It all started with my brain getting filled with stuff. XD

Before Facebook was around, a lot of people had Friendster. I was one of them. I had a blog in friendster, and blogger, and livejournal. I used it for my personal thoughts, and I wasn’t really sure if anyone was reading it. But I loved writing and I didn’t care if anyone (or no one XD) reads what I write. It’s just my passion, I guess.

When I found my current job, I met my blogging master, raredog of He was able to read my blog posts, and said I was a good writer. And he offered to give me a blog, but I had to think of a name of the blog. I said, I can’t think of a name. ~_~

And so in an effort to find a name for my blog, I went out with my sister to gather ideas (and shop ~_~)from a local mall. While walking around, we came across this shop that sells cellphone accessories.

My sister: This one looks good. *holding up an accessory that had the name “Joy” on it*

Me: Yeah, I think that would look good on my phone. *since my second name is Joy*

My sister: *raises an eyebrow* You don’t look like a Joy.

Me: *scowls angrily* I AM frickin’ Joy. It’s my name, damn it!

My sister: *burst out laughing at the fact that I looked murderous even though my name was Joy*

That night, I thought about what I said. Frickin’ Joy. It sounds like something out of a local fastfood shop here in the Philippines. And it sounds contradicting to each other. “Fricking” is my most often used swear word when I use when I’m angry, which is a contrast to the emotion “Joy”. Hmm.

The next day, I went over to raredog’s desk and said I want my website named, “I Am Frickin’ Joy”, or, for short.

And et viola! Here it is! XD