An Aunt’s Pride

Yep! I am so proud of my nephew! XD

I told you guys already about how we had a Photowalk in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.

What I didn’t tell you is that my nephew won 2nd place in our Photo Challenge!

Me so proud! I almost had a heart attack because I was so happy! Maybe I should consider bringing a medical computer cart to check my vitals during photowalks. XD

I’ve been giving my nephew several lessons on how to shoot using his father’s DSLR, and my good ol’ Point and Shoot, and I’m happy to see that he’s doing great. So great, in fact, that I lost to him that day, having only 1 vote. XD

But hey, I’m just happy to see that he’s a great photographer, and that he has an eye for photography. I’ve encouraged him to keep at it, and hopefully, he’ll be a better photographer than I am.

Keep up the good work, dude! When we have another photowalk, I’ll make sure to bring you along again!

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The Philippine Eagle

* this picture would probably look good in an ipod touch 4th generation picture viewer…*

You know, one of the things that annoy me so much about my childhood was that I never really went to zoos or museums.

Like recently, I came across a Philippine Eagle in the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife… and it was my first time in 27 years to actually SEE a Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle.

How sick is that. >_<

Yep, in the recent anniversary/ photowalk of our camera club,, we went to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife and I FINALLY saw this awesome bird. Strange to think that it’s our National Bird and I haven’t seen it until now.

I need to head to zoos and museums more often.

I took several pictures of it, but this one is my favorite shot… mainly because it looked bewildered. It’s face is like, “What is this fat chick doing? Haven’t she seen someone of my kind in her life?”

Quite honestly, if that eagle had the ability to talk and ask me that question, I’d say, “Yes, it is my first time to see a Phil. Eagle up close. What can I say… my parents loved Luneta when I was a kid.”

Anyway, it’s pretty cool to finally a creature this magnificent. It’s horrid to think that they’re endangered. Hopefully, modern science and the government could do something to help preserve and protect these eagles. I’d hate to think that my children (should I have any) would miss out in seeing creatures as awesome as these eagles. >_<

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Can You Move Like Jagger?

Because I sure as heck can’t XD.

Anyway, I’ve been so obsessed with this song lately, mainly because it’s one of the songs my bellydance instructor makes us dance to. But I get the feeling that I might need to consult some people with Radiologic Technician Jobs… because my back is killing me. >_< I don't know... it just seemed rather... catchy. My bellydance teacher showed me this choreography and I just PANTED so much because it involved a lot of jumping around. And before that I had to do tons of shimmy drills, etc. My instructor is running me ragged during bellydance class, but I like it. Anyway, I posted this because my brain just keeps playing this OVER and OVER and OVER in my head that I'm afraid this is going to play in my "blood whale" dreams. XD

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The Glee Project

So get this…

It’s my 3rd day off during my 4-day weekend/holiday. I don’t have to go to work for 4 days, which should be pretty cool, since I scheduled everything well. We had a photowalk on Saturday, I had to go to Lagro on Sunday, and I had a gym date with my BFF Joyce on Monday.

Unfortunately, a storm picked it’s chance so show up its ugly head, and ruined our photowalk and my trip to Lagro. T_T

So there I was, bored to death, playing PC games in my laptop again, when I got extremely bored and decided to watch TV.

And then, lo and behold, I saw the cutest thing on TV… which is pretty huge since it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything cute on TV for a while. XD


This little piece of hotness right here is Samuel Larsen, one of the winners in Oxygen’s “The Glee Project”, where they conducted a reality contest to find out who would be the next person to be written into the TV show “Glee”. Fortunately, the show’s creator decided that the four final contestants (Damian McGinty, Samuel Larsen, Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell) would each have episodes in the TV show. Damian and Sam would have 7 episodes, and Lindsay and Alex would have 2 each.

Anyway, Sam is such a cutie! It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone who looks good with dreads and piercing. And he’s quite the musician as well. I might be a little delayed at knowing about him from TV, but well, it was worth it.

I swear, he is so cute….

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Support, Stop Cyberbullying


This… was pretty much some part of my life in high school, except for the fact that FaceBook or networking sites were still non-existent then. We had to take insults like this right into our faces, and in my case, etched in the boy’s bathroom. ~_~

Still continuing on to the cyberbullying issue, I came across this video while I was looking to compare life insurance. It’s about A Thin Line.Org, which is a website and a program by MTV that deals with cyberbullying, sexting, and other abuses that occurs in schools nowadays.

It’s actually a really, really great program, that I wish would be implemented in schools, colleges and even workplaces here in the Philippines. Being the texting capital in Asia, cyberbullying is pretty much just as prevalent here as it is in the US.  Probably just as worse, since I see articles of suicides by teenagers in the newspapers.

It’s scary to think that us, the older generation, are letting these things happen. There are still no laws against all forms of bullying, and there are a lot of schools, particularly here in the Philippines, that do not have anti-bullying policies. Things like the ones happening in this video should never happen to anyone in real life. ~_~

Anyway, calling to politicians, mind you that we need laws against cyberbullying and other forms of abuse through digital means, because believe it or not, THIS *points to video* is happening here too. ~_~

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Zenkx Against Cyberbullying

Man, the internet today is both an awesome and annoying thing, specially when it comes to things like bullying. ~_~

Just recently, I saw an episode of “If You Really Knew Me”, which addresses the modern concerns of High School students in the US, specially when it comes to “stereotyping”, where in students are seemingly grouped according to what the school society thinks them to be. They can be jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, outcasts, etc.

One of the thing that hit me during that show was about cyberbullying, or abusing someone’s well-being through digital means like texting, or through posts in FaceBook, MySpace or in their own personal blogs.

I find it really interesting and … disturbing, to think that these teenagers are practically ruining someone’s life by the words they say through the use of the InterNet and cellphones.

There was once a time when I was bullied in high school… way before texting was a fad. My friends were what they called nerds or outcasts, but I loved them, not because they are strange or anything, but because they were genuinely fun and really cool. My best friend, Joyce has been my friend since high school. And we had went through a lot of shit together from the bullies. We had chairs and books thrown at us. Joyce, particularly, being the smartest, was always pressured into doing someone else’s homework. She was called thin, and I was called weirdo. I had the biggest breasts in class, and they often picked at me because of it. Some went too far as to date me just to touch my breast for a bet.

I had… a bad time in high school, but it was Joyce, and my other friends, Beth, Juddee, Mary Jane, Joseph Ickx and Ericco who made me strong enough to not let a blade touch my wrist, because it would make them sad. When we were bullied, Beth would defend us, being a black belter in karate, and when we got so angry we would go out and hang at the mall, or sometimes in my house, where we would talk about things. It… made me really appreciate them and love them.

But now… it’s just scary. You don’t need physical contact just to be bullied by someone. Heck, you could be in the same school but not know each other until someone posts something awful about you.

I’ve heard about news of teenagers killing themselves because someone made an awful rumor about them… like them being gay, or fat, or weird, or being falsely accused of being something that they are not. As one who went through that ordeal and was able to not do it, I just wish that this kind of thing would stop happening. Life is too fun, and great and awesome, to be tainted by such false accusations. I wish kids who went through the same, and probably worse, scenario like mine would have the strength to stand up, and know that just because they called you something, doesn’t mean you have to be.

Watching all this… it is making me regret that I didn’t look into counselor careers or get a master degree in psychology. I just wish there was something I could do to make teenagers and people learn something about cyberbullying, and how it’s affecting people not just in schools, but even outside of it like in workplaces. ~_~

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Completionist’s Envy

Oh man, my behind hurts so much from sitting waaaayyy too long. I might have to get like a seat with wire loom to support me. XD

Anyway, I am really envious of completionists… you know, the video gamers who need to get 100% in a game. They’d search every nook and cranny, do all the quests, and defeat all the enemies to be able to finish the game with their minds in peace.

Maybe I just have the patience for it? I’m playing Final Fantasy X on our POS2 again, and I am a hard time with the 0.0.0 Chocobo race time (for FFX fanatics, you know what I mean XD). Not to mention I have to level up, because my Sphere Grid is all messed up (again, FFX fanatics would know about this).

Maybe I’m just impatient… and lazy. Hahaha! I tend to not level up my characters because I want to move forward with the story quickly, and as a result I keep on dying because of my low level. ~_~

Anyway, maybe I just need to discipline myself, be patient, and keep going at it. Maybe what I’ll miss out in patience, I’ll get in luck. Hahahaha! Good luck to me, then. XD

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The Jeepney Rant (By An Everyday Commuter)

So okay, I’ve been working for 2 years now, I’ve finished four years of college, and I finished high school as well, all the while commuting my way to get to point A to point B, and I’ve noticed a lot of things while riding the Filipino transport, the Jeepney.

Yes, the Jeepney… the noble Army vehicle that sounds like a honda mower that became the national transport of the Philippines. No Filipino in this country is going to say they’ve never ridden a jeepney, because at some point in their lives, they did. Perhaps the only Filipinos who can say they’ve never ridden one are Foreign-born Filipinos and really, really rich people. O_o

But because I’ve been commuting for, like, half my life, there are some things that pisses me off when riding a jeepney. Like, real annoying stuff that happens when inside the jeepney. It’s not really the jeepney’s fault, more like the passengers/drivers. Here are some of them:

1. For the love of God, if you are a jeepney passenger, and someone wants to pass along the money from you to the driver, DO YOUR PART! Make sure that you pass along the money. Some people are just too lazy when they do this. It happens to me all the time! They have their back turned on me, and I’d reach out and say “Manong, bayad po (Mister, here’s the payment)”, and this jerk-off won’t even turn around since he’s the one closest to where I was reaching.  Geeze, as if it takes too much energy taking money and reaching out arm’s length to give it to the driver. ~_~

2. In connection with number 2, if someone hands out the “bayad (payment)” to you, don’t be a jerk and try to steal at least a peso from it (happened to me once). Are you that poor to be taking a peso from someone else’s payment? ~_~

3. For drivers out there, yes, Jeepneys are naturally crowded, it’s designed to be so. However, if you can see that there is at least 1 person who can’t sit anymore, do not try to pick up anymore passengers. We are not sardines. We are human beings. And yes we come in different sizes… like me. I’m chubby. But just because your seats can accommodate up to ten people, don’t think that approximately ten people can fit there if someone of my build would sit there, because they won’t. (And DON’T argue with me about losing weight and trying to be thin… you would just lose XD)

4. Again for the drivers, and possibly conductors, STOP WITH THE LOUD SOUND SYSTEM ALREADY!!! This… this is the part I hate the most about some jeepneys. There are some jeepneys with really, really loud music… like, you can just feel the bass thumping from underneath your seat. It’s annoying… and dumb! What are these guys, thinking they’re drag racers on “Fast and the Furious” to have really loud music. What if I need to hand out my bayad, or if I have to get off? You want me to SCREAM out what I need? Meh. I don’t do shouting. And what if there are children or infants on board your jeepney? You going to damage their fragile inner ears? There are a lot of health hazards concerning listening to loud music. Read them. Study them. Take them to heart. Because I die of a headache from busting out my eardrum, I will go “The Grudge” on you. >:(

5. Ah here, we go… passengers. Ha! One of the things that annoy me the most about them is that when it’s really, really cramped, you can just SMELL them all around you. Not kidding. It’s fine if you smell good and all (like this cute guy who once sat beside me who smelled of Hugo Boss [drool]), but if you know you got a little stench on you, do yourself a favor and clean up a bit. Put on a clean shirt. Put on deodorant. Put on some cologne. Whatever. Just don’t come aboard a jeepney (or any public transportation for that matter) smelling of funk. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be encased in a funk sandwich? Not pleasant, AT ALL. >_<

6. And for the women, as much as I like having my hair down once in a while, if you really have long hair, please, pull it up in a pony tail before riding the jeep. It’s not my fault if I accidentally pull it. It’s flying all over my face when I’m sitting behind you! Of course, I’m going to try and get rid of it. It’s like being strangled by a hairy Kraren. ~_~

Geez, there’s only 6 of these… but once I collect my thoughts, I’ll be sure to put in more. Actually, maybe I should blog about the type of people there are in jeepneys as well… hmm… I’ll think about that. XD

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Wall of Memories

I want one of these in my “future house” (if I get any XD).

But instead of using photo frames, I’ll be using the best netbooks and iPads. It’ll show my family pictures, and there would be one giant screen that shows all my photography pictures (even the ones that sucked)!!!

Awww man, that would be so WICKED!

Although I’m pretty sure that with all the developing technology happening right now, this kind of dream would become a reality. Sure, I don’t have an iPad yet (can someone sponsor me an iPad? XD), and I don’t even have a house of my own, but by 10 years or so, I’m pretty sure some other houses would have this. The big question is, will I be able to do it. XD

Anyway, pictures on photo frames and mounted on the wall is still pretty cool. I’d love to have some in my room. Unfortunately, it’s full of posters, I wouldn’t know where to put the pictures. Harharhar! ^_^v

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Here comes deh froggehs!

I swear to God, I’m turning into a frog magnet. T_T

During one of my late night Internet binges, I heard a funny noise from our dining room, which sounded like a piece of plastic being crumpled. I turned around, looking for someone, but there was nobody there. I shrugged and continued surfing.

But then it happened again, and again, and AGAIN! By the fourth time I heard the noise, I was getting freaked out, since I was afraid it was a mouse (yeah, I’m scared of mice now ~_~), but I couldn’t see where it was, and it wasn’t squeaking.

And so I finally got the courage to stand up from my computer and look for the plastic-crumpling culprit.

As it turns out, it was this guy:

Yep, it’s a frog… hopping around a plastic bag in our dining room, trying desperately to get out through our window screens.

Actually, I had to take this picture in full zoom, since I did not want to get near the frog (yeah, I’m scared of frogs too ~_~).

I swear, I am so afraid of so many things it’s starting to annoy me.

Anyway, after I took this picture, I left (closing my bedroom door because I was afraid the frog would jump his way into my room ~_~). Luckily, the next day, the frog was gone.

Waaaaa I hate frogs. ~_~

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