Tales From The Isle of Marinduque III: Part II

The next day (Tuesday), I woke up to find my Lola’s house was empty and quiet. I looked around the house, as well as my tita’s house next door. Nobody was around, and my still-sleepy brain thought that everyone has deserted me (WAAAAHHH!!!). But when I got to my Lola’s store by the highway, I learned that all of my companions headed for the beach on a small resort by Brgy. Ihatub in Gasan. Luckily, my sort-of uncle said that he was going to bring food for them, and I decided to come.

When I got there, my 2 cousins, nephew and my mom have already gotten in the water. My brother, his wife and 3 friends were around the table playing tong-its again while discussing stuff like their love lives or their individual job search and livelihoods, While it was a bit fun listening to them, I got bored so I decided to catch up on my reading again. I swear, The Lord of the Rings is the greatest book ever written, good thing I was able to borrow the One Volume edition from my library. My brother’s friend, Kuya Jaypee, was able to go out for a bit, and when he did, he brought back a huge plastic bag of of mangoes. Since I wasn’t able to eat breakfast, I ate some without hesitation. XD

*Me… biting on a green mango, with my nephew in the background XD*

Soon afterwards, my mom and I served lunch, with included rice, Pancit Miki, grilled porkchops and fish, and of course, green mangoes. The kids who were with us (my nephew and 2 cousins) got so dark, because they swam for hours. Wahahaha!

After eating and resting a bit, i got a text from a relative saying that she’s on her way to Marinduque and she was at the port of Quezon. I told her I’d pick her up in a few hours, since she will be riding the Ro-ro, which is a large vessel to carry people and cars across the  sea (I believe the correct English term is ferry). I thought it was a good thing that I wasn’t swimming, because that would mean I can just go directly to the place where I was going to pick her up. But as I shifted, I heard a tale-telling rip, and feeling my jogging pants, I realized that 2 nails got caught in the fabric, giving me 2 one-peso-sized holes in my pants. Darn it…

A few hours later, being so full and having the cool sea breeze around me, I fell asleep. But I was suddenly awakened by my sister-in-law asked me for a pin. As it turns out, Kuya Jaypee went out swimming for a bit, and stepped on a sea urchin. Unfortunately, the urchin’s spikes were a bit soft, and it pierced into his skin that it’s hard to remove via tweezers. Luckily the old man who owned the resort suggested a grilled kalamansi might help dissolve the spikes and lessen the pain.

*Ouch… that looks like it hurts ~_~*

After a few minutes, after Kuya Jaypee rested a bit (apparently the urchin’s spikes pack quite a punch), Kuya Jay went into the water as well. But a minute later, he came back yelping, because he got stung by the same sea urchin XD. Though he had considerably lesser spikes on his foot than Kuya Jaypee (Jay had 3 spikes, while Jaypee had 19!), he still said that it hurt like heck, and in the fear that the kids (or my brother) might be next, we packed up and went home… to scrub more Kalamansi on their feet.

By three in the afternoon, after changing my Holy Pink Jogging Pants (get it? holy = holey XD), I picked up my relative at Boac’s local market, where we ate some sandwiches. It was wicked warm in the restaurant, so we headed home early.

After dinner, some laughs at Jay and Jaypee’s misfortune, and a few sticks of cigarette later, being tired from picking up my relative, and going to the beach with the others, I lay down on the bed and waited for sleep to come.

The last thought I had before the Sandman spread his dust on me was that it’s going to be a long day tomorrow…

*To be continued…*