being slaughtered sounds like human screams to me… it makes me feel awful ~_~

Anyway, so far, the “sort of” vegetarian diet is working out for me. It’s definitely WAAAAY cheaper when lunch time comes, not to mention it’s actually healthier for me. But I’m going to need some exercise along with this diet to shed some pounds. XD

In the meantime, I’ll go grab me some carrot sticks. I kinda need a snack. ~_~

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Cross-Eyed Kitteh?

Hmm it’s not really cross eyed… it looks like it has an eye defect…

But nonetheless, this kitteh is just SOOO CUTE!!!

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Puppeh Cuddle!!!

I recently took a photo of my brother’s pet puppies. His dog, Mafia, gave birth to 5 adorable Aspin (Asong Pinoy) puppies, and I wuv them so much cuz they’re so cute! But then again, I’m pretty sure they’d stop being so cute when they start wrecking havoc on my mom’s lawn. XD


Hmm, I think I’ll just sit back and enjoy the cuteness while it lasts. XD

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