Oh, greatness… thy name is Hiba! XD

Yep, this girl is proof that you can still be an awesome bellydancer even though you’re fluffy (unlike me, who keeps visiting to find out how I can lose weight).

She’s no Rachel Brice… but damn! She’s good. I just hope I had her confidence when dancing. XD

I can never seem to get rid of my confidence issues. I don’t know, it’s probably just me. I guess I’m not really too cool with letting my jiggly bits wobble.

But Hiba… man, she’s just really awesome! Her dancing is great, her hair is great, and her costume is awesome.

I wonder what decade will I be able to be like that? ~_~

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Urban Ninjas!

I am SOOOOOO envious of these guys, but I get the feeling that I’d have to take fat burners justso  I can get their physique. XD

They’re called “urban ninjas”, basically they’re like ninjas… only they jump around urban areas. Which is pretty cool. If I had this kind of skill, I’d be jumping around the mall when I’m doing my shopping or freak out my cousins… hahaha.

I wonder what kind of training they do? Of course they’d have to learn gymnastics, maybe a little bit of ninjutsu as well. But then again, there are some people who could learn these types of moves just by practicing, although I get the feeling they’d experience more bumps and bruises and accidents than those who did training. XD

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What if Mark Callaway died?

Related to my previous post on Eddie Guerrero…

It made me realize something… what if Mark Callaway (The real name of The Undertaker)… you know, dies…?

And don’t give me the kind of jokes that he would rise up from the dead or something just because of his in-ring persona. ~_~

I mean, yeah… technically (meaning in the ring) that’s basically what he does. But there is this fact that Mark Callaway is altogether human. He gets injured, he bleeds and he grows old. Lately, his age is showing up in his form, but he still kicks a$$ though. XD

I mean, look at Ric Flair. The man is a legend. The man is awesome. And yet the man grew old and had to retire. And WWE never became the same after that. I get the feeling that should Taker retire (or die… which I hope doesn’t happen anytime soon… I adore him so much ~_~), there would be a lot of crying fans, a lot of sad fans… me included.

Actually, the way I see it, even though Taker is still performing strongly, I think he should be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame already. I mean, the guy made A LOT of unforgettable matches, he invented several stipulation matches (Hell In A Cell, Casket Match, Buried Alive, etc), and is quite a superstar in his own right. He CHANGED the face of WWE, man! And yet he is still not considered a Hall of Famer. ~_~

Maybe this is something I should write to WWE about… “Please Consider Mark Callaway aka The Undertaker As A WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee”. It’s quite a mouthful, but it works. XD

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Eddie Guerrero’s 5th Year Death Anniversary

I just realized…

It’s been 5 years since Eddie Guerrero passed away.

Man, I wish I had a bunch of ipods so I can watch all of Eddie’s previous matches. Gosh, I miss that guy.

Not to insult any wrestling fan, but I don’t know… a lot of things are not as exciting as it used to be. Some of the greatest (albeit oldest) wrestlers are gone. Rick Flair and Shawn Micheals had quit, Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero and Umaga had passed away, and some of them have moved to other brands, like Kurt Angle. In fact, sometimes I only watch WWE because of only 5 wrestlers… John Cena, The Big Show, Triple H, Rey Mysterio Jr., and of course the Gawd-awesome Undertaker.

Yep, I’ve been an Undertaker fan since the age of 6. XD

Anyway, back to topic, wrestling is not as exciting (for me) as it used to be. Of course, the gong of Undertaker’s theme still makes me scream like crazy but some of the things they do, and some of the story lines they make… they just don’t make sense anymore.

And none of the wrestlers don’t seem to have the same comedic timing and brilliance of Eddie Guerrero. No one can replace him in the WWE universe it seems.

Man, I really miss the guy. I wish I had one of those “I’m Your Papi” shirts… I’d wear them everyday.

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Christmas Shopping Woes

These are my guy friends that I met at an online game, and yeah, I wuv them all to bits. XD

And it’s because of them that I’m in a pinch right now. ~_~

I don’t have any christmas gift ideas for boys. ~_~

Unfortunately, with Christmas coming around, I have no idea what to give them should we have our Christmas party since, well, I’m a girl, and henceforth, have no idea what they’d want. XD

I think it’s one of the complications of being of different genders. We all have different likes and dislikes, and I’m scared that whatever I give them as a gift would turn out to be one of their “dislikes”. I mean, yeah, sometimes it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes it is a very uncomfortable feeling knowing you gave a gift that they didn’t like. XD

I was thinking of giving them, like, a bunch of t-shirts, but then again, I don’t know their sizes. Or maybe posters of women that they admire (harharhar) but then again, I don’t know that either. Or maybe one of those mouse pads that had breasts on them (I forgot what they were called XD), but then again, most of them play in a shop, and not all of them are, well, perverts.

Argh, I have no idea what to give them, demmet! ~_~

As for me… the only gift I want for myself is a pair of running shoes. :-))

There are just some times that I hate Christmas shopping. XD

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 Movie!

Continuing on with my Harry Potter euphoria (harharhar), I was also lucky enough to get a frickin’ souvenir from the movie!

I swear, whenever I see this, my heart just starts beating like crazy from the excitement. I probably should read up on lipozene reviews to see if they have the same effects on my heart as these do. XD

Yep! It’s my ticket to the premier! There were 4 of them, for myself, my nephew, and may 2 parents. Our friend, Jay, had two as well, but unfortunately his guests weren’t able to come to watch the movie.

I’m thinking of laminating these for future references. Harhar. I get the feeling that should the second part show up next year, I’m going to be needing to see this. I also hope that they release the DVD soon, so I can buy one. XD

By the way, in case some of you are wondering, I am NOT going to post a review of the movie. Think of it as my way of being evil. HARHARHAR! Actually, the real reason is because I want YOU guys to watch and see the movie for yourselves, rather than through my opinion. It’s well worth the time and the money, don’t worry. XD


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Fruits Basket

Man, there ought to be a place that sells Japanese Manga here… It’s just too bad there isn’t one.

Does anyone have an idea where I can buy volumes of the Japanese Manga, Fruits Basket?

Yeah, I know I know… It’s available online and I can view it through the net as well, but it’s way too much of a bother to keep clicking. It kinda hangs up the story you know. Plus, I’d be a frustration when the images of the Manga can’t load and you end up smacking your PC.  I don’t want that to happen with my lappie. XD

Anyway, if you guys know any Japanese Manga shops in the Philippines, don’t forget to e-mail me ya? ^_^v

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ZenkX’s Own Home?

Hmm… I’ve been thinking about getting my own house… which is pretty freaky, since I don’t even have a husband yet. XD

But I don’t want anything big… you know, like houses with a second story floor or something. I’m actually happy living in one of these Trailer homes, but I probably should get like 5th wheel insurance for these.

It must be pretty cool, living on a road, although it would seem pretty hard, specially for those who have families. I’d probably have a hard time too, if I’m away from my family. But it could be pretty fun to just travel around discovering places…

But then again, I’d only be able to travel around Luzon with this thing, since I can’t exactly have an entire trailer shipped to Visayas or Mindanao. XD

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One Step At a Time

Or more like 15,000 steps. ~_~

Yep, I just bought a pedometer recently. It’s a neat little thing actually, so it was all tiny and it fit in my belt rather nicely. Although its kind of a hassle to set up because it gets pinched sometimes in my belt and it resets. ~_~

But it’s still good though. Especially nowadays when you don’t know what diet pills are safe to use to lose weight. The manual on my pedometer says that to lose weight, I need to take about 15,000 steps per day. Which is, admittedly, a tall order. I used it to count the steps I take walking down and up my office staircase only to find out that it’s only 250 steps. Sheesh. That would mean I’d have to walk up and down the stairs 60 times in a day. ~_~

Anyway, I have yet to measure how many steps I take walking around my subdivision’s playground, so hopefully I can use it there and walk for an hour. I just hope that I can walk all those steps in that time frame. XD

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Well, sort of.

I’m going to need to go to the best rehab after everything that has happened. I think I’m turning into an ice cream addict.

Rage can make you eat a whole lot of stuff. ~_~”

Yes, in case you were wondering, my site was down for almost a week, and of course, as you can see, when it came back it turned into the mess that you guys see now. Everything I’ve written from July 2010 to October 2010 pretty much faded off into nothingness. And yes, I am pretty pissed off.

I am, admittedly, not much of a techie. And as for my blogging, I blog for the simple reason that I want to share my experiences with people. I usually leave all the techie stuff for my blogging guru, raredog. However, in light of recent events, I’ve decided I need to re-educate myself with the ways of the Net to be able to keep this site alive. ~_~

But anyway, like I mentioned, my posts from July to October went kaputz after the fiasco with my previous server. I will continue to post my stories though, as any good writer would. And as per the teachings of my guru, I will now start studying as to how to backup my blog should anything happen to it again.

As for my previous server, I will not mention their name as it is an unprofessional conduct for a blogger to defame or slander a company, and I am not that ungrateful as to bring them down by bringing up their name just to take my revenge on them. I do request however, that they provide better services, because not everyone in the blogging community is after the money. Some of them (me included), work and strive hard to bring informative stories and post for the people, for them to mess up someone’s work which they have been doing so hard is just plain rude. It’s like an artist, painting a beautiful picture only to have someone throw turpentine into the canvass to mess things up. Seriously people, this is what I feel right now. I will admit to the mistake of not being able to back up my files, however, for this “company” to shut down our sites (raredog’s included) without warning, or without having to hear our explanation, is just plain rude. I hope that next time, servers should at least take the time and contact the bloggers and hear their explanations FULLY before shutting down sites. Not all people are uncooperative. >:-(

Anyway, I’m going to let go with my rage now, (and my tub of ice cream) and just start again. Like they said, try and try again. I just hope our new server has better services. ^_^v

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