The Streak Ends?! NOOOOO!!!!

And more on Wrestling News…

I just found out that The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak has ended… it’s now… 21-1…


I don’t understand WHY!?!?! WHY DID IT HAVE TO END?!

And I just found it here on the InterNet too! I had to scour the InterNet about how Taker lost instead watching it on my freakin’ cable because I didn’t know the schedule of WWE in my cable!


I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I know it’s a scripted sport, and I know that The Undertaker was getting old and all those years are starting to take a toll on his body. I mean, that’s almost 20+ years of wrestling, man! Of course, there’s going to be a time that he’ll retire and settle down somewhere warm and sunny and just be Mark Callaway. I, for one, as a Taker fan, want him to retire soon and enjoy life pain free from all those injuries and surgeries and what not he got from all his years in the ring.

I just don’t understand why it had to be Brock Lesnar!

I mean seriously?! Can’t you just let the guy win and retire with him still holding the belt? Dude, the man gave you the WWF/WWE the best damn concepts when it came to matches. I mean, he was the one who INVENTED Hell in a Cell, Buried Alive and the frickin’ Casket Match!



I mean seriously…. Wrestling Fans, enlighten me on this. Taker and The Streak is part of my childhood, just like Warrior. How can it just END that way?

Ugh…..! CAN SOMEBODY JUST EXPLAIN IT TO ME?! >_< First, Warrior died… and now The Streak ended… my childhood is slowly crumbling to pieces…. >_<

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R.I.P. The Ultimate Warrior

A huge part of my childhood has died, and it seriously, SERIOUSLY saddens me.

I know I cried about Eddie Guerrero’s death, but this…

So, for those who don’t know, I am a HUGE wrestling fan, and the three people responsible who made me love the sport is, of course, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker and The Ultimate Warrior.

And just this April 8, 2014, The Ultimate Warrior died of unknown reasons, just a few days after his Induction to the WWE Hall of Fame.

And… it breaks my heart. He was only 54…

Warrior is a very important part of my childhood. A lot of my happiest memories of my youth was because of him. To me, he was the most physically intimidating wrestlers in the WWF (even more so than The Undertakers) and his energy was very contagious that I would shout during his matches. Because we were so young and we didn’t know that everything was ‘scripted’, we would even shout out to Warrior to stand up when he gets knocked down. I can still remember how my mother and my two siblings would sleep late at night even at a school night just to watch him on the TV. I would often to struggle awake just to watch him and Hogan.

I also remember how my brother would try to flex his muscles and roar like Warrior even though he was so skinny. Or how he would grasp the sampayan (clothesline) and shake it when my mother was doing laundry (which pissed off my mother greatly).

When I was around 6 or 7, after watching WWF, the three of us would often wrestle in my mother’s bedroom during weekends. My brother was the Ultimate Warrior, I was Jake “the Snake” Roberts (complete with blanket snake XD) and my sister was Hogan. My sister was a bit of a wimp though, and she would end up crying because my brother would accidentally hurt her.

My brother’s notebooks were full of Warrior’s insignia using various ball pens or highlighters he used in schools. I also used my mother’s make up to paint his insignia in my face, too… which earned me a really nasty scolding and smacking from my mother.

Whew… good times.

Warrior reminded me of the greatest times of my life… when my family was still happy, and silly, and energetic. It was a time when life was so simple… we studied and played, small hurts and anger could be soothed by ‘sorrys’, laughter dominated the days, and wrestling bonded the three of us…

And now…

Anyway… I offer my sincerest condolences to Warrior’s family… to his wife and children… his friends and relatives… and to fans as well. Though he might be gone, as a fan of his, I will always be reminded of his greatness, and I am proud that I existed during the time of such a wrestling legend.

Rest In Peace, Warrior… I hope you shake some ropes up there.

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I’ve moved… sort of

Yep… I’ve officially moved out of my home for the past 27 years since it was sold just this month. T_T

I cried torrents on my last night there too. T_T

Mainly because now I have the problem of re-modeling my new room… which is actually quite tiny. ~_~”

Anyway, I plan to make the most of it, though. Good thing my dad is rather handy-dandy around the house and was willing to help me with the stuff I need in my room, like storage and closets.

Although I’m going to have some issues with these rubber edge seals for my doors and windows.

It’s going to be a little hard… adjusting to a new house, a new life, a new neighborhood… but luckily, that means I’m at home with my sister and parents much more often now…

AND… my sister promised to treat me too… heeheehee…

There are some perks to this “moving” thing, I guess. XD

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