About Zenkx

About me…? Well, technically my name is Jenna, but in college I got the nickname Zenki, then it turned to Zenkx. So it stuck! Hahaha! I am an “amateur” writer, and I love to tell people about things¬†¬†that I love and hate (or rants and raves, as the subtitle of my site says).

I am an avid Internet surfer… It’s probably the only sport I’m good at. Harhar! I hope to be more adept in photography and animation, but I’ll pursue those once I get a decent computer, I guess.

I love dancing (specially bellydance), playing my ukulele (even though I’m still a beginner), Japanese animations, arts, literature, music, movies and discovering new things and experiences. And I hate… well, a lot of things too. XD

This site is still under constant reconstruction, so please bear with me. ^_^