Tales from the Isle of Marinduque III: Part IV

At 9 am on Thursday, my mom threw a pillow at me (>_<) to wake me up, saying that we were late for our supposed Round Marinduque trip. Our Uncle Bert (who was our designated driver) was already waiting for us since 7 am in the morning. Sheeesh! So the 7 of us (my brother, his wife, my relative and my brother’s three friends) hurriedly got ready. We left my grandma’s house by 10 am (so late ~_~).

We first headed south to Gasan, where we visited my aunt’s grave (she died just a couple of years ago), passed by the Marinduque Hot Spring, and saw the add about the Easter Sunday celebration of Gasan-Gasan. My relative and I were greatly intrigued about it, and we both promised to watch the festival on Sunday.

We continued on down to Buenavista, where my uncle brought us to another religious location, the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. It’s actually just an uphill (or rather up-mountain XD) hike, that’s over 500 meters long. For a chubby person like myself, it was total torture. Harharhar. I was actually kind of envious my brother’s friend, Jenny, who was all nice and fit, because she barely broke a sweat. While I, being the fluffy person that I am, had to stop every few minutes to get a breather. Hahaha!

*note the blurry, pained expression*

We continued on up, and after much panting, sweating and drinking water, we made it! The top was actually well worth the climb, because you can see the view of Buenavista’s mountains, and there is a 15 foot-statue of the Lady of Lourdes.

We headed back down after a few picture-taking moments (which is a lot easier, believe me XD), and headed towards Torrijos where we ate lunch at a local canteen, and passed by Poctoy Beach. We weren’t ablt to go swimming though, since we didn’t bring any clothes. Then we passed by Sta. Cruz, where we saw some of our relatives (we have relatives all over Marinduque, except for in Buenavista). However, during the drive, I learned that my boyfriend lost his father that moment. The happiness inside me got snuffed, because I wanted to be with him. I thought of wanting to pass by the Sta. Cruz Church, which is the next oldest church in the island, but due to the shortage of time, we weren’t able to go. So I sent a simple prayer for him.

The drive through Mogpog was relatively short, and soon we were back in Boac. As we stopped by the town again, we found out that the 2nd Battle of the Morions was ongoing. We headed to the Boac Stadium only to find out that the contest was finished, and that my cousin’s group, the Morion Legion of Boac was only second place. We found my cousin in a fit of rage, shouting at the judges, because he said that the contest was unfair. The winner, he said, didn’t even have proper masks (which were made of paper instead of the traditional wooden ones) and that they only won because one of the judges hated their group. ~_~

We decided to have a bit of fun at the stadium, so we went around and took silly pictures of ourselves on the Senakulo stage, beside the Boac river.

We headed back home by 5 pm, and after a brief rest and dinner, we headed back inside the houseto sleep, since we were so tired, and still had to participate in the Via Crusis the next morning.

*Oh and in case you haven’t noticed the “relative” I was talking about was my sister Lelai, who suffered from sore eyes, and decided to spend her red-eyed rest days with us in Marinduque.

*to be continued*